Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Almost dead
Rushed to clinic after work
Not so bad
Patients flowed in smoothly
& I rot for half hour with absolute NO patient at 11am
Just after I closed the NETS transaction
One patient came at 1140
This bitch is soooooooo fucking rude & disgusting
I should have shut the door right at her face
She came in, threw her bag on the counter in front of my face
& shouted 'Where's the toilet?'
I led the way & on the lights for her
Didnt even say Thank you
Then kept complaining stomach every pain
Asked Dr Chow to give her some medicine to stop the pain 1st

How can give medicine without consultation?

Fucking kaobei

I supposed she had diahorrea or so
& she said very loud
'Shit, I just shitted on my shorts again'
& I was like.... YIKES!
& she sat on the sofa


One word of advice: Do not sit while waiting for your turn to consult a doctor

Then another came at 1145
Down with acute allergy to rice dumpling
How interesting

& then another came at 1200
Down with gastric pain

& I finally got to go home at 1225am

DarDar initially said he will fetch me home
& so I was so anticipated for his arrival
But at 1130pm
He said he's not coming to fetch me
I was disappointed with slight anger
Didnt reply him, didnt answer his calls
& at 1150
I went out to shut the gates
I saw DarDar waiting outside for me!

I got a shock
Real shock
& he smiled at me


He surprised me man!
Went over & muack-ed my DarDar


& we walked home together

DarDar so sweet <3

Coldplay is having an Asian Tour in 10th July
Quick tell me
Must take leave

Tom's coming SG in Mid-June
Going diving
Cant he just wait for another week & go with me?
Helping him to organise his dive tour as well
& hope he will have a pleasant trip here

With the recent earthquakes occuring at Indonesia
Piling up the numbers of casualties
I feel like going over to help out
Wonder if CrisiRelief is going there
Probably can join Dr Loh if she does

Shall see

I'd prefer helping out casualties to working

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Went to Vic's birthday BBQ with my brothers yesterday night
So happy
Long time never see them liao
Especially my Da ge
Brother Stanley also asked 'Long time never see you liao leh..Ho seh bo?'

It looks really funny how the zonal gangs are separated by the tiny concrete path in ECP
The East on the East
& West on the West
Judging from Bedok jetty direction
No doubt being the WestSiders

Left at midnight for WCP (West Coast Park)
Supposedly was convoying down
But donno why Er Ge pia-ed all the way starting from the bend at Marina South
Knn scary
Didnt even dare to peep at the speedometer
Somemore near West Coast there is the container terminal
So alot of big lorry mah
Nearly 'buang' if Er Ge didnt slow down the tiny bend loh
But I trust Er Ge's driving skills

Er Ge thought Da Ge & Brother Stanley had sped off
So he was trying to catch up
But they didnt!
When Er Ge found out
He also scared

Sounds so exciting
I also wanna speed
I shall take Big Boss's Subaru WRX

Returned home at 130am
& Er Ge bought me souvenirs from Penang again!
*hug hug Er Ge*

DarDar is at Malaysia
Tonight then come back
But tonight I got work
Only can meet DarDar on Wednesday
& I cant wait for Saturday to come!
I've already gotten alotta things to grab

Oh oh
Tom W is flying over to SG for vacation
A dive trip with me over the weekend to Dayang/Tioman
I've got a dive buddy!!!

& DarDar is gonna take his diving course soon too
Evolve me into a happy mermaid

Saturday, May 27, 2006

I wish every Friday can just leave early

DarDar came fetch me off work
& we went to TheCathay to buy movie tickets for X-Men:The Last Stand

I'm a hardcore X-Men fanatic!
I was so engrossed with the movie
That I think I froze physically with 100% concentration

It's a nice show
Coz it's X-MEN!
& I believe there's gonna be X-Men IV!
Coz Prof X revived....

Oh anyway
DarDar & I had a very good dinner at Ichiban Sushi
Very full

Reached home at 130am
Concussed at 230am

Woke up
Rushed to Bt Merah to buy rash guards with Hwei Min & Calvin
Buy 1 get 1 free!!!
I bought 2 longs & 1 short
But the longs one dont fit me leh
Maybe sell online

Went driving in the afternoon
So many road blocks
Always overtake today
Then I drive slowly
Big Boss Instructor said not the usual me

I'm tired...
But I'm going out again soon

Go grab a short nap now

Thursday, May 25, 2006

I am alone
Everyone's gone for lunch
Mine's in 10mins time
Oh well

I've decided to eat Char Siew Rice later!
The thought of dripping red honey sauce from the roasted meat seen in Marina Square's Foodcourt keeps floating in my mind
& I must not expect too much later
The chilli is nice
Self-consolation, I assume

Pay day!
Er ge still hasnt claim his free meal since 2 months ago

Tomorrow can leave 1 hr earlier
Meeting DarDar for dinner & gonna watch X-men

Weekend seems good too
Meeting my dive friends to buy rash guard
Then go chiong chia again with Big Boss Instructor
& evening maybe going one of the Honda brothers' birthday BBQ
& Sunday
I must rest

Have gotten everything so planned out already
My Tioman trip is calling me too!
So is my Bangkok trip!
My HongKong (again?!) trip!
My Okinawa trip!
My London trip!

I am such a happy girl

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Must wait for 2 weeks for my keyboard

Yesterday clinic last minute very happening
A Bangla injured his head
Kana knocked by those hoisted metal bar during construction
Bleeding profusely
& Dr Chow stitched the wound for him
He claimed he was giddy
& almost fainted
Refered to A&E

Long time nver see bloody cases liao

I'm very excited about this coming weekend
1 hour early off on Friday
Coz got this funny 'Eat with Your Family Day'
& so DarDar & I will be going candlelight (hopefully)


Sunday, May 21, 2006

I have a very happy weekend
DarDar came over my house again & spent the weekend with me

Saturday I had my driving practical
& I saw Big Boss Instructor's Subaru WRX
DarDar said his car looked abit different from the first day he saw it
& I said "Confirm change rims one lahhh"
& during my drive
Big Boss Instructor asked
"You got see my car? Very chio right? I changed the rims & tyres leh. You know how much? blah blah blah blah blah blah"

My Big Boss Instructor damn funny
& I asked
"When Brother Ken (aka Er Ge) returns, he said he wanna test drive leh"
Big Boss said
"Can... when you pass TP I also let you drive"


After my driving
DarDar came fetch me & we went grocery shopping
& I cooked lunch
Played my PS2 for 2 hours
Slacked until evening

DarDar prepared some of his fishing stuffs

& off we headed to the Marina Promenade for fishing

We forgot to check the tides
& when we were there
It was falling low

Within 1/2 hour
We caught 2 fishes
A striped eel catfish & another non-striped eel catfish (I made up this common name)

I also got cast line wor
Only that I cast at wrong direction & it caught DarDar's another line

"Eh (insert name here), quick help me open up the plastic bag"
Ok ok

As the tide goes lower
The waiting period was longer
The fishes damn smart
Nibble nibble then tug the line
But when we pull back
The fish escaped

So I walked down the shore
& scrutinized on the Echinolittorinids, Nerites, Limpets, Barnacles as usual
& then I saw crabs!
We then went crab-catching

AH HAH! Gotcha!
I didnt know DarDar actually have Pokemon balls in his toolbox
No lah, those are floats

Snaps during our waiting time

& then I fell asleep


I think about 12am plus
The fishing bells rang simultaneously
Busy sia!
Haven unhook the 1st fish, came another
Additional 2 striped eel catfish onboard!
DarDar said he's damn fated with catfish
That time went Kukup also caught catfish
Oh well....

Went home at 230am
Bid farewell to another 2 anglers
They said they only got one small donno-what fish
At least we got 4 catfish & 1 crab!

Concussed as soon as we reached home

Woke up at Sunday noon
DarDar was sitting beside my bed looking at me sleep
Then I cooked brunch for DarDar & family
After that went grocery shopping with DarDar
& returned home to cook dinner

My god
I felt so much like a housewife today
But I'm happy
Haven cook for very long already
Best of all
DarDar got to taste some HongKong style dishes made by both me & Mum
& DarDar likes it

I enjoy my time with DarDar very much
& hopefully when I get my new bike
Off we shall conquer Mandai together!

& I cant wait for my Bangkok trip in September!

Oh anyway
My Mum asked DarDar to return HongKong with me in December
DarDar pai-seh-ed
So cute


Friday, May 19, 2006

I am very tired
I slept at 830 yesterday
& my eyes are closing now...

I saw Big Boss Instructor's Subaru!!!
I shall go ka jiao his car tomorrow before & after my driving lesson

Going fishing with DarDar tomorrow
We shall try to fish big fishes
Just like the guy who caught his promfret & bream last last week
But dont think I'll dare to eat them
Unless I detoxicate them for 1 night

Workload is accumulating
Stupid system update
Cant log in for 4 days
& now I have to work on another shitty thing
I so wanna resign

Resignation not due to not wanting to do the work
But it's the lack of interest that sparks motivation
What the hell

Er Ge's coming back next week
We shall go play with Big Boss Instructor's Subaru together

Thursday, May 18, 2006

I was so damn pissed yesterday
So fucking pissed that I had absolutely no mood to speak a word
I told DarDar
DarDar also felt the unfairness



Apparently people are not happy with me able to knock off punctually everyday
Just coz I dont have tasks tied down with
Leaving me able to complete the next day
& I got complaint
But the head understood & explained saying that it's fine to leave if there's no urgent tasks on hands


She then fedback that the people may need me after office hours
& my departure will slow down their efficiency

I protested

I was NEVER being requested to stay back & helped out

& yesterday
I stayed back
Because, finally, they requested me to
I'm fine with that
I waited for 1 hour for them to gimme the so-called urgent task to work on
& while I was working on it
They went to chat with other people in other department


If it's urgent
Why chat?
If you can chat
Means you have time
When you have time
You can do it yourself

I did for them nonetheless till 830pm
DarDar kept me accompanied online
& headed for dinner/supper with DarDar at Al Azhar

I guessed I was so pissed until I got all so crazy
3 stix of Pall Mall in 1 hour

So much for agreeing with DarDar on quiting smoking
But DarDar also smoke behind my back loh
Bad boy

Missed DarDar very much after I reached home
& chatted till 4am

I love my DarDar
He's so loveable
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

DarDar had brought my Irri for service
Soon I'll be online at night again!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sunday, May 14, 2006


I just got back from Boat Quay
Went to watch the FA Cup Finals with Charles, Edmund, Leonard & Darien at Penny Black

Very crowded
Full of Liverpool fans
& all were chanting cheers
Very cool!

It's been long since I got back in touch with Liverpool staffs
Likewise Liverpool gang's outing
How I miss these people & the atmosphere
With everyone cheering for the players throughout the game
Celebrating the joy
& encouraging the disappointment
It showed how much we all love Liverpool
*claps claps*

Edmund, Darien, me & Charles

& some liverpool fans from Thailand!
There was this guy who kept singing for the entire 2 plus hours
& he really kept the atmosphere up

The match was really full of up & down
Especially when Jamie Carragher scored an own goal
All of us were like...
& then when Cisse & Gerrard scored
We cheered like nobody's business

At times
The referee gave stupid decision on allowing freekick to West Ham United
& the guy sang
"The referee is a cheeeeeebyeee... the referee is a cheeeeeeebye"


The game was very exciting till the penalty shootout
Reina was damn alert!
He saved the 1st, 3rd & 4th kick

Everyone cheered as loud as they could
& everyone was hugging each other

Way to go, Liverpool!

I'm hummming all the Liverpool chants in my head already
Wonder how can I sleep

When you walk through a storm,
Hold your head up high,
And don't be afraid of the dark.
At the end of a storm,
There's a golden sky,
And the sweet silver song of a lark.
Walk on through the wind, Walk on through the rain,
Though your dreams be tossed and blown..

Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart,
And you'll never walk alone.......
You'll never walk alone.

Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart,
And you'll never walk alone.......
You'll never walk alone

Saturday, May 13, 2006

So we cancelled our trekking at MaRitchie yesterday
Woke up late
& then Mum doesnt seem so good after all
Kept drizzling

Headed to town (again) instead
So crowded
Why aint these people stuck in temples praying?

Headed to cineleisure to get something
& while walking off
Got this guy spoke very loud
"Hey, can I see your cleavage?"
I heard it
But I ignored
He repated louder
I turned & looked
His 2 other friends also turned & looked at ME

Very obvious you're saying ME right?
I 'diao'-ed him

Never see chio ah lian before huh?
Got my DarDar beside still wanna li siao siao

I wasnt even wearing low cut
What made him wanna say that?
DarDar said they're jealous of him for having me
DarDar didnt hear what they say & I wasnt responsive enough to inform him
If not
Round 1 fight!


Went to Chinatown for dinner
Then walk walk
Wanted to buy some HongKong pastries back home for family
But never open!!

& then we walked to Boat Quay
& to Esplanade
& to Marina Promenade

There're fishes at Marina Promenade leh!
Got this guy caught a big promfret & a bream!
DarDar & I then decided to go fishing next week

Very tired
Almost walked the whole town
From Orchard to Dhoby Ghaut
From Chinatown to CityHall

Fell asleep while chatting with DarDar on phone
& I've never done that before
Must be realllllllllllly tired

I <3 my DarDar

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Today is my off day!
Not so yipee afterall

Had my morning driving practical at 7am
Traffic wasnt that heavy as I expected until it reaches 8am
I was trying to change lanes along that Teck Whye Road
But for the whole stretch
NO CAR was generous enough to let me get in
& I gave up
Big Boss Instructor said
"If you on TP & you cant overtake for so long, sure fail"
& I replied
"I'm willing to be failed. Safety first mah... no meh?"
Big Boss Instructor kept quiet


Big Boss Instructor scolded me leh
Said I drive very 'hiong' (fierce)
I was like.... errrr...
Then stalled 4 times
& when turning corners
I forgot to lower my gear
& kana scolded again


Must be Er Ge
Told Big Boss Instructor to scold me before he flew off
So I told Er Ge Big Boss Instructor very fierce
Drove at 50km/hr instead of normal 70km/hr still kana scolded
& Er Ge replied
'Other students drove at 4okm/hr loh'


DarDar came over to have breakfast with me after my driving lesson
Very =(
Coz early morning kana scolded by Big Boss Instructor
& I was checking my bank account
Money doesnt tally with my expenditure
Damn... did my progress package even come in??

After that
Went to Funan to fix my lappy due to keyboard error
Carried the bloody damn thing
& when DarDar & I reached the service centre
The guy said
"OK ah... so what's wrong?"

I ji tao stunned
I even tested before I left home
How come it's ok now?!
I got so pissed off that I'd decided to call Lappy 'Irri(tant)'

How come electronics like to play nowadays?
Dardar's handphone's camera couldnt work for 2 days
& when we reached the service centre
The person also asked the same thing like what I was being asked


& stupidly
We brought Irri for shopping

I'm tired
Just got back from dinner at Al Azhar
& my stupid brother is playing CS


Dardar is playing PS2
Later then I go join him

Tomorrow go trekking with DarDar worrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
So excited

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I tend to get confused lately



I'm thinking too much

I saw blood on my wrist when I close my eyes

I think I'm going nuts

Nothing to do with DarDar

It's just me

Think I'm back with insanity

Monday, May 08, 2006

I'm so tired


Slep at 5am loh..
Then DarDar woke me up by poking my back non-stop at 11am
& coz my Dad saw DarDar's failed attempt in waking me
My Dad slapped me hard on my back non-stop
What the.....
& DarDar giggled evily

Played PS2 with my DarDar throughout the night leh
Now my orange Honda Civic very zai
Got 'psst-psst' turbo leh!!
Dont play play...


Then read Fish Identification book together
The book was damn thick loh
Bought at ADEX one
Took 1 hour to finish
At the same time
DarDar was telling me his fishes that he kept
& I told him about my dives

My handphone agar-agar spoilt liao lah
Accidentally dropped it from my pile of clothings
Which I didnt know it was being grabbed together with it
& then bounced on my bed
& landed on my floor
Double impact
& all my phone memories are gone
Still can SMS & call out
Calling in wise.....
If I'm uncontactable, dial to my house loh
Then again I dont think I'll be at home most of the time

Ok la
Call my DarDar to look for me la

Still gotta work last night loh
& Dr Chow kept talking about the election
Ask me this ask me that
& I kept replying
"I donno... oh.. isit? I donno.."

This week I'm a happy girl
Because I have a very short working week!
My Er Ge & Wilson Gor Gor will be flying outta Singapore
No one to play with me

Oh well....

Sunday, May 07, 2006

I had my virgin poll yesterday
Anyhow cross
Coz I dont even know who is who
Mymy said who then who loh

DarDar came over my house to play the whole day
Watched DVD
Went cycling around neighbourhood
Went pasar malam
Helped me complete my Need for Speed 2
& now my Orange Honda Civic got turbo!!!!


Going out to meet our bunch of pig-dog friends
Au revoir!

Friday, May 05, 2006

I am very tired
Lemme sleep, people
See you again when I'm awake

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

*types types types types types*

I was sooooooooooooooo busy after I returned
That I miss blogging more than I miss my Dardar

My Perhentian trip was good
Spent 12 hours each to & fro across the giant land mass of Malaysia
Sat until butt numb
& I only returned home at 230am Tuesday morning
& I went to work at 745am
& went for my driving lesson at 8pm
It's like I've not slept at all yet

Oh well



We headed North around 8pm
2nd link was damn packed
& when we crossed the custom
Hell fell
Our coach waited for us at 1st link
& we waited for it to come for 2 bloody hours
Only managed to finally set off at 11pm

I dozed off immediately
& I didnt know the peeps actually alighted at Yong Peng for snacks
It was only when I realised that the bus seemed to have stopped for a very long time
Did I then wake up, scratched my head & headed down to stretch my body

Spent the entire morning sleeping
12 hours, mind you!!

When I opened my eyes
I saw this

Almost there!

The sleeping people

Gobbled food like I had never eaten before
My last-night's-dinner plus breakfast - Terengganu roti prata
While waiting for our boat at the jetty
I donno wanna call it 'heng' or 'suay'
Our boat broke down & we werent informed
& we waited for another 1 plus hours for another boat to pick us up


Reached Pulau Perhentian Besar at 230pm

Just in time for lunch

Our resort, Arwana Perhentian Resort, was nice
So is the scenary!!

Really looks relaxing
But full of kids & non-divers
Think we're the only group of enthusiastic divers there
Who caresssssss

Headed for our 1st dive at around 3 plus
Because we reached there late
Due to all the screw-ups
We only did one day-dive

Equalization problem wasnt much of a hinder
Saw stingray as soon as I was under the sea
& I was happily playing with this jellyfish
Coz I was happy that I was wearing a glove
& I wont get stung by it
But after I finished playing with it
Threw the jellyfish away
I touched my lips with my gloves
& I got stung


I tell you
My Apollo Bio-fins rocks!
I couldnt feel its drag
& it can propel me real effectively against current

Night diving starts at 930pm
Really NIGHT diving man
Usually night dives are done at 7pm
Only 4 of us went
Saw a very big porcupine fish, a very long eel (which I mistook as giant snake)
The porcupiine fish is very very big
& it has very very big eyes
& it looks very very cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuteeeeeeeeeeee!!!

I was concentrating more on not losing my dive buddy
Instead of looking at the animals
It's pitch-dark down there, man
& I wanted to night-dive was to build my confidence

Next morning
Diving at 730am

I aborted my dive coz I couldnt equalise
My ears hurt real bad
My dive mates said they saw many nurse sharks
& I was like
I was dying to see sharks during this Perhentian trip
& I couldnt see one coz of my stupid ears

We 'whacked' 4 dives in one day
No fear of risking decompression sickness
Which I dont think anyone will care at this point of time

Visibility was surprisingly bad
Worse than Dayang
But it has more diverse marine life
I love the coral wall at the 'Three Brothers Boulders'
We actually swam very near to the corals
See big groupers, angelfishes, parrotfishs, blah blah

My dive mates said they saw bumphead parrotfishs & swordfishs
Like I said
Visibility was B.A.D

I tell you huh
I almost got heart attacks during my dives
I keep losing my dive buddy
Initially we made an agreement that HE has to take care of me
Simply because he is a rescue diver
While I'm just a new advanced diver
But in the end
I was the one taking care of him
Coz he was busy taking photos
& I had to wait for him
& at the same time trying not to lose my group & the dive master
Somemore when I signalled to him I was low on air i.e 50bars
He still told me to swim for a lil while
I was like

I dont really remember what I saw underwater this time round
Except for this big & cute porcupine fish, 2 giant groupers opening mouth at me, 2 very big angelfishs feeding on corals, 3 giant triggerfishs, 1 very big parrotfish, a school of promfrets (yummy), a very friendly yet curious batfish, a blue-dragon nudibranch, a very big jellyfish (not the one that stung me), stingray....
Now it seems like I remember quite alot though
I donno if I wanna say that this trip wasnt as fun as I expected
Mainly because...
1) I dont have a travel companion
2) I dont have a good dive buddy
3) Visibility was bad
4) Delays screw up moods
5) Equalization worries
6) I slipped twice & cut my sole & hurt my right butt; limping for 2 days
7) I was tired
8) No underwater camera to take photos =(
9) Mask case cracked by someone's ass

But anyway
I enjoyed my trip very much
I've been to Perhentian!
A dream come true, but not so true
Made new friends
Expansion of circle of dive freaks!
A free night dive
After much negotiation by Martin in exchange for the screw-ups

Dardar met me very early in the morning as soon as I reached Singapore
*hug hug*

I'm gonna invest in an underwater camera
Abel is going for his Advance course next month
Probably Melyssa is going for her Open Water
Donno if Dardar wanna go or not
But anyway
My Planaxis has started crawling again

Awaiting for that day....