Tuesday, September 30, 2008

One week of term break gone
Very unproductive
Was struggling to read the journal papers for my Chemical Zoology & for my research
It became very messy in the end
Coz I realised both of them sorta link


Now I'm this confused
I think I have to start it all over again
& carefully digest

I'm also reading up the Guide to SPSS v.12 so I can do my data analysis correctly
Why did I forgot the whole darn procedures?


My life is getting pretty dull now with all the academic stuffs jamming up
Probably so will my subsequent blog entries


I feel like eating HK porridge
Ha! Crazy...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm using my new laptop

Chio right?
Best part is the screen is only 10"
& weighs only 1kg+
Super portable!
Now I will not dread going school with heavy laptops anymore

Another best thing is
DarDar's dad actually gave this to me
So this is FREE!

Xie xie xie xie

I initially asked him to just help me check if his company's computer supplier will have lower price
& in the end
He just bought it for me!

Another best thing is
DarDar has kindly helped me to re-installed & transferred my important files from my old & lousy laptop to this
& also helped me to connect it to his ViewSonic CRT so that I can view my stuffs on a larger screen when my eyes are tired
>_< >_<

Now I can even do my report in Penang next week

Friday, September 26, 2008

I think I'm gonna die soon
The insomnia kicks in again

If I remember correctly
Insomnia is an illness


I have proof to show that my brains arent working perfect either
After heavy load of brain activities

Damn the reports

Had lunch with Michelle
& she was telling me that checked tops are 'infection'
& I rose my eyebrows looking at her & asked:"Huh? 'infection?'"
She agreed & continued
I just kept looking at her & repeated:"'Infection'?"
& she agreed again
I just felt so weird
All I could think of is another China-shameful issue
& that funny chemicals causing allergies in checkered tops could be possible?
After sometime, I finally realised she meant 'in fashion'


DarDar came back from his fishing trip
& told me he wanna eat steamed buns
Ask me check the freezer
& bring down
"Huh? Bring down?"
"yah...help me bring down"
"Huh? Where are you?"
"On the way back.."
"Then why bring the steamed buns to void deck?"

"*period of silence* no. bring the buns down to the chiller"


DarDar called again
"Can you help me check if the 'flyer' got oil or not?"
"Huh? 'Flyer'?"
"Yah... I coming back down"
"Singapore Flyer got oil or not also got your problem meh?"
"Baobei... the deep fryer.."


I'm so sorry, Michelle & DarDar
Miscommunication seems pretty vulnerable to me lately

Back to school in the evening
Nice sunset =)

Cheers to the weekend

Darn. Time flies fast!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The tainted milk is really causing everyone to freak out

I just read from newspaper that this guy in Singapore
Who had been eating the 'White Rabbit' sweet since he was 13
Daily consumption of 6 sweets for 25 years
Finally understands where his kidney stone comes from when his doctor doesnt

Every HK citizen is jamming clinics & hospital for check-up

At times
Whenever newspaper said China has this toxic item that toxic item
Fake this fake that
I couldnt be less bothered

Not to say I dont care about such news & being ignorant
I just simply cant be bothered
What more fake & toxic stuffs can China produce anyway?
Everyone should know it by now
Even zebra can be fake!

Mom was searching through our snack shelf & realized most of them are from China
She held up Hello Panda by Meiji & asked if it's from Japan or China
"China la..." I replied
She stared at the box & said there's nothing on the shelf that she can eat with peace
I replied her:"Got.. those $100 biscuits from France & Spain loh....confirm safe & definitely not from China"
She laughed

Hey, I meant it's true yeah?
You want buy cheap biscuits, sure from China

Thinking back about China's development
Just recent years China prospered from its national production and globalisation
But little did they do it wisely
A fast track was seen among some cunning & greedy people
Just like Hu Jintao said
Those people lack business etiquette
You dont bring disadvantages to people when people brings you benefits

The higher authorities of this Monmilk already knew since August!
But coz it was Olympics, I guess
That this wasnt spilled


Saying that having Olympics in China is a life-time glory
which will bring about opportunities for business investment in near future
Now, are you sure?
From milk to zebra
Now to furniture
It is a life-time shame!

How can we trust China anymore?
China's just covering too much shameful things contained on their land
Only to be exposed when other lands are involved
One big example: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)

I was there in Hong Kong when SARS broke loose
That was really not funny
Coz it was acute
You kana today unknowingly, you die the next day unknowingly
I had to wear masks everyday to school
& seeing how much the number climbed of the dead infected reflected in news
It was really a psychological trauma

My friend even swore he's not gonna be Chinese in his next life

& yes
China had Olympics


Monday, September 22, 2008


DarDar is excavating a termite nest
& it got my hair standing real straight!!!!!

The leg of his bed has been producing tiny bits of 'sand' for several months
& it really irritates us coz it's being kicked all over the room without notice
Worst of all
We never know what it was even!

One day
We noticed the sand coming out of a small hole
DarDar thinks it's termite
But I pondered further

If it's really termite
Shouldnt your bed be gone within days?

Until now
We couldnt take the curiousity
We want to believe! (So X-files...)
We 'dissected' the leg of the bed

Really termites!
Look at the tunnels! & whole load of shit!You bloody bastard!
More bastards inside!
Now DarDar has a problem
It's 1236am
He just figured how he's gonna sleep soon
With all the termites exposed to the surroundings
With high chances of termite invasion to my bed!


Now I wish I never wanna know what happened inside...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I can see how long my Things-to-Do list is for the following weeks till next year

& I'm still planning WHERE we should go for our 1st anniversary honeymoon trip!

I initially gave the thought up coz we'll be so busy
But Mum went to ask DarDar where he's bringing me to enjoy
So now, how can he reject?


I guess we would only be free later in the year
Most probably after both of our exams in December
Celebrating my birthday together as well
So then I can propose for a week-long trip

I might need to rush my report for my confirmation in January


A short trip is fine too
But I have no idea where
Initially thought of Bintan
But friend said too expensive & not worthy

True also
I see the itinerary
All use SGD
Go for a Mangrove trip also needa pay $70
I have Sungei Buloh behind my house
& I only pay $2 for the transport!

Looking at my schedule book
Almost every weekend from next week onwards is occupied


Now I dont think I even have a short trip before my exams come

Anyone kind enough to suggest a good short cheap trip for me?
Short enough that traveling time is not taken up too much
Cheap enough that I dont pay more than $300
Good enough that we play everything possible,forgetting about work for 72 hours

Strictly no suggestion of Johor Bahru
Coz I'm always there almost every weekend to visit my in-laws!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I need to start writing my reports
& start reading my notes
But the journal papers that I'd found are not subscribed by the school
Access denied!!!



All jammed up
& my lecture notes keep piling

I'm getting another laptop
Yes crazy me
Adding heavy metal discharge into the environment
My current laptop sucks
Fucking spoils on me whenever I use my USB drive
& I'm too lazy to carry this piece of heavy plastic down to the service centre
& wait for an hour for my turn

You know, like, HEY!
Their products sucks that's why everyone's jamming up the service centre!

I didnt really fancy the brand coz I just didnt like it
But coz it's cheap, latest model & that I simply want a 'computer' to use
I bought it!

Cranky after 6 months
What the fuck.

& it's bloody heavy!

So now I'm aiming a travel laptop
Only 10" weighing 1kg (AWESOME!)
& it cost me less than SGD$1K

I hope this will satisfy me for the rest of the century

Next week
School term break
& I have to read my lecture notes real tediously

Monday, September 15, 2008

1 week after I'm back from beautiful Spain
I realised that I cant take things at a fast pace
Not that I'm exaggerating
But I really think that I prefer to do things the slower yet effective way

For the 5 days listening to presentations & attending workshops
I believed I'd learnt relatively new things
Which I found it very useful and fruitful

However, when I'm back
Suffered from jet-lag which made me slept for complete 15 hours

This is when I realised I'd lost track of dates & days
Looking at the calendar even took me quite a while
When I'm finally on the track
I realised I have loads of stuffs incomplete
& the urgent need to complete it ASAP

I'm listing down my outstanding tasks

I tried to work on it
But it's really taking too much time from the limited time sources
I find that 24hours is not enough for me

I recalled the days I had in Spain
Seminars & workshops started from 9am to 1pm
2 hours of lunch + siesta
Continued from 4pm to 6pm
Everything done
Smooth & efficient

So why cant I back in Singapore?
Woke up at 930 to work
Lunch at 130pm
No siesta
Continue work till 6pm
Dinner till 8pm
Continue work till 1am
Still not completed


Just now
I was out handling some tasks very last minute
Fastest mind with fastest fingers win
Although task was completed within 2 minutes
My heart continued to pound like it's already on load for the rest of 30 minutes!
Even MacDonalds' fries for supper cant sooth me down

I told DarDar
I felt like shit
No wonder I'm always pestering him to bring me overseas for a short getaway

I dont understand
Time proportioned perfectly well
Same work done within the day in both countries

Could it be the pace?

I somehow guess so

Now I just wish that I'm given time to settle my stuffs at my own pace
No rushing, please

Friday, September 12, 2008

Good to be back home
But wish I didnt return
Coz I dont wanna start doing my work again!!!!


In fact
I'm already pounding about looking for my next vacation
Bintan? Batam? Genting? Dayang?
I donno
But I'm going Penang & Dayang next month for sure!

I just need to get my stuffs done

So many notes haven read up
& my table is (& has been) a mess


I wish I'm still in Spain

Monday, September 08, 2008

After checking out from hotel
After bidding farewell to everyone
Still having several hours before flight time
We headed to a park near the airport

Scenery is just damn nice!

After a 2 hours walk
We finally come to an end
We separated with our partners
& board our planes back home

As we hugged one another Good Bye

Good Bye Spain
Hello Singapore
See You again St Petersburg

Russia in 3 years time =)

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Last day of the symposium
The meeting ended in the afternoon
& we had a day out at the rocky shore
& also the Celtic village at Pontevedra

Getting nearer to the Atlantic Ocean... ^^


The Atlantic species - Littorina saxatilis (rough-banded morhph)
Their snails are so big loh!
No wonder can see their penis!

Waves are so strong!

I touched & tasted water from Atlantic Ocean!!!
Cooling & less salty than Singapore water

I caught Petri trying to catch me!Ah hah!
Dr Emilio with Rose
Johan & I

Beautiful, isnt it?
I wish I can stay here...
Why wasnt I born as a Spanish?

We then headed down to the Celtic Village
While on our way
We stopped to take picture with the Littorina statue
Who made this statue in the first place?
& on it, it craved
'Littorinids find out this islands are all treasures' (as translated from Spanish)

Me & Mark Davies =)
Nice view from the cliff

Just another 20 minutes ride
We came to the Celtic Village

& you know what's the most amazing thing there?
Just across the river
It is Portugal!!

Megan, Inez, Rose & Me
Continue walking up the hill
Nicer view =D

Tell me how not to love this place?

I kept taking photos till I got dispersed from the group
But it was OK
No one can run away too far from the hill anyway

Sunset next to Atlantic Ocean
Best moment ever
It's so beautiful!

After the tired walk
We had our dinner at the restuarant
& WOW!!!

Everyone was enjoying especially Prof
She kept saying 'It's so nice!'
Which indeed is very very nice
& we ate barnacles!
However, most of us are too full for our main course

We had a great dinner, trip & symposium
Thanks to Dr Emilio & his students
Really appreciate their nice accommodation
& their effort to organise such a nice trip

When it was coming to the end
I almost teared
Just got to know new friends & enjoying ourselves
& we have to leave... =(

But I'm glad to have come in the first place