Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Played the first half of the day as part of my work
Be serious for 1.5 hours needed for a change of future
Nua-ed the rest of my day watching TV
Starved 3/4 of the day as part of my diet plan & also plain laziness
Torn my DarDar's short being mischevious to grab him while he's leaving the sofa
Repeating calls to ScubaConnection which never pick up to enquire my recreational plans
Surfing internet like whichever night I'm free to do so

I'd done everything for today
Now for the weekends

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I managed to finish a very important task today
ALL by today
& I was so busy today
That I missed my lunch

If I can always miss my lunch every day
I'm sure I'll slim down by 5kg within 2 weeks
That's what I did when I was in HK

I hope nothing goes wrong
Coz I wont be in the office tomorrow
& deadline is tomorrow!


My DarDar is staring at me
Want me go sleep now

Bonne nuit!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Shopping on Sunday!
Plus firework display

Dont feel like going to work tomorrow...
I was damn angry just now at work

One Malay patient came in
& his mum wrote me the name
But I couldnt find the name off the system
So I called the name
She never said anything
& I asked if that was the correct spelling
She didnt reply me
& insisted she came yesterday

Yes... but there were 30 people who came yesterday!

I asked her if the name is spelt as what she has written or that as in system
She bo chup me!
Then I asked her where she stays
She also didnt reply me!

I was so pissed that I just took out the casenote of the patient's whose name looks most matching
& said to my colleague in chinese
"I think is this one. Ask her name never reply, ask her where she stays also donno"
Then she replied
"You cannot say like this. Maybe I forget..."

I didnt talk to her much either
I could have explain the importance of retrieving correct casenote of the patient
and also the need to ensure all particulars to be updated
But I just didnt bother

I hate to be ignored
Coz I think I've enough for being treated like a fool from Monday to Friday
& that's why I'm damn pissed on this Saturday non-working day

All to begin with is...
She is so wrong!
Her handwriting sucks & all the alphabet joined up to form another name
& because of this
I couldnt find it off the system
I called the patient using the name she gave
She responded to me
So I thought it's the correct name
Then I told her I couldnt find
Just wanna confirm the spelling
She ignored me
The closest match to the name she gave me & that in system is of different spelling
I asked her where she stays
She said she didnt know
& just claimed that she came yesterday
30+ people came yesterday
Which is you?
When I found it and made the comments
It was plain 'suay' that she understands chinese
If you could provide the IC number
Which was not recorded in the system neither!

The 3 major important info were all lacking
Name, IC & Address
Plus the attitude
I so wanna slap her right in the face for not answering to me in the first place
IF she could just let me know
Rectify the error in the system
Everything is just solved

Stupid people

Saturday, February 24, 2007

I woke up early to Chek Jawa this morning
Long time never been there

Met 2 new groups of people
Means I have 2 new groups of friends!

The construction of the boardwalk at Chek Jawa is undergoing
& it's made of concrete
Which I personally think it's kinda look weird to be blended with the nature

How long have I not touched & scrutinise any of you

Shrimps... trying very hard to focus underwater
Trying to be artistic with my lovely barnacles..HeeheeThousands of seahares all over Chek Jawa

Looks cute when you have just one, but not a bunch

A sole half-buried in the sand

& Blah blah blah

Go read my entry at WildFilms blog

We left at about 12 noon
& saw his crab spider still waiting for its prey since yesterday
Poor guy

Back mainland
We had Yu-Sheng

This is my third time having Yu-Sheng this Chinese New Year
& if I still get good luck & wealth this year despite the 3 Yu-Sheng lao-ed
I really wanna go 'pong pia'

My weekends are already booked
I'm going diving! I'm going diving!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Stupid mosquito

Kana bitten during sleep at DarDar's house
Now my face has 5 bites
2 are on my eyelids

I look like this all the time
coz eyes cant open


DarDar & I played 'toot toot'
I think DarDar is toot-er

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The dive accident
Shocked me
The first question that came to my mind was
"Where was the dive instructor?"

It was said that the poor guy was having his open water course at Pulau Hantu
He went missing at his third dives
Cause of death given: Empty tank that forbid him to float

I went Pulau Hantu last year
It was really murky
Chay Hoon & I stuck to each other with our dear life
Although Chay Hoon has lotsa Hantu dive experience
I guess it's still as dangerous as it is even whoever thousand has dives

How can the cause of death be 'empty tank'?
Shouldnt the dive instructor be aware and prepare of all equipments before going down?
Why the floating issue when air tank's main purpose is not even to float?

The whole newspaper article kept repeating that the guy went missing
Couldnt resurface
& body was found by a public member

Points to ponder
- What was the dive instructor doing?
- Why didnt he search for the lost boy?
- Why didnt anyone report bt the missing boy on the same day to the police & only made known to the whole Singapore 4 days later?
- Where was the dive instructor?
- How can he leave the site and pretended nothing happened?

I was very disappointed with the dive instructor
I hope it's not someone I know

I feel sad that it happened on New Year's Eve
When everyone is feeling warm having reunion meal together
This particular family lost their son
Who has a strong determination and will in achieving his aim
Which is to be a Dive Instructor

Although it looks easy
& happy to enjoy the beautiful underwater envionment
It is not what you think it is if it isnt learnt correctly
Partly being the environmental factor at fault too

Diving doesnt call itself 'Extreme Sport' for nothing
Happy hour!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My DarDar is back from Malaysiaaaaaa~~~

He came to fetch me to visit his grand-aunt's house
& then go Sembawang meet someone
& then back his cousin's house
& spent the evening with his family

Another slack day~

Tomorrow must go work

Sunday, February 18, 2007

What about my Chinese New Year?


My dad went to work
My mum watched TV
My bro surfed net
DarDar not in Singapore
I only woke up at 1030am

Only went out to visit my Mum's friend at noon
Got 1 ang bao
& returned home
Rot the rest of my day


But it's sorta like an annual routine
I'm used to it

I hate festivals
Coz there's nothing for me to do

Like Valentine's Day?
It's supposed to be a celebration day for couples
I didnt spend any special Valentine's Day for the past 10 sensible years
This year neither, but at least I'm appreciated

Chinese New Year
All the years I'd been spending in Singapore
No relatives no friends
Stop visiting when I left for Hong Kong
& in Hong Kong
It sucks too
Coz I have so many relatives that I have to visit on behalf of my family
Ang Bao also didnt get alot
What for?

Christmas still not bad
But last year i spent it with my 2 lonely friends
Pretty last minute
But we both past the night together
Watching idiots spraying foams on one another & hearing molest cases the next day

Didnt even bother to celebrate
Why are you happy when you're one step closer to Heaven?
I hate people who had fun & joy at birthday parties
Coz I'm just plain jealous I didnt have the chance to celebrate
My 18th & 21st birthday were spent in HK
All I had was cakes
My Mum forgot bt my birthday
We cried over the phone

Oh whatever

DarDar wanna bring me along to visit his relative
Abit... 'huh'
No mood leh
Donno wear what leh
Donno whatta say leh
Lemme just rot for another day, can?

So much for the Chinese New Year mood yesterday
Glad we enjoyed

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Yet another damn full meal
My whole family is complaining they're too full!
Hungry also complain
Full also complain
Seems like they'd fully evolved into typical Singaporean


Oh anyway
I just returned from my reunion dinner
As far as I could remember
This is our 1st time eating out for as long as we had been staying in Singapore
We had buffet dinner at Quality Hotel

Ate half way
Got Lion Dance at the lobby wor~~

Mum wanna take pic with the Lion
& after that
The Lion ran towards me
& 'bit' my leg

I went back to the cafe to have meal
Then the Lion came in
& sat beside me

& then 'bit' my head

My Mum said he's a tiko Lion
Simply implying the person inside is tiko lo!!!

The Lion then played prank on me & stole my Mum's handbag from behind
I snatched it back
& then he ran round the cafe
& ka jiao the other people

My first time so near the Lion
& first time to see such a playful Lion

Not bad for this year's New Year's Eve
I feel happy that my family is happy

Wishing everyone a Happy Lunar New Year!

I'm still full from last night's reunion dinner with DarDar's family
Alot of food wor~
Catered buffet + home-made Yu-Sheng + Abalone soup + dessert
So full that I almost couldnt walk

My abalone big right?
DarDar still go & put 3 abalones in my bowl
So much that I was still drinking soup when everyone was eating orh-nee

Have to go gym next next week liao

Tonight I'm having buffet with my own family!

Friday, February 16, 2007

I just got back from driving
I think got 4 months never drive
Should consider lucky I still remember how to drive

I was driving along the expressway when I realised I forgot to bring my driving license out
Ji tao traumatised
& I didnt dare to drive home


Donno why everytime drive always got funny incident happen
Last time forgot on headlight
The other time took 10mins to park
This time never bring wallet


But hey!
I know how to park le~~~~
I tried Jas' method & it worked!
Other than I couldnt figure out which side I should turn my steering as I reverse
Ok lah Not bad
Now I shall continue to wait for my car


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Busy day

Spent the first few hours tidying up the loose & messy documents
And was called into Boss's room to discuss some issues for 10 mins
Make me late for lunch!!

I was supposed to meet Jas for lunch at her office at 12pm
Cab reached at 1210pm
Although the uncle still can ask me
"I drive fast or not? Scare or not?"
I wanted to reply
"No la.. I drive faster than you"


I need to go over to attend a meeting & get something from her office
So we had a quick lunch
& then headed to my venue

My first business trip

Which I'm anticipating very much in my near future should I decide to expose myself to the outside world
& I hope I'm ready for it

Because Jas's office is in one of the buildings of the compound
I had to walk around searching for my venue
& although I was following the signages
I still got lost!

How bloodily 'useful'

Not bad la
At least can jiak zua for a few hours outta office

Call it good or bad
I had a feeling that my Boss wanna 'develop' me
She expanded my port-folio
Which I'm not so confident with

We shall see.........

How did you spend your Valentine's Day?
I didnt spend it
Coz DarDar not free
No flower, no chocolates, no typical Valentine's Day gift
But this time round
I'm spending it with a status

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I donno if I did the right thing
My friend encouraged me
My good colleage encouraged me
My fiance encouraged me
& so I did

Donno how the outcome will be
Better or worse?

I had done it

My colleague told me since it'd already been the worst scenario
Just pour it out

As I went through the discussion
It doesnt seem to be on my side
But at least a clear picture of how my feelings are are out


Die means die
How many 'Die' have I said since my New Year started?

It got worse after I returned from my long leave

Cant wait for my dives to cheer me up

Monday, February 12, 2007

My Mum will kill me if she knows I placed Koko to run on a 'threadmill' in our basin

I really got fever
Thought I could keng a MC
But Dr Chow insisted I take MC
Coz he said 'Fever must have MC'

I wonder why...

My brains are frying

Back in office
I could have possibly guessed what they're doing
Back-stab me like no one's business
Even my pregnant colleague sitting beside me is stronger than me

It seems like my body is degenerating
When I though I'm alright I went to exercise
Only to feel sick coz of incubated viral infection
So I stopped to exercise to recuperate
& I didnt got any better
Coz I think I didnt exercise to make myself fit


Leaving in 5 months time
Fuck care la

Sunday, February 11, 2007

DarDar made me cried my soul out for 2 hours
But I fell asleep after that

DarDar kissed me awake in the morning
I was as sloggish as a rotting octopus
He woke me up to make me pack my whole room for the Chinese New Year

He made me check through every corners
& every plastic bags making sure everything is sorted out
Wanted or Not Wanted
Until I found a dead, decomposed, dried lizard in one of the bag
I freaked the hell out so badly that my hair stood on its very high ends
& declared 'Surrendered' for my mission

I sat on my bed refusing to clear my things
But I was cleaning my tarnished silver accessories
DarDar looked at me & said
"You very free hor?"
& he continued to pack my room

I'd made a new ear-ring stand outta styro-foam!

So good to have a house-husband next time

After 4 hours

*claps claps claps*

My nose kept running for the whole day
& I think I'm having fever...

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Today was kinda busy for me
Just a few more minutes to hit twelve

Woke up not long
& Isaac kept wanting me to carry him to see baby Elmo & Cookie

I went to Bugis to meet that Mr to return his handphone
All he told me bt his description is that
"I'm wearing sunglasses"
I looked around
God damn there were tens wearing sunglasses


But in the end
Met him & returned the phone to him
He smiled so happily that his lips stretched from one side to another
& he gave me 2 magazines as a gesture of appreciation

First thing it came to my mind was
"Confirm those girly girly magazines"
& indeed....
So pink somemore!

Those mags cost $10+ each!
What the fuck! So ex!
But I gave those mag to DarDar's aunt to read

After that
We went to baibai
DarDar's second TP is this coming Thurday
This is when superstition comes in

The street was decorated with lotsa plants

Had dinner at Crystal Jade with my parents
& BBQ with Kee & gangs

Long time never meet them
Felt abit weird
Donno whatta talk to them
Felt so left out
Somemore Tisa not around

I don like to talk to girly-girls
& too bad that night there's a bunch of it
I almost died of boredom
Ask me if her hair is nice all sorts of thing
I'll just reply
"I donno a damn coz I have no long hair to mingle with"

I just got back from St James Power Station~

My second time there
1st time with Jack & Yi Ping loitering outside the station
And then decided to eat Frog's Leg porridge at Geylang instead

This time
I was there with my beautiful sisters~

Ashley's back from Aussie
Miss this girl
She bought me 'tie dan' too~

Oh anyway
St James Power Station is just another big pub consisting of several small pubs
Dragonfly, Power House, Gallery Bar, Tiger Gallery & something pub

You know ah
While we're queuing to enter Dragonfly
The stupid bouncer at the gate asked
"Are you pregnant?"
I exclaimed "NO!" & laughed my way in
I was wearing a tube dress only mah...

Pictures =)

The people mainly consisted of 30-40 yrs old group age
& all just stood there to listen to music as they pop their drinks
So stone
Even the highly-rocking latino heat did not swayed the people either
*slaps forehead*

While we were leaving Dragonfly
We found a handphone
Lil Evil Cyn & Lil Angel Cyn were debating to return or not to return
& in the end
Lil Angel Cyn won

The panicky man called back when I'd already reached home
His friends called the phone but I rejected
That was when Lil Evil Cyn was being a busy-body
But hell knows what he called for
So I dont care

Then Lil Evil Jas, Lil Evil Ash went to browse his SMSes & photos..


I reached home at around 2am
Still got energy to watch 'Hostage' with DarDar on his SmartTV

Not bad for a girls' night out
We shall try somewhere else the next time