Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I think
What is really troubling me right now
Is not my wedding

but the series of activities I'd planned to do after the big day
Personal & academic

I hope to get our personal plans done asap
coz DarDar's grandpa has been waiting for the moment to come all along
& to achieve this
I originally plan to postpone my experiments in HK to next year
Meanwhile scribbling as many manuscripts as possible for publications


After a chat with my boss
& a short note from DarDar

I'm gonna have it re-planned

I guess I will be going to HK first
& come back to accomplish my personal plans

Abit disappointing
But I realised it's only another 2 months delay
Instead of the original plan of 1 year delay

I hope I can settle everything within 2 months!
& hope things to go smoothly

Bless me!!

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