Monday, May 31, 2010

I was so worried for the past few nights
& I couldnt sleep last night
Because I fear that my snails needed for my research would be gone due to the oil spill

My mind kept having images of ugly oil slick clinging on the rock surface
& I could imagine the sad look of my snails being covered by the oil
Trying to hang onto the slippery rock surface with their foot to prevent dislodgement
Not sure if these are so-called hallucinations
All sorts of animated images just kept forming clouds above my head
But when I reached Chek Jawa this morning at 7am
I realised that
I'd over-imagined all these
Chek Jawa was not what I expected as it being ugly!
It is C L E A N
Seems like we have visitors!

Beautiful sunrise

Creatures out to say 'Hello!'

& here are my snails!

Another visitor!
These feeding trails were found at the coral rubble
These were widely stretched across to approximately 10m
& what does it tell us?
Either 1 or several dugongs came to feed at Chek Jawa despite the oil spill
Chek Jawa is healthy
Healthy enough to support life for these shy fellows!

It is a nice day to know all these good news

The small part of Chek Jawa which was exposed to the oil spill has already been under control
The buoy set up had successfully blocked out the floating oil layer
& the shores now (as of 31 May 2010) look so clean that as if the oil spill incident had never taken place
The stench of the oil, however, still lingers in the air

Thanks to the Nparks (Ubin) staff & all volunteers who helped in the beach cleaning
Without you guys helping
Chek Jawa may not have returned to its original appearance, as of 4 days ago, at this rate

I think
I can sleep tight tonight

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