Thursday, May 27, 2010

Feeling feverish
DarDar told me to pop Panadol
Popping Swallowing pills is never one of my talented skills

I escaped from his nags by running out of the room & left him fell asleep again
Yes, at 1030am

I'm still hesitating to go school or not
Still need to work on my experiment
Foresee that it's gonna last for another week
Since I have 12 individuals of both species with me
But today
I think I'm taking 'fever' as an excuse to not go school

I will go school tomorrow on a Public Holiday?

Lionel advised me to go for a holiday
A break from everything
Since the accumulated & accumulating stress in April
I've yet relaxed
& unloaded them off the brains

Honeymoon, 1 month later
Dive trip, 2 weeks later

Seems like I still have to struggle abit more to rest

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