Thursday, January 31, 2008

I will kill DarDar if we dont go to Japan this year
The real need to remember most of the important reactions

Amino acid catabolism to produce glutamate in presence of alpha-KG catalysed by enzyme aminotransferase which undergoes reversible reaction to produce alpha-KG & NH4+ in presence of enzyme GDH & NAD...

Partial catabolism reduces to alanine with production of ATP in presence of malic enzyme and ALT with no internal pollution of NH4+; Malate transformation in presence of pyruvate produces alanine & alpha-KG

Constant supply of pyruvate to produce alpha-KG to sustain forward reaction of partial amino acid catabolism; excess alpha-KG as substrate transforming to glutamate will produce NH4+ causing accumulation of toxic

I will forget the above mentioned in just 5 mins...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

DarDar had a real bad day
It's not the first time
& it's worse than the first

I couldnt do much as it's beyond my limit
I could just be with him

He took me for supper after my class
Had Frog Leg's porridge at Geylang
& then headed to see aeroplanes outside Changi Airport
Until we got buzzed by the security

He didnt speak much throughout the trip

I knew he wanted to talk to me
As he kept trying to play with my hand while watching the giant birds flew
But I guess it's better for him to think things through in his minds

I believe he's a good man
Just at times playfulness overthrones critical thinking
& stupid cranky thoughts from outsiders pollute his innocent mind

When it's time for him to use his brains wiser
I think it'll be all over
This is me
When I'd become the Simpsons

Monday, January 28, 2008

Yesterday attended Garett's wedding banquet at Holiday Inn

Most of my ex-colleagues were there
So we did a bit of catching up

I'm glad that most of them still remember me
Which is a good sign
Meaning that I left them an impression
& are curious what I'm doing now
They were all so surprised to hear that I'm not working
Kept saying I good life


The wedding started at 830pm

After a while
The food were served
Prior to that
There was some entertainment for us
A dancing chef with super big belly!
Looks adorable!
But cant capture his full face & body coz he kept dancing around
After the newly wed's 2nd march, it's them YAM SENG time
The couple with us

Keep attending wedding banquet
I also kept wondering how mine will look like...

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'd never sneezed so much
The painting & packing of my room

But nonetheless
I'd finished painting my room!~~

My room before painting
As messy as ever
DarDar painting
While I watched DarDar paint the room...
He crowned me lazy bum...=(

Actually not loh..
I wanna paint he dont let me paint
So I dont paint he said I lazy

Room in transition


Nice or notttt??~~~

Ok la
Not bad
My first attempt to paint the room

DarDar painted the main wall
While I do the corners

We used the new ICI Dulux Light & Spacious
Not bad
I was very amazed by it coz it is water-based
So any spill can be easily wiped off using wet sponge
& it doesnt smell
In fact, I dont think I smell anything at all!
Good good
Though a bit costly of $58
But I think it's a worth
At least my room now looks indeed bigger

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I think I'm getting kinda stress here

I haven really work on anything on my research project
& it's already Feb soon
Tides comes in every fornight
Which only gives me 2 chances every month

Prof was really really 'see me very up'
She told her class the one of my proposed topic of my research project
& during one of the core modules
Her students said:"Oh, so you're the one who will be doing the heartbeat thing?"

I went 'yeah' softly


I scare that if I cant produce that kinda work she expects
I'm gonna be real dead
& damn shameful about it

& damnit
Quick gimme my research permit!
With perseverance, one reaps success

I am very happy for Michelle
She had finally had her dream come true

I still remember during our days
She was pretty playful and was always worrying about her grades
But me & buddy kept encouraging her to study
& in the end
She got a grade she could never expect

It is really pleasant to see someone succeed
The tears of joy must be contagious

But when it comes to me
Success is nowhere near
When it hits on me
Timing isnt right

I wish Michelle all her best

Gambatte, Michi-chan!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

White embarkation card temporarily not needed for travel into M'sia

Sounds great to me

What should I do with the 30+ pieces of the disembarkment card that are lying in my car?


Monday, January 21, 2008

Went Chek Jawa for my field observation on Saturday
Headed out together with Prof

I'm very glad that Prof & I 'click'
Maybe coz both of us loves field trip
& that both of us are doing the same species that we both love

The weather was nice
Sunny & bright
With a spread of clouds at time
Sea breeze was cool
Munching my sandwich looking out at the sea is totally heavenly

I spent 2 plus hours under the sun
Discussing which rock that I'll be focusing
What kind of experiments will I be working
Understand what species are there
How they're termed so I could do the hypothesis

Not that bad

When we're back mainland island
I still went fishing with DarDar & Michelle
Who were waiting for me while I'm off in the rural

When we reached home
We were burnt
Yah, so much for the sun

I headed to Siti's wedding at night
First time attending malay wedding
Food ok la
But DarDar said very nice
Maybe I dono how to appreciate herbs & spices

Siti was gorgeous
& she looks really happy
I wonder if my banquet will be grand too

This Prof D ah...
Donno got read my email one or not
I emailed him so many times never reply me
& I'm to help him at his lesson this Friday!
Haven brief me what to do too...
Reply me please please please please please

I had this Phad Thai in the afternoon
& a carrot cake covered with chilli for dinner
Now my stomach is burning

I think I'm gonna faint soon

Friday, January 18, 2008

I'm laying my fingers to do my Materials & Methods (& blogging)

As I stood up from the floor to take a rest
I realised I'd messed the whole living room with my journal articles


I am not focusing AGAIN!

I had tried to complete my Materials & Methods for 2 out of 6 experiements that I will have to work on
& I'd spent 4 hours thinking about it
By 1am
I was already drop-dead tired
Adding on to a 3 hrs lecture before that

As I have my laptop on
Ready to continue
National Geographic Channel is showing 'Dive into Tiger Central'
A documentary on tiger sharks

Ok I watched

Then it followed with 'Norway's Hidden places'
& they're introducing Norway's underwater world at a gorge


Temptation of the beautiful abyssal

Why am I such a bitch when it comes to diving?
Why can I not start my work when my TV has thousands of fishes swimming in it?

*sob sob*

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My physiology lecture tonight was almost hell

Biochemistry is something I have NOT touched for 6 years
& now I have to learn all those synthesis & formation
Molecules, ions & whatever are all appearing

*plucks hair*

As I was trying to understand the general theory behind it
The classmate beside me kept asking me questions
I also 'half bucket of water'
How to explain to her worrrrrrrrrrrrrr~

Unlike my 'Conservation & Management' lecture which I already had background in it

But I cant drop my Physiology coz my research topic involves this

I just have to study hard!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I hate people who said things that are not true
This people are worse than liars
At least the guilt of lying still remains in the liars
Those people push guilt to innocents, getting scapegoats for their lies

In chinese, there's an idiom
'Lie with open eyes'
(Zheng da yan jing shuo xia hua)

I have to defend myself
I dont like people putting unneccessary false statements on me
I dont like to be scapegoats for something which I am innocent of

On that day of debate
I shall end my job

Monday, January 14, 2008

Happening worrrr

I just came back from supper
Witnessed a fight at the coffeeshop
Young vs Old

Old man said something stupid that offended the young guy
& the young guy not happy & asked if he wanna fight
Old man stupidly agreed

Then flying chairs, flying helmet, flying glass bottles, flying utensils

& the old man got stabbed at his face by a fork

But the old man didnt retaliate much
He just let the young man fight

What a scene

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sometimes I hate DarDar very much
But sometimes I also adore him very much

He hasnt been abandoning me for his activities
(& I hope it stays this way forever)
& spent time with me
So I brought him to this cafe for a little surprise
Sizzling hot-plate brownie!
Read the review & many thumbs-up
So I ordered without hesitation for him

He loves it!
So do I, even I dont really like dessert
The brownie is soft & ice-cream is smooth
Really worth a try

& today
While I was window-shopping at Cineleisure while DarDar went for his interview
I bought this little piglet for him
Very cute right?

When I saw it at the shop
I laughed out loud
Coz it looks so much like DarDar

Luckily there's no one beside me
If not they think I crazy

I havent really got a name for the piglet
& it's so fun fooling it around with DarDar
coz it walks on 2 legs!


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I am very very very excited!

ADEX 2008 is back in April!

Cant wait to go diving again!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I just cant get it out of my head

I'm fully traumatised

Monday, January 07, 2008

First day of school
Full of registration
& staffs are stupid

When I went to collect my student pass
Everyone was busy
So I just stood there waiting for assistance
One of the staffs saw me
Didnt greet me
But walked towards my direction

I thought she was walking to the door
Which is just behind me

& then she stopped next to me
Asked me what I want

I guess she could have greet me & stopped at the counter before me

Prof introduced me to most of the other professors
Whom I would be assisting them during their practicals & tutorials

I then went the library to register my account
& then to the computer lab
At the service counter
The lady at the computer lab asked me what I want
I said:"I was told to come here to register as I'm a new student"
She: So what do you want?"
I: "I donno what you wanna do coz I'm only told to come here for registration"

After some stupid conversation
She told me that I only need to login the system
Then she said she helped me check
& she told me my information is not in the system

I:"Well, that's what I'm trying to tell you. I'm new here & I am to register"
She:" Oh.. seems like your particulars are not in our system. Dont worry, you're not the only one.."

Hur hur

Few hours later
Someone called
"Hello, this is the library calling. Just now your access got problem right?"
I:"Huh? The person at the library told me no problem ah.. but that from the computer lab got"
She:"Oh, someone called you to tell you no problem already?"
I:" no one called me. My library access is fine"
She:"So you can login now?"
I:"Wait wait... library & computer lab is 2 different access system... correct?"
I:"& you're calling from the computer lab, are you?"
She:"Yes yes.."



Saturday, January 05, 2008

I left a voice message for the person who had been trying to contact me
I am still interested
But now I have another commitment

I told them I'd waited for them for 6 months
I told them I'm pursuing my Masters now
I told them to keep me in the loop until 2 years later
They agreed

I hope they promised

Next time
I have to write in 1 year in advance

There goes my only chance that I'd waited for 2 years
If I didnt decide to study & still slack my ass off
I could have take up the chance


Then again
I hope it's not a bad choice that I'd made
Nor another dead-end path that I'll be taking

It will be a new route to bigger opportunity

Must tell myself
I'm en route success

Friday, January 04, 2008


It's a job application that I'd sent in May
In their reply
They said 'We will get back to you as soon as we can'

& I waited 6 months for it

I am only 2 days away from school

A job which I'd always dreamt about working

Now I'm gonna have another sleepless night again
Today is 'Stupid Day'

The rain drizzled abit
then stopped
drizzled abit
& stopped again
Davis & I wanna go out to the jetty
But was delayed by the rain
Sick of it fooling us
We went ahead
When we were on the way back
Heavy downpour


Handphone lent to friend to use
Whole day handphone-free
DarDar notified me that I have an interview in Malaysia
Said my brother recieved call at home
Asked for the name of company
Who to contact
It was not stated

Huh, how am I supposed to know what it is?
I didnt intend to work since I'd decided to study

Head for Farmart for dinner
Damn full

Back home
I looked at the note that Brother left for me
No head no tail
Just told me to call back
Yah... call who at where?
Asked him what time the person called
He said 3pm

& I was only notified by DarDar at 6pm

I scolded him
Why didnt he notify me

'I dont want to waste my time on your issue'


'You lanjiao... A lot of time wasted meh? You whole day play computer. Phone just beside you & you dont bother to call me!!!!!!!'

'I already not bad liao... help you take note'


I cant imagine such stupid people
What is waste time?
Ask him be receptionist the company sure die liao
Ask him be secretary also die
Notes all no head no tail

I just cannot stand stupid people

Thursday, January 03, 2008

It just popped out in my mind

I always walked pass 'Goldfish Street' after school when I was in Hong Kong
The sight of fishes relaxed me from stress
& I usually go there alone
Mingling with smelly men in the shop admiring the fishes

I thought:'It is very beautiful. I wanna get one when I have a home'

When I came back Singapore
Joined WIldFilms
Involved myself with environmental conservation voluntary groups
I realised that what I'd seen on the street are seen on the shore
Plus my new sport - Diving - allowed me to almost touch them naturally
"You think you really can touch me meh?"

I went to help out my friend who is working in the aquarium trade
It was just an excursion where I just wanna spend my time knowing new things before school pack me with notes
I was introduced at the farm
Understanding abit how the aquarium trade works
& I am pretty sad about it
& all thanks to Disney's film - Nemo

That day had a large import of anemonefish
It looked cute, really
But it had more than hundreds
I was told they came from Australia

Huh? Aussie?
But isnt Aussie very environmentally concern on conservation?
Friend told me they are captive bred
I stopped asking & kept quiet in doubt

I looked around the tanks where corals are kept
Nice bunch but not in the tank
I still prefer it in the water
Just then
A van came
The driver carried 2 big boxes of corals
Boss looked in it for a while & handed him some cash

Friend pulled me aside & told me it was an illegal deal
She hates that man who keeps bringing illegally dug corals to workplace & also hates her boss for doing such a deal
Instead of demand & supply
It is supply & acceptance

I quickly told friend that we could do something about it
Like reporting to AVA or sorts
But she said it will be a very difficult position to do so

I realised what she meant
It's her job

When there's no sale, there's no income
When there's no stock, there's no sale
When there's no supply, there's no stock
When there's no provider, there's no supply

It's a vicous cycle
I bet she is also feeling kinda guilty earning money from such means

I guess it's an ethical issue
We all want to save the environment
We raised public awareness so more people know what we are losing
But greed stole their mindset away & wanting to own it
Thus leading to a growth of aquarium trade

Although authorites are there to approve import & export of trade
The reinforcement is not strong

Let's skip to the recent issue - development of natural park
When I read that headline
I was like 'Hur?'
A natural landscape was turned into an urban area & now turning it back to natural park?

Do you know that restoration takes years?
Probably decades
& in the first place
Who was there to assess what animal species were present before it was scrapped?
Who was there to assess what tree species?
Who was there to assess if it's a primary or secondary forest?
Who was there to assess the density of animal present?

When a place that had changed is to be transformed back to original
It will never happen at its ease

We, humans, had been taking nature for granted
Remember how we love to camp in the forest on dirt & grass?
Now we sleep in tent that sits on concrete ground

I cant think of how Earth will be like in another few years
The rate of destruction is faster than anyone could predict
When Al Gore showed 'The inconvenient truth'
No one believes him
When global warming occurs
Scientist said human is not the cause
When Yangtze River dolphin extinct
We realised it's happening in front of our eyes
When polar bears are struggling to stay on ice

I just visited a fish forum
So funny I giggled
The people were discussing about captive breeding
& one person spoke
"Let's ask Disney what fish film they're gonna produce soon"

I think that's a very good idea
When Nemo showed
Anemonefish trade increased
But how come I dont see it happening when Lion King showed?

I didnt regret that I'd chosen my Bachelor course
Although it was pretty 'cold' (i.e not a hot topic in society)
& making me demoralised at times for not getting a perfect dream job
It allowed me to understand what is going on behind the curtains
& made me more determined to shoot those idiots down

I told my friend that I want to open an environmental consultancy firm when I finished my Masters
I told my friend that I cant stand seeing beautiful corals in the aquarium which are actually chizeled from rocks and sold illegally
I told my friend that I hate fish dealers who just sell fish for money
I told my friend that I cant understand how government can allow environment impacting development just by browsing the EIA, which are not even revealed to the public
I told my friend that I also cant understand why we're forbided to comment on unagreeable points
I told my friend that I dont even notice what mitigation plans they had prior to operation
I told my friend that saving corals at Labrador Park need not put artifical growth platforms that squash corals underneath

I still remember seeing a baby chinese sturgeon packed in plastic bag hanging for sale
Chinese sturgeon - CITES endangered species in China, spawned once every 30 years
I hesitated to notify AFCD
One month later
Someone reported

I guess
Knowing the truth is easy
But telling the truth is hard

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I did something new for the New Year 2008

I ate Burger King breakfast for the first time in my 24 years!!!!

I shall try Long John's breakfast next time

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

3 hours ago
It was 2007
2 hours 59 mins & 59 seconds ago
It was 2008

Happy New Year?

I spent my eve rather ... indecisively
Maybe coz the New Year's atmosphere is not as strong as previous
I was working
So I guess I'd missed out alot of celebrations like those at Sentosa?
But nevermind about that

I went to watch movie with Ashley
The Warlords
From the beginning till the end of the show
It was all about killing
Mainly stressing how one become successful by betraying brotherhood

Cant really catch the storyline
But I wouldnt say it's a good nor a bad show
So much for the blood scene today

After work
I rushed down to Holland Village to meet Nafe & Todd
Todd stole the decoration from the Xmas tree behind Nafe & played it like he's Dragonball
Buddy Power!
Frankly speaking
It'd been an year since we last met
I missed them sooooooooooo much

We counted down together
Didnt really went '5.. 4..3..2..1'
But sorta like
'Oh. 12am le. Happy New Year' *shakes hand*


Whatever la
We all hope to earn BIG money

After a short while
We went to have supper at Mac
I dont think we look funny
But everyone in Mac were looking at us
Either people think that Nafe is too handsome
Todd too artistic
Me too beautiful *BWHAHAAHHAHAAHHA*
Or there's something white behind us


Happy 2008!