Thursday, December 21, 2006

I forgot to set alarm clock this morning
& thus was late for work


I'm in the airport now
DarDar is beside me
Asking "what are you doing?"


Ok ok la
Go in liao
Bye byeeeeee

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I had a bad morning today
Koko escaped from cage
& I spent half an hour to search for it
But then coz have to go work
So couldnt find

My stupid brother said he had heard noises
but dont dare go take a look
& didnt wanna help me find somemore
Ask me to give up

What the fuck

At work
Went to clarify something with the Department secretary
& the secretary brought me to speak to the Deputy Head
& cb
Kana suan by him
which offended me alot
I so wanna slap him
I asked if he has documentations for the records
He said No
& that all along no one had asked about it
So why now ask?
& he said I have a blur look
I replied I am thinking bt the contradiction mentioned
Then he turned to the secretary & asked if how do they know bt the records
The secretary said that the external society sent them a list to notify them
& so I replied
"That is the documentation LOH!"
Both of them kept quiet

Suan me loh!!
& now who's wrong?
Stupid assssssssshole
Deputy head knows nothing!
At least I have a so-claimed-blur look but I know what is happening!

Everyone in the office are giving chocolate as Xmas gift
I never like chocolate
& What's great is
The manager of the department that I'm in charge of gave me a white-choco-strawberry from Korea
I think that's the only chocolate that I'll munch on

After work
I headed to Hard Rock Cafe for FINS Diver's Nite
Meet my diver friends =)
& Dardar & I had dinner
This is only the appetitizer

FINS gave away 10 dive trips
& my lucky colleague won
DarDar & I tried for the 10 chances but couldnt
Somemore my another friend won a 1-year subscription of FINS magazine
Oh man... so jealous

We have free housepours too
Had Bourbon & Vodka
& a 20% off for dine-in

Mum called to tell me Koko was found in my brother's roon
What the hell
My brother & Koko are in the same room
& my stupid brother didnt bother to search for it

But anyhow
My mood brightens =)

Now at DarDar's house celebrating his sister's birthday
Gonna have ice-cream cake

I'm flying off Hong Kong tomorrow
See you people in the New Year

I mean it
I'll only be back in 2007
Love you peeps

Sunday, December 17, 2006

What a day...

It was cloudy and then rainy and then sunny within that 6 hours
& luckily it didnt affect my mood to dive

1st time diving with Ivy
& glad Chay Hoon came along
It's just been so long since we last met each other
Ever since our WildFilms trips

My 1st time diving in Pulau Hantu
& also 1st time using my new camera with its underwater casing

My 1st dive was good (?)
I always use 2 weights to descend
But this time I could not at all!!
I wondered and got damn frustrated
& then I tasted the water

What the fuck
It is so saline!!

Chay Hoon pulled me down nonetheless
& my stupid equalization gave me problems as usual
But soon we hit off for the dive

Visibility was bad
Only about 3m...
At certain parts
Current swept and the visibility seemed worse

Found several creatures

This allied cowrie (pointed) is found by Chay Hoon whom we always claim that she has microscopic eyes

After a half-hour surface interval
We headed for our 2nd dive
& stupid me
I accidentally kicked my fins into the water while exiting
& 4 people helped to search for my fins
I damn pai-seh sia...
But Thank you everyone

Visibility was worse this time
Could really hardly see
It's like you're gonna almost hit the wall when you're only 30cm in front of it
At times
Chay Hoon & I had to stop to wait till the silt settle before moving off

Current was strong too
But still managable

Had to surface coz Chay Hoon was low on air
& it sorta feels good to have perfect clear vision after 1 hour of murky vision

Pulau Hantu is a good challenge to test your confidence in such situation
As for me
A virgin Hantu diver
With no watch and no compass
Only with a pair of sharp eyes & alert mind
To keep Chay Hoon within my field of vision
I am proud to say that I survive my Pulau Hantu dives

Everyone had been saying this
'If you can dive in Pulau Hantu, you can dive anywhere'
& I just did

So now...


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Still got 7 days to go Hong Kong, Macau & China
DarDar is coming with me
I'll be bringing him around
So happy

Somemore his family also going
So we'll be meeting his family too

& I must take nice nice pictures!

Tomorrow am going Malaysia
I'm travelling so much!
Sunday go diving
Like very busy hor?

Next Wednesday going to FINS year-end party
Tsk tsk tsk

Gone packing

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sunday, December 10, 2006

I celebrated my very 1st minute birthday with my Honda brothers
Went to Queenstown sports club to play number ball
But I donno how to play so I went to chat with the brothers
Stayed for pretty late

& next morning DarDar came to my house with a surprise gift!
He made me a 10" cheesecake
All by himself!
I was so touched that I had tears in my eyes
Oh he sure deserves a kiss

DarDar took me out for lunch
But he didnt wanna tell me where
He said he'd made the reservation
& that I'm gonna love it
So we took a bus to town & boarded the cab
I didnt expect it much until he said 'Uncle, Shangri-La hotel'


Totally unknown about his plans
I just follow where he led me
I was damn excited to know what kinda restuarant it is
International Buffet at The Line
He surprised me further when one of the staffs handed my a damn big bouquet of tulips!
Orange tulips ok!
My favourite flowers!

My DarDar smiling cheekily after seeing me so happy

Wah I tell you
The place was damn fabulous
Very high-class
& their food was superb
Look at the seafood section behind me!
Totally fresh with scallops, crabs, oysters & prawns!
My first time eating raw oyster
The sashimi and sushi are heavenly!
They have everything ranging from Japanese food, Chinese food, Indian food, Local delights, Italian food and Mediterranean food
The Salad are just as nice too
We spent 1 hour on food and as I wanted to continue my picks
I was very tempted by the nicely-decorated desserts
I skipped directly off to the sweet-tooth section and took lotsa of them
Although I rarely eat them
Look at it man!
Two big shelves of them (another not in frame)!
How can I not be tempted?
The egg custard was damn nice!!!!!
So were the Tiramisu
& there's a large chocolate fondue for me to play with!
I made DarDar 3 Strawberry Chocolate<3
& we had dessert for another hour

This is another heavenly food
Cream of mushroom which taste damn mushroomy!
DarDar said it tastes like chocolate though...

Look at my contented look after the delicious food!

It was a damn good lunch
I so <3 my DarDar
My mood was so nice that the pictures turned out damn nice too!

Yesterday had lotsa first time
First time recieving flowers
First time eating raw oysters
First time enjoying desserts
First time eating at Shangri-La hotel
First time celebrating my birthday

Met up with Jack & his girlfriend at night at Holland Village
But I dont like Wala Wala
So we headed to Vivo City to walk walk
It was damn big
& the shops are still opened at 11pm!

Jack suggested supper
& I happened to sing that 'Geylang' song by Shirley Tan
& Jack said he wanna eat the frog-leg porridge
& off we went

Yummy! Damn yummy!
I've never eaten frog-leg before
So that adds on to my 'First time' list
Funny thing to do after the porridge
Talked about ghost stories

I had a very fun time yesterday
& I'm happy that I had alot of 'First time' yesterday
A total new experience for my 23rd year!

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes
Thanks to DarDar especially
For making me the cheesecake
For bringing me to the surprise wonderful lunch
For buying me the big big bouquet of tulips & my new camera


He made his promise to make it the most wonderful birthday ever
& he did

Muack muack

Friday, December 08, 2006

Just one more day
I'm older


Just went to discuss my new job's package
Sounds very unexpected
& now I have to decide whether I wanna take this job or not
Maybe I'm too used to enjoying benefits everywhere
& this is just not beneficial enough
My current Annual Leave entitlement is 21 days
& the new one is only 7 days
How can I go for holidays?!

Very sad

The Director had already gotten me in
Secured my position
It's still up to me to accept or not

But seriously
I donno if I can commit this much given the little benefits that I will be getting
On top of that
I will have a pay-cut
However, negotiable

Cut abit also very sad right?


Of all times
Gotta get damn vexed about this just 7 hours before my birthday

It's hard to get a job
It's even harder to get a job you like
It's even damn fucking harder to get a job you like with good benefits
Trading-off might be the solution

Willing to sacrifice?


BLah blah blah blah blah

I cant think properly now
& my eyebrow muscle hurts
Frowning too much while thinking?
or actually my brains are signaling the wrong muscle to contract?


Even my Koko didnt bother to wake up & look at me
Always sleeping under the wheel
One day
I'll just remove it

I think I shall go for a nap
While Er Ge is fetching me to WestSiders meetup later


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Melyssa is going ski-ing tmr!
Nv jio!

I'm going diving nex week
I also nv jio


ok now
we're quit

I'm so in love with Ebichu
KAWAIII LEhhhhhhhhhhhh~

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Had lunch with Garett today
My first colleague whom I can communicate
At least he doesnt talk bt how to give birth to male by eating beef

*rolls eyes*

& we talked mostly about sports

Not bad la

I haven been eating with the girls lately
It's either I have my own appointment or that I'm going to the gym
Oh yes
Body building in progress

I have like 5000 Starhub points to redeem
But nothing is good!
I think I'll just redeem $100 Haagen-Daz vouchers since I have never eaten that dairy product ever

I'm going to Hong Kong
Must relax
Amazingly alot of people are heading Hong Kong too
DarDar's family also happen to book their trip on the day as ours
My dept-in-charge are going there for training
My new boss is going there for business

Oh yes
I might be having a new job
Good bye suckers!

I'm also going for a local dive
Coz I now have an underwater case!
I'll snap snap snap if the visibility is good
Await, ok?

This weekend is my birthday
Donno why I'm treating it a special day
I even took half-day on Friday to rest
But think I'll be going MOS to use my free entry invitation

Ok I'm dead tired
Off to bed

Saturday, December 02, 2006

After that day of grumbling
It did happen

My colleague was not happy that she had to take the mess that I couldnt manage to clear due to lack of time & resources
She sent me a fucking long email demanding an explanation to me
I told her everything factual
& she was still not happy

I said that I was alone clearing this major task
Transfer all the 150plus person's documents into 150+ individual files
& she claimed that I should call that doing it alone because I had our temp staff helping me

If that's what you meant

I replied that I indeed need help in the afternoon so I can finish it off by the day
& continue doing other things related
I also said that I was totally saddened that I did not recieve any offered help
but to look at them chatting together and snacked off the day

She suggested that I should get help if I could not get things done
I felt very pissed
Firstly you claimed I cannot acknowledged myself of working alone coz I have people to help me
Then you claimed I should get people's help if I cant work alone
So could you please tell me

I also mentioned that I am indeed afraid to get help
If I get help, people think I'm lazy and not doing my things
If I dont, I cant finish and that I'm responsible for not completing

She claimed that I should reflect on my working attitude

I rather wanted to scold her cheebye

My working attitude may not look perfect to you
But I know what I'm doing
Handover, of coz, meant a half-done task to be done by someone else
If she cant take my handover
Then be it, quit the damn job since she wants to
I had to take on her handover as well
& hers was worse
& I did not complain nor expect an explanation

She kept telling me her tasks are very hard to handle
and have no time
& she offers me to do her tasks if I think hers is as easy as ABC

I didnt wanna venture on that issue
That just sounds basically childish & sore-at-heart

Could you see that she's making things beneficial to her?
She expects me to hand over perfectly-done task to her
So as to make her life better

I told her I'll still hold the responsibility
& also suggest if she could spend some time to digest since she is to do it anyway

In the end
The volcano-eruption subsided

Of coz
I see things open
Although I was in real low mood
& cried twice in office
What to do?

I know I'm being bullied
Just 2 more months


It was a bad week
& yesterday I rushed home to have dinner with my family

It's been years, really...
Went to Crystal Jade Kitchen
All of us were so full
Forgot to take pictures
But it's only
We'll keep it in our memories

DarDar gave me my birthday pressie!
He was dying to gimme my surprise pressie
and kept wanting to show me
Kept asking
'You wanna know or not?'
I siad I don want but he die die wanna show me

He got me FINEPIX F30!
The pics are damn nice!
ISO hits up to 3200!
Got underwater casing up to 40m
& also have underwater settings
I cant wait to go diving!!!!

DarDar said he wanna go Sabah in Feb worrrrrrr

& my sadness for the week faded off for the day.....