Monday, October 31, 2005

When I first stepped into the clinic
Dr Chow asked me into the room
"I need you to help me hold the baby's head.."
I was still unsure what he was trying to do
Coz I dont even know what happened
Then I realised the baby had a fall
The back of her head had a deep cut
& bled profusely

I put on my gloves & held the head firmly
As Dr Chow injected lidocaine
The baby cried out loudly
"Ym, you're very firm at holding the head. Very good"

10 minutes later
The baby entered the room again
Was asked to go in again
Dr Chow brought out the surgurical instruments
& did stitchings on the baby
3 stitches for the flesh
5 stitches on the outer skin
The baby cried until out of sound
& I was still holding firmly on the baby's head
So scared it'll move around
& affect the stitching

At the last stitch
I suddenly felt giddy
I saw white spots
Something wasnt right
I thought my body had been too stiff & too concentrated on holding the baby
& I moved abit
But it got worse
I felt real heavy on my head
I almost couldnt see anything with all the spots appearing in my eyes
I wanted to stay awhile longer
& waited for the last stitch to complete
But I thought I shouldnt risk people's life at this moment
I'm supposed to help save life!

"Dr Chow, I dont feel that well..."
"Go take a rest and ask Alice to take over..."

I staggered out with the remaining strength
& collapsed on the chair
Cold sweats rolled down my forehead
Alice said I was cold and looked pale
I rested my head for a while on the counter before my normal vision recovered
& continued my work at the counter

My 1st time assisting a doctor on surgery
I wasnt scared of blood
But I was really surprised I got unwell at the very last moment

I spoke to Mala over SMSes
She said maybe due to shock & I wasnt prepared for it
Erm, true
I was called in as soon as I entered the clinic
Haven even sit down!

I spoke to Dr Chow
He said maybe I was too intensed and focused that I didnt move my body
Which also happened to him during his marches in NS
Somemore the baby's crying was pretty much annoying
"I'm glad you tell me you didnt feel well. Some staffs didnt even wanna tell & the next thing that happened is them lying on the floor..."
"Oh... coz I'm afraid it'll affect the stitchings..."
"No.. dont worry. It's you whom we're more concerned with...Dont want our staff to have work accident..hahaha"

Dr Chow still can laugh sia

I spoke to Er ge
He said it's normal to feel this way
Usually at first nothing but then will become dazed
He said I'm scared of blood

*stubborn frown*

Oh well...
At least I didnt puke out my dinner

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Do you know that McDonalds are having rice burgers now?
Originated from Taiwan
$6 for beef set, $6.20 for chicken
At limited Mac branches eg. King Albert's Park
Whilst stocks last!

Not bad actually
Beef is juicy
But the rice patty is abit tasteless
Abit more seasoning should be better
The presence of many veggies looks like an extreme healthy diet
Good for young and old!

*** TV dont have this advertisement hor? Weird. Unlikely they wont wanna gain profit from this, right?
No one seems to be in the mood to travel to Asia
All the air tickets to Hong Kong are so fucking expensive!
How am I gonna return for my convocation?!

I have a USD$100 voucher from United Airlines
Hell NO am I gonna use it
What can be worse than being delayed 3 times without prior notice and waited with hungry stomach & thirsty throat for 6 bloody hours just for the damn plane to arrive from Philadephia at 1am?
What can be worse than being delayed 3 times keeping my Dear waiting sleepily at the cold airport with no sofa to sleep on?

But since there's no cheap tics
No choice, I guess
Hope they dont delay again & send me the voucher again
I will burn that away, I swear

Damn the H5N1
Damn the cigureta
Damn the pig virus
Damn the SARS
Damn the heavy-metal-intoxicated vegetables
Damn the counterfeit goods
Damn everything that degraded HongKong's quality

P/S: Malaysian Airlines good or not? Do they have satay onboard with nasi bryani, keropok and teh tarik? Do they greet 'Selamat Datang' as you board the plane?

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Today went to kua chia with my brothers
The new Honda Civic 2006 is out!
So excited
I woke up sibei early
Then disturbed Er ge wake up
& off we went to Ubi Kah Motor

So many people crowded at the new Honda Civic
& wanted to sit inside trying the seats & stuffs
Hee hee. Daphne at the driver's seat
The interior is very nice. I like the speedometer most
Coz it's digital with blue background light
An adjustable steering wheel that can move up, down, towards and away according to your prefered hand positionA handbrake that pulls back instead of a push-downA K20 iVTEC engine... Ba ba baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaA very very big boot that can sleep 2 people insideThe sibei chio HID headlightWilson gor gor & Er ge crawling on the floor to pick up gold pieces under the car....Bwhahaha
No lah, checking the engine undeneath, I think

But I'd prefer an Integra...Wahahahahahahaha
If only this is MINE!!!!=xxxxxxxxxxxxx

So fun today
Learnt so many things from my dear brothers
Now at least I know one doesnt need a key to turn on the lights
So one excuse less for failing my Final theory test next next next week

More kua chia session please
I wanna go see Subaru's!
Clifford jio-ed to watch Flightplan last night
Not a bad movie
It kept twisting around
& knn
I kana shocked twice
By the sound
Heng no one noticed

Stupid people just love to call me when I'm at movie
When I'm at home
Ivan is one of the stupid people
Called to ask me buy 'Cello' tics for him & Tisa

Headed to Esplanade to rot
Clifford asked what's so beautiful about the night scenery
Good question
I donno
Chio means chio loh
I like can or not?

Recieved this message from an idiot in Friendster
Sounded until like I die die must know him like that
Die die must add him like that
When he is the one who messaged me
Wait long lah...
So what you dive too
As if I lack of dive buddies
I got Clifford, KC, Jeffery, Martin, Tze-yau, Gene-jie, Kevin, Abel, Mike, Wai, Chay Hoon, Alvin, Ivy, Hanpeng, Gigi, Rita, Heidi, Wolfie senior, Aggie, Tom W, Cathy, Abby, Wilson gor gor, etc
So many!
*rolls eyes*

Balek kampong lim neh lah...

=Wondering what animals will KC get to see at Dayang today
Bumpheads? Many many bumpheads???
I so wanna go too!

Friday, October 28, 2005

I love Momo

Momo loves me

*** KC is going diving tonite. SHUCKS! I also want!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Went for my cover-girl photoshoot selection today
All the way to Serangoon

Abit excited
Coz it's my 1st time visiting Serangoon

When I entered the salon
I went 'EH!'
The hairdresser 'EH!' also
It was Lisa!
The one whom styled my hair during my Tokyo color hairshow
Then Kenneth asked:"Why?"
Lisa:"She remembers me... & I remember her.."
Kenneth turned to me:" Then you remembered me or not?"
I replied:" No leh..."

Kenneth led me to the seat
Combed hair, took pictures
Discussed about the photoshoot thingy
About jade coz he saw the one I was wearing
Then talked about the fishes in his aquarium

He told me that he only called 6 models down
& only 2 will be selected
Haircut, hair-coloring, make-over will be done
& on that day
Only 1 will be chosen with the best overall effect
On top of that
He said he wanted someone with sharp features
Lisa ever said I have

Went back Woodlands to meet Lionel, Kee & Ivan
Long time never meet them sia
Kee & Lionel miss me
Went home at evening
& out again for dinner with Mum & Er ge
Very full siaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Fat fat fat fat fat

My brother's attitude is getting from bad to the very worst
No big no small
Must find one day to slap him, skin him alive & roast him over the devil's pit

Er ge, can I borrow your fire?

It's 230am
I'm still awake
Although eyes shutting

Was helping Zhiwei with his report on 'Mangroves'
Provided him with ideas
Taught him write references
How to support with evidences

After 3hours
"Can dont put the pages for the references?"
"Actually I donno how your Uni teachers. But for mine, I have to put"
"Last sem I never put any I still got B. Sci students do Arts module got leeway"
"Haha. Actually I also never put any references for my music report"
"That's why..."
"But Sci different. You need support all the way, Arbo not convincing."
"This is not sci module, this is arts module"
"KNN, I thought Sci leh...sound so scientifically demanding"
"That's why I thought how come I'm writing a science report instead.."
"Like that you anyhow bullshit lah.."



Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Was out with Ivan hunting for Tisa's birthday pressie
First time see him so good ask me out
So the motive is...?
Help him think of what to buy
Then when ideas were given
Continue to complain
"She got this Buy what? Gimme ideas leh..."

*rolls eyes*

Given many ideas liao
This dont want, that dont want
My fault?

Went to the Kid's section in Metro
& guess what I saw?
*beams lovely power from tummy*
I love the racoon in the cartoon

But the plush wasnt on shelf

They're so cute
Reminded me of my childhood

Ivan ransacked the shelf beside me
"Woooo...friend bear...wooo...braveheart lion...wooo...bedtime bear.."
"Wah, you know all their names?"
"No lah, the tags said one mah"
"Scared me sia...thought you really know them all"
"Funny leh, dont have my racoon"
"Ah, elephant..."
"The carebear cousins.."
"What cousins? Not carebear meh?"
"Hello? Care-BEAR. This is elephant. So is cousins. Cant call it care-elephant right? Their series lah..."

I also carebear wor

Wish Bear
You are the dreamer of the group and believe that things will all turn out exactly how you want them to be. Your extreme optimism often annoys your friends but they realize that you do have the power to make your dreams come true. You also keep an eye out for your friends, always looking out for them.

Then I saw
Ok lah
The dogs look abit weird with the super big eyes
It said "rare breed"

1000 only!!!
Andrew checked out for me in Melbourne liao
Already sold out
Who can get for me???~~

Then I told Ivan about 'My little pony'
"Eh you know hor, last time I got alot of 'my little pony'"
Ivan looked at me with a buay-tahan smile
"Really! I always helped them comb their hair, tie hair...then some the backside there got logo, rub it can change to another logo"
Ivan still looking at me with a more buay-tahan smile

I think he had hard time control his laughters

Cute what....
No meh?

The carebears & my little pony reminded me of my childhood
& the Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtle, Smurf, Strawberry shortcake, Polly Pocket are back too!!!

Lemme ransack my attic box to see if my toys are still there...
Hmmmmm =\

I got scalded by boiling hot water
From palm to wrist

Now i cant bloody hold the chopsticks!
*rubs eyes*
Tired sia
Was working on my resume last night
from 11pm to 130am
Until I realised I cant continue late night sleeps anymore
Coz I have my cover girl photoshoot selection!!


I hate writing resumes
But thanks Er ge for the guidance

& I promised Er ge I must finish my resume by today!

*type type type type type type*

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I went NTU for lunch today
With my bunch of friends
Saw Thomas
But didnt say 'Hi' coz too far away
Oh nevermind

Long time since I meet my pals
Bo, me & GuoquanMe & KennyMe & HengSwee

Why am I always on the left side of the photo?

They said I look very tanned wor
Yah meh?
I still think I'm not tanned enough
Excuses for more dive trips

Went to attend engineering lecture with Heng Swee
I was pretty attentive for the 1st 20mins until I started to daydream
Bo was sending SMSes to ease his boredom

I sorta miss study life
& that was just 4 months after I graduated!!

Super big rain at 330pm
Feet wet, body cold
Went to have snacks
Must eat veggies
Am on diet

On way back home
This cloud is extremely beautiful

So am....... know one lah...

Goldwell called me
Asked me to go for this cover-girl selection for this international magazine
Bbecause they think I'm beautiful
Wah...They see me too up. I feel very honoured

Oh man
So interesting
I just cant get that evil out from me to stop laughing at her
Gimme a second



I'd not say names
Coz this particular person is so bloody damn popular that her smell is already well-known to people
For those who dont, be it

I've been following her posts pretty often
& lately some of her posts are really... yikes
I just dont understand why there're 10K audience out there
& leaving hundreds of comments in her box
Saying:"I Love you!" "You Rock!"

Get away with that, lah...
I'm not jealous that I dont have 10K audience
For what should I get jealous?

She was involved in some product endorsements
& got herself more popular due to her subsequent appearances
On TV, on radio, on magazine, blah blah
Now one of her endorsements had terminated
She jumped high & low
Questioning people why another particular fellow did that to her
Simply because she knew there'll be many people siding with her
Claiming that she isnt wrong at all

I think she cant use her brains
Not fully experienced with efficient network of neuron transmission
So allow me

I saw her on TV in 'Crossfire' on Channel U last night
& she was invited as panel guest speaker
The topic dealt with was 'blogging'
There were the host, the teacher, a news reporter & a lawyer
The Teacher was telling the fact that most of his students followed her blog & he could see that things are getting outta hand
She, however, bombarded that it was the duty of the teachers & parents to tell their children stop reading her blog if it is so bad.
The host then asked why is it that her blog is so popular
She replied by saying that Singlish are more recieved among Singaporeans coz it's boring to read proper English blogs since there are already so many proper English blogs out there (including USA's)
Lemme confirm abit.Her English is proper, except some words like KNNBCCB.Very Singlish MEH?
The teacher then said that nowadays kids are learning bad english & from one way, they were learning from her blog
The lawyer also added that bad blog affects society
She told them off by telling his children "If they like to read, they'll read. Wanna read, read. Dont wanna read, then dont read. People like my blog because of my honesty, frankiness..."

Just because her blog is so recieved, this implies that her audience like to read?
Her honesty & frankiness?
Speak about your 'Crossfire' interview then!

I read hers too
But I dont like leh
Cross me outta your implication list, please

The lawyer then explained some terms, saying that whatever things exposed to the public can no longer considered personal space, especially when she has 10K audience everyday
& guess what she replied?
She agreed to the lawyer

Really meh?
I thought long long long long long time ago she said it was her personal space & she can do what she wanna do regardless of what consequences?

I exclaimed this in front of the TV
"Hui jia he nai la..." (Go home drink milk..)

So 2-headed sia...

& you know what that host replied?
"Wo jiu de ni hen zhi wo.." (I think you think too much of yourself...)

I laughed out loud
Mum thought i was crazy

She doesnt blog about her embarassing things in her posts
No wonder so many dumbasses are blinded

Watch more TV, people...

& at the end of the show
The host, lawyer, teacher & the news reporter bombarded her
Because she made a really wrong statement claiming her blog
Speaking all the way from her own stand instead of the social view
But this is also when the studio lights went off, voice fading

I wanna see how she react!

Given the fact that she was invited to speak about her blog
& got told off at the end of show simply means that
She isnt as popular as what she thinks
She isnt a good example for the society
The host, lawyer, teacher & the news reporter was trying to switch her thinkings back to the norm
Coz she is too 'zhi wo'
No consideration for the society & its responsibility

Her recent post abt handicap toilet was a disgust to me
To me, personally
What is it that she has to kick a big fuss over a handicap toilet when a man opened the door realising it's occupied with a real handicapped?
What is her point of saying that the man who opened the door is 'damn fucking suay'?
Arent handicaps supposed to use a handicapped toilet?

Inside the Ladies
I noticed that there is one handicapped cubicle
Aunties & ah-soh who have bad time tolerating their almost-burst bladders
Rushed into it
I ever felt that before
But still
I stick to the queue
Coz I know that if a handicapped really appears & that I'm in that cubicle
I'm being so inconsiderate
Likewise you give way to handicapped while boarding bus
You dont expect them to queue behind you just to pee right?

She claimed that she is a good girl, by helping an old lady cross the road
But she is being prejudice about a handicapped in a handicapped toilet
just coz she likes spacious cubicle & the real urge to release her dam
So contradicting
An old lady is physically unstable, she may fall if she walks too fast while green man is flashing
A handicap is physically disable, he/she may not reach the other side if he/she isnt fast enough when the green man is flashing
So what?
She rather let the handicapped get knocked down by the oncoming cars?


She always says nobody is perfect
She is perfect physically
So stop that oxymoronic sentence on a handicapped

With the termination of her endorsement 'provoked' by this handicapped blogger whom he found her irrational over the toilet issue
She came up with self-pity claiming she comes from single-parent family & how young her brother is
Ok ok enough
I'm almost to tears
But so what?
If she is so fucking popular, why fear the loss of one endorsements when she can easily grab many others?
She can pose with bikinis in Maxim for free...
Why the fuss?

I dont have to be as fucking popular as her
& I'd clinched few model assignments
So did my friends
I wasnt paid but I dont mind
It's the experience & exposure I get
Be satisfied with it!

All in all
I have nothing to conclude
Coz I forsee more happening issues

So exciting

P/S: If you, any of her readers, happen to read this & told her I spoke 'bad' (in which I'm only speaking the facts & that you cant digest), please acknowledge that I'm speaking the truth & being honest, just like your 'goddess' whom you worship everyday.

Monday, October 24, 2005

It was 715am
I sprung up from bed
My mum was screaming around
Scolding me early in the morning

Momo escaped outta the cage

I think I'd forgotten to close the cage door last night after feeding it
& the whole family members went "Momo?Momo?"
Just to call him out from its hiding place
I shone my torch around
Went on all four to check if he's hiding under the fridge or washing machine
My instinct told me it's there
When I spotted that fur-cucumber under the washing machine
I felt so relieved
At least Momo didnt escape outta the main door
& that it is still alive
Luckily was the washing machine off
So it wasnt blended into a pool of minced meat
*touch wood*
Dad said he'll shift the whole machine out
But I said no need, relax, I know what to do

I realise my way & Dad's ways of doing things differ
Thus all the unneccessarily conflicts
That can ultimately lead to blood-puking
Me the soft, slow, relax type
Dad the hardcore, guncheong type
No wonder he always see me buay-song
Never do anything on surface but actually did alot hideously

But true enough
I didnt feel panicking
Coz I know Momo is plain stupid
& there's nowhere it can go
It's too pampered already

Back to Momo
I went to lure him out with his favourite dried banana
It slowly crawled out from under the washing machine
Stupid ass
Somehow still tried to U-turn back in
I told everyone to keep quiet & off my torch
When it was fully out
I cupped it with my palms
Cleaned the dust off him using my tee-shirt
& placed it back into his cage

Momo didnt seem frightened
It was very calm
My other escaped hamsters ever wanted to crawl away from my grab
Biting my hand like their chewy toys
Think Momo had enough adventures already

It was hungry, thirsty & tired
Finished the whole stalk of celery
One of the veggies I dislike
Er..I always give Momo eat veggies I dont like
Finished 1/4 of the water in its water bottle
& looked at me with extreme sleepy eyes when it popped its head outta its house as I called for it

Naughty Momo

But I still love you

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Oh geez
My whole body is aching
Especially my legs
Damn those heels

I had a great day yesterday
Finally got a companion & time to walk up & down town
One of the yet another crazy activities to accomplish

Was out with Clifford
Headed to look for dive equipments
Him, a mask
Me, a pair of gloves or some other minor accessories
But due to me still pretty low on cash
Just window shopped
Clifford's mask was outta stock
Then we bumped into Tze Yau, Jessica & James
They were hunting for underwater casing

Then walked further down
A lady promoting 'Mary Chia' gave me this
Say what I present this to the counter got free donno-what slimming thing
My 2nd stalk of rose in my life

Clifford bought me this as my advance birthday pressie
Cinnamonrolllllllll >_<
So cute hor?

It took us 1 hour to stroll all the way down to Suntec
Gear 1, 20km/hr, no VTEC operation
Where Clifford brought me to the Sony Digital Camera roadshow
& then walked all the way back to Plaza Singapura for 'The 40 year old virgin'

The show was so funny that I laughed till I teared
Mascara smudged a lil

Had dinner at Jack's place
Chit-chatted for an hour on top of that, I supposed
But yesterday really talked alot of things
About diving & rubbish
After that I challenged him walk back to Far East
Although my feet kinda hurt badly

Told you I can forsee good weekend
I was happy
& I forsee more

***P/S: Sidetrack abit
Knn, why do I keep hearing people travelling to Thailand?
I was supposed to head to Thailand too, until Lionel backed-out, I then decided to go diving while Ivan & Tisa went Bintan.
It's all Lionel's fault

Someone jio & sponser me go Thailand leh...

Saturday, October 22, 2005


I feel slightly better already

Some people really have brains as big as the size of their sperms
*shakes head in disgust*

Friday, October 21, 2005

I've been chatting with possibly lots of people
& it made me realise something

I only knew KC over the weekend
& he was wise enough to analyse me via online chats
& told me that I indeed had split personalities
& that I started to assume 'no one understands me' when I felt that things are way outta control
How true

Roy was telling some other divers that I'm easily satisfied
(Not sexually please)
That it doesnt matter whether it's a bumphead or rainbow
Parrotfishes make me happy
& I only went diving with him once
How attentive!

Er ge was telling me about my lack of confidence
That a beautiful girl like me shouldnt have little/no confidence at all
(Beautiful or not, it's dependant on personal preference.Strongly not coz I thick-skinned, ok?)
Likewise did some of my other friends mentioning about the beauty

There I went wondering
Since there are so many people agreeing that my beauty is presentable
Why am I still feeling so.... unconfident? lack of security?Uncomfortable?
& why is it that they understand me so easily via my actions & behaviour?

I know I have xenophobic
But this is dissolving as I got to know new people via fun activities
Such as diving & WildFilms
People whom I knew previously, eg. 6yrs ago, are looking for me now
For help? For fun? For anything?
I dont care
The point there is...
People I know remember me
People know me

Call me a bimbo, if you'd like to
Coz it is really surprising that other people tend to know me more than I know it myself
& all I did was to continue being so 'me'

I don think I even know what the hell I'm doing

This is weird


I've been listening & taking in advices
Am glad that people are there to help me when I look most bimbotic
Getting me back on the track

Kicking away all the sucky incidents
It's time for a new start

Hey people
Time for nicotine & alcohol?

I had a long nice day
Long time since I last laughed happily

KC woke me up early in the morning
Congratulating me on passing my basic theory
Then I woke Jeffrey up
Asking him where are my chio chio pictures
But sadly
He said his memory card got corrupted
& pics all gone

Went Sim Lim with Er ge during noon
Looking for some video editting hard/softwares
Then walked & walked & walked
I realised my crystal bracelet very loose
I checked the string
Gonna tear
So to prevent it from snapping suddenly
I decided to remove it
The string really snapped & the beads went
'boing boing boing'
all over the place
I kana stunned & quickly grabbed the bouncing beads
Luckily was at this isolated alley
So little people came & kicked the beads around
Both of us were busy picking up the beads
& I actually went on all four to search for the missing beads

Bad omen
Didnt fully retrieve the missing beads still though

At evening
Met Clifford for dinner
Had very nice & funny chats over the table
Diving adventures & stuffs
So cool!

Jeffrey SMSed me asking if I'm heading North-East for leisure dives
No money lah, brother
Only $49.20 left in bank account
Sponser leh...

Limited shopping spree this weekend
No shiok leh...

Thursday, October 20, 2005

It is starting to hurt
But slightly more to the right
Crampy pain
That's where complicated diagnosis came in

Luckily it wasnt appendicities
At least Dr Wong confirmed it isnt
Coz if it was
I wouldnt be sitting in front of him
Coz if it was
My stomach wont be stirring

Probably some bacterial infection in the gut yet to be cleared
Needa watch out for diet
Digestive system is sensitive
No milk
No seafood
No spices
*dreads dull meals*

That explains no supper too??

Given colimix, buscopan & norfloxacin
God damn is that norfloxacin big & bitter
Nearly choked & puke the whole thing out
I just hate swallowing pills

Review if not better on Friday

Let's pray I'll be fine
Coz I forsee a good weekend

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

After all the shitty situations were over, I guess
Da ge brought me to Villa Bali
Together with Er ge & Irene-jie
Had a stick of nicotine & half glass of alcohol
Reached home
Cant sleep
Too high liao
Chatted with KC till 230am

I tossed on my bed until 3am & disturbed Er ge via SMS
But soon after that I collapsed
So I still needa play a fool before sleeping heh?

I thought of eating flu tablets to get me to sleep
But I think I shouldnt abuse drugs anymore

Early morning at 730am
Dad woke me up
"Eh, you got test later.."
I replied
"I know lah...1030 then test lah...830am then wake up lah.."

My basic theory test, that is
My dad more gun cheong than me sia
He initially against me learning cars...
Or was it motorbike?

I last minute hugged Buddha's legs one last time before I headed to the driving centre
Almost late leh!
Coz the stupid KTM train passed by
Then raining heavily

Now they have the test being computerised
& I thought there's a keypad or mouse or something
So I searched & searched
But I was told it's a touch-screen
Ok... that's something interesting...
Made me pai-seh like swaku

When the test started
The screen not sensitive enough
& I went 'TSK!' when my answers are not chosen upon pressing
Waste my time sia...
Then I pressed hard hard till got slight depression

They really ask alot of stupid thinking questions
I was getting so bored that I started to anyhow choose
I pressed on the answers which has phrases saying 'Slow Down'

Correct mah...
See anything also must slow down right?
See children must slow down
See animals must slow down
Kua dio gui also must slow down
Slow down slow down loh..
You dont slow down you wrong mah...
Ok loh..
Everything also slow down loh...

The test supposedly last for 50mins
But I left at 36mins
& guess what?
I PASSED!!!!!!!

I cannot believe it man
I so nua to even take the test
Anyhow choose answers
Also can pass


Chao Ivan still curse me said I must spend $45 to pass my basic
I slap him ahhhhhh~~

Ok great
Advanced theory on 25th Nov
Lemme get my book to study first

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Monday, October 17, 2005

Guess what?
I'm back!
& I'd passed my advanced dive course!!!

4 hours before my departure
My tummy failed on me
Headed to see doc asap
Doc diagnosed me with early stage of appendicitis
Recommended me not to go diving
But I insisted
Then he commented a damn long list on my medical card
Shucks. Black-listed
Told Er ge & Da ge about it
Er Ge scolded me, Da ge scolded me
But I die die still wanna go
Think both of them wanna kidnap me on the spot & prevent me from going
But due to my persistance, Er ge sorta reluctantly sent me to dive centre & gave me some cash for emergency

Day 1
It was a pretty late departure coz the tide at Mersing was too low for the ferry to depart
The bus ride to Mersing was damn bumpy
Everyone was bouncing up & down at every minute.
We only left for Dayang at 2am
SMS-ed Er ge telling him I was fine already, need not worry
On the boat, thankfully Gene-jie helped me to reserve a seat. Kekeke

There were 8 Open water divers, 3 advanced water divers, 3 nitrox divers & 5 leisure divers. A pretty big group! Coincidentally, Juliana & Karen from our OWD lesson were there too. =D

In order to pass this course, I have to do 1)underwater navigation 2) Deep dive 3) Night dive 4) Boat dive 5) Wreck dive

At around 8am plus, we reached Pulau Dayang


The sky was so clear that you can barely open your eyes
The water was so clear you can even see a sea cucumber!The day was so nice for chio chio photo!
Dive 1 (Pulau Lang)
1st dive at 10am...
Say Hello to my dive buddies
Jeffrey & KC
Ah.. Me the only girl among the Advanced divers
Princess treatment...*grins*Our tanks + equipment

It was only our fun dives, not yet skills testing
& Gene-jie came along with me for our first dives
Took photos underwater of coz!!
*photo courtesy of Gene-jie*
Saw 3 bumphead parrotfishes feeding in front of me
My first dive I saw my favourite fish
I was so excited & admired
Think Martin knew I was so happy about it
& asked me look forward

Dive 2 (Pulau Lang)
Ah, time for skill testing
Before we headed off for our second dive, Martin revised us on navigation.
Practised on shore first
After that, we tried out underwater.
Stupid lah.
When I was paired with Jeffrey, he navigated while I do the kick cycles
& he swam so damn fast that I did extra & lost count just to catch up with him
Then Martin said I didnt managed to do a complete square

Got 2 emperors & 1 parrotfish stopped at my fins
I 'kicked' them but they didnt swam off
BWAHAHAHA so cute so cute

Dive 3 (Pulau Aur)
My first deep dive
Before we descended, we had to write our name backwards
After that,we descended all the way to 30m...
After few minnutes, Martin wanted us to spell our names backwards underwater
This was done to see if any of us were suffering from nitrogen nacrosis
Heehee... Dont have leh..
Then we ascend to shallower depth..
Swam swam swam until suddenly..
I floated up
Eh... not right leh..
I tried to descend... cannot..
Deflated my BCD also cant
Then I just left it float
KC notified Martin
& Martin quickly pulled me down & deflated my BCD
How come he can deflate & I cant?
I was so damn scared I'll kana decompression illness ok
Suddenly float up without safety stop
But luckily didnt...

Dive 4 (Pulau Dayang Jetty)
Our deep dive ended at 7pm... & our night dives started at 730pm
Tired siaaaa
One day pia 4 dives leh...

The night dive was cool
Luckily wasnt that far off the mainland
Only KC & I went since Jeffrey had done night-diving previously
We had our torches with us & descended
Current was strong coz it was rising tides
& I got drifted off as soon as I was in water

Visibility was good
Dark dark also can see
But of coz must on dive torch lah
We swam abit, explored abit
& then did our black-out drill

Off torch
Swept hands to disturb luminating copepods
Broke light-stick
On torch
& off we go a fun night dive again!

Saw 2 moray eels, schools of damsels, surgeon fishes, rockfish, a very big red nudibranch
The current was really damn strong that I was losing my patience
I could hardly swam forward
I tilted my body to the side
I drifted
Then I finned side-ways
When I was really exhausted, i just let myself drift away
Martin signalled me to swim back see nudibranch
Very tired to swim against current lah, abang...
& I've seen enough of nudibranchs already!!

Dive ended 30mins later
Really very very tired
My shins were aching due to extreme finning
Very hungry as well...
Although my tummy had initially failed me
I gobbled 4 small pieces of lamb chops, a BBQ chicken wing, 3 sticks of satay & 2 scoopes of fried rice

Day 2
Woke up at 6am
Washed up, changed blah blah
& our first dive at 7am
Sun didnt come out

Dive 5 (Pulau Kadut)
A warm-up dive
Buoyancy sucks
Wanna descend, cant descend
Then they waited for me to descend
Swam abit
Not that much fishes until later
Coz probably fishes still sleeping
Found a sandy bottom to revise some skills
Hovering, somersaults, backward finning, fin pivot
My buoyancy cannot make it!!
Fin pivoting was ok initially until a current swept me
Then I rolled a metre away & swam back
I tried to hover
Kept sinking
Then when I managed to hover
Damn current swept me off again
Did the somersaults
Backward finning...bleah
Cannot lah, heck

Rain fell above us
What a lovely sight to see raindrops & ripples above our heads

When it's time to ascend
I kept sinking down
I wondered also
When surfaced
Martin told me to fin harder next time
Jeffrey said I always reversed my order
Wanna descend, cant descend
Wanna ascend, cant ascend
Eh brother
Morning dive leh
Haven wake up fully ok?

Dive 6 (Pulau Dayang)
We're going wreck diving!!
As we got into the water, KC held onto me
We were supposed to descend to the bottom using a rope
But god damn is that rope fouled with barnacles
But good thing is
I saw barnacles feeding with their cillas
So cute

KC did a free-fall descend coz he said the rope looks disgusting to hold onto for descend
While I used the rope, needed for equalisation
Initially Jeffrey went ahead of me
But he kept popping up & hitting me
& I wondered what the hell was he doing
After that I overtook him & descended

I kept thinking:"Huh? He cant equalise his ears or what?"
Then Martin helped him to descend
While KC & I were at the bottom, Martin was pulling Jeffrey by his SPG
We swam towards the wreck
Damn, I sank & hit the bottom
Used my hands to push myself up
& then my hands stung!!!
I thought got microscopic organisms entered my skin & bloodstream biting me
& I kept looking & looking for openings
But then I tolerated the stung & continued my course

Many many batfishs!!!!
Got this particular batfish stopped in front of me
I looked at it, it looked at me
I put my hand out to reach it
It didnt escape until 3cm in reach!!
Then I turned behind
2 batfishes were behind me
Both looking at me
If only I can communicate with them...

As we ascended to shallower depth
Jeffrey floated above me
Weird sia... why that fellow so buoyant this time?
Then I saw Martin picked up a very very very large brick
& asked him to carry

So funny I laughed underwater
KC laughed also
Jeffrey forgot to put on weightbelt
Martin was pulling him as though he was a balloon
Buay tahan

We saw a large schools of ikan gudung(?)(species common name, please?)
& schools of damsels
It was really really really large
Which then reminded me why schooling fishes are prone to over-fishing
Ah, this is why...
Coz 1 net can catch thousands of them!!!

When we surfaced
We kept laughing & laughing & laughing
Jeffrey told me that my hands stung coz of hydroid
But at least the stings were much better off than jellyfish stings
Then I saw Gene-jie strolling on the beach
I shouted for her
& snapped me
I gave her a OK hand signal
KC towed me back onto the boat
Coz I really very very tired to fin back liao

Dive 7 (Pulau Lang)
Our last dive
Also a fun dive
We tried our nagivation skills
KC led, I in middle, Jeffrey behind me
Swam & swam
Very tired
Coz KC's one kick cycle equals my two kick cycles
Had hard time catching up!!
Then KC turned & signalled a nudibranch signal to me
I thought:"Kaoz, nudibranch again. What's so nice to see sia.."
Then I swam slowly
Then Martin signalled to me, pointed at the rock in front

The size was as big as the coffee-shop table
We looked at it, it looked at us
So cute so cute so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
I signalled for Jeffrey if he'd brought his camera
He shooked his hands replying 'no'
I pointed him the middle finger exclaiming 'fuck!'
He kok-ed me on my head & I sank 50cm deeper
I went 'fuck!' coz we missed the chance of capturing a turtle pic!!

Martin signalled Clifford also, who was leading the leisure divers
So a group of 15 people came & flocked to see the turtle
If I were the turtle, I sure pai-seh & swam away

After that, we swam forward
Saw a lionfish
& another moray eel

Did a safety stop at 5m
I finally managed to hover
But i just hateeeeeeeeeeee the current

Back on boat
Martin came to me
"Congratulations. You've passed the advanced course"
*SMILES BIG BIG*"Thhhhhhhhankkkkkkkkewwwwwwwww"


Back on shore
Quick lunch
Took some many photos
Us doing the 'stingray' handsign while Kenneth covered his nipplesClifford, Martin & I did the Kawaii-pose. LOLTze-yau & I with Clifford peeping -_-
& left Pulau Dayang at 2pm

On the way
It started to rain
Reached Mersing at about 6pm
Still raining
Followed Gene-jie sat her friend's car all the way back SG
Stopped to have dinner near Tuas

Reached home at 930pm
Very tired
Gene hung out at my house for a while
Then headed for supper
Slept like pig at 12am

That ended my lovely weekend
The next item investment for diving is... a pair of dive gloves

I was so glad that my equalization wasnt a problem
Thanks to Nasonex & Loratadine
A further few more dive practices & I can help out with WildFilms on underwater filming
Hiak hiak hiak

But best of all
*hops around in joy*

P/S: KC just called to tell me that someone stole my dive bag at Mersing. Dive bag was only realised to be lost at SG custom. God damn that asshole... A bloody $2k equipment lost!! SHOW YOURSELF QUICK!