Monday, May 31, 2010

I was so worried for the past few nights
& I couldnt sleep last night
Because I fear that my snails needed for my research would be gone due to the oil spill

My mind kept having images of ugly oil slick clinging on the rock surface
& I could imagine the sad look of my snails being covered by the oil
Trying to hang onto the slippery rock surface with their foot to prevent dislodgement
Not sure if these are so-called hallucinations
All sorts of animated images just kept forming clouds above my head
But when I reached Chek Jawa this morning at 7am
I realised that
I'd over-imagined all these
Chek Jawa was not what I expected as it being ugly!
It is C L E A N
Seems like we have visitors!

Beautiful sunrise

Creatures out to say 'Hello!'

& here are my snails!

Another visitor!
These feeding trails were found at the coral rubble
These were widely stretched across to approximately 10m
& what does it tell us?
Either 1 or several dugongs came to feed at Chek Jawa despite the oil spill
Chek Jawa is healthy
Healthy enough to support life for these shy fellows!

It is a nice day to know all these good news

The small part of Chek Jawa which was exposed to the oil spill has already been under control
The buoy set up had successfully blocked out the floating oil layer
& the shores now (as of 31 May 2010) look so clean that as if the oil spill incident had never taken place
The stench of the oil, however, still lingers in the air

Thanks to the Nparks (Ubin) staff & all volunteers who helped in the beach cleaning
Without you guys helping
Chek Jawa may not have returned to its original appearance, as of 4 days ago, at this rate

I think
I can sleep tight tonight

Sunday, May 30, 2010

My biggest fear had arrived
The oil slick had reached Chek Jawa

The first thing that came to my mind
My littorinids


This incident has totally screwed up my whole year's plan
It will probably screw my other plans as well
Including returning HK for 2 months to do the protein analysis

I'm not so sure about how much impact can cause my snails
But physiology wise
I hope it doesnt cause any acute changes since I'm studying the physiology

It just hit the shore on Friday
I hope the snails can tolerate till tomorrow for me to rescue them

Like I'd said in the beginning
2010 is not a good year

SO many things happened that were not letting me sail my life smoothly

Very sad

Je suis tres triste!
I almost killed myself
I spent like around $300+ today

After DarDar & I went to Bluebay to get our photo frame fixed
We went to have a snack at MOF
Not bad
Food quality up to standard

After that we then went to Novena
since we made reservation to have wagyu beef buffet at Yakiniku Daidomon at 630pm
But we were early
So we shopped!!!

Bought a new toy at Toy R' Us
I'm rearing Triops!
Wonder where they even find these eggs
& wonder why they're selling them as pets instead of preserving them for conservation purpose
since they are from Triassic period

We headed to the restaurant

The buffet was nice
We ate for 2.5hours & we whacked almost all the wagyu beef dishes
We also had some seafood & sashimi
But since we were paying $88++ per pax for the buffet
For the high quality WAGYU BEEF
So we turned extreme carnivourous

What I liked about this buffet is
The staff are friendly
& very pro-active in changing the burnt pan for us
& for dessert
They had mango & mixed berry ice cream
& DarDar said it's Bulla's


We were too full of beef
That we skipped dessert

The bill came up to a total of SGD209.51

After that
To ease indigestion
We went shopping at Mustafa
We walked from Tekka mall
Passing by shops that fascinated me
I always know Little India has something wonderful to experience
& I just got to know there is a damn grand posh Indian restaurant that looks like a palace

Upon reaching Mustafa
We looked at pens, washing machine, TV, cameras...
& in the end
Bought a new hair dryer which comes with Ion shine

& I donno why I bought the hair dryer =\

We headed home
Walked all the way out again
& finally home sweet home

Legs were sore
& it was DarDar who complaint


So here's to the night!

Friday, May 28, 2010

I think I need to have my palm read
I dont care about what will happen
I only care about how to handle

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Feeling feverish
DarDar told me to pop Panadol
Popping Swallowing pills is never one of my talented skills

I escaped from his nags by running out of the room & left him fell asleep again
Yes, at 1030am

I'm still hesitating to go school or not
Still need to work on my experiment
Foresee that it's gonna last for another week
Since I have 12 individuals of both species with me
But today
I think I'm taking 'fever' as an excuse to not go school

I will go school tomorrow on a Public Holiday?

Lionel advised me to go for a holiday
A break from everything
Since the accumulated & accumulating stress in April
I've yet relaxed
& unloaded them off the brains

Honeymoon, 1 month later
Dive trip, 2 weeks later

Seems like I still have to struggle abit more to rest

Wednesday, May 26, 2010



Monday, May 24, 2010








Sunday, May 23, 2010

I kept thinking....
Something was not right

Why did I even allow it to happen?
Who is she anyway?

I am pissed
Very pissed

Dumb blonde?
Or too smart?

Survival of the fittest
& I am going to win
I bet we're one funny couple
We didnt plan for our honeymoon
For the first time
I'm not planning a trip!! -_-

Donno where to go
Donno when to go


We'd kinda planned it to a better weekend
Since all prices are high over the long Vesak Day weekend
Which means I'll have to wait for 1 month for that!

Oh well
Not such a bad thing either
Meanwhile I'm filling the weekends with work & more work
Boss is pushing me for my manuscripts! >_<

Luckily I had booked a dive trip to Tioman with my lovely friends

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The day finally passed
All the worries had too begone
It was indeed a nerve-whacking day
Fearing every minute will be screwed



Thanks to everyone who'd offered help
Love my 'sisters' <3

Meanwhile still waiting for the official wedding photos taken by John & Justina
Here's one fun pic taken with my furry boys >_<

& I love my new bed so much
So comfy


Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'd finally finished packing my room
Thank godness

I've been sleeping late recently
I hope my eye bags are not gonna show!!!


Thursday, May 13, 2010


Didnt realised I'm not been updating for this long

Been busy

Although I still have time surfing Facebook & other sites
It's only a few minutes break on DarDar's iPhone

We're still left with some last minute things to complete the procedures

Oh well
Just wait & hope for the best

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I think

I'd spent approximately SGD230+ on bags today

Had 4 bags ordered online
Bought 5 bags (with magazines) from Kinokuniya

Still have another 1 directly from UK which I'd ordered last month


Slept at 3am
But woke up at 830am

My eyes felt swollen
But my mind is totally sane
No signs of giddiness from the short sleep

Something is wrong


Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I think
What is really troubling me right now
Is not my wedding

but the series of activities I'd planned to do after the big day
Personal & academic

I hope to get our personal plans done asap
coz DarDar's grandpa has been waiting for the moment to come all along
& to achieve this
I originally plan to postpone my experiments in HK to next year
Meanwhile scribbling as many manuscripts as possible for publications


After a chat with my boss
& a short note from DarDar

I'm gonna have it re-planned

I guess I will be going to HK first
& come back to accomplish my personal plans

Abit disappointing
But I realised it's only another 2 months delay
Instead of the original plan of 1 year delay

I hope I can settle everything within 2 months!
& hope things to go smoothly

Bless me!!

Sunday, May 02, 2010