Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Eggs with melamine now

Said to have gotten into the eggs via bioaccumulation in adult hens that were fed by melamine-contaminated chicken feed

Health officers said adults have to eat 200+ eggs to exceed the toxic level of melamime

If one wants to kill himself by melamine
I guess he will first die of high cholesterol


Licensed beggars

Thailand's imposing licensing to beggar so as to control the 'beggar population' legally
90% of the license will be given to thailand beggars & the rest to foreign beggars (such as from Cambodia across border)

Beggar as an occupation?
Next time wanna 'dong' money to people sitting along roadside, must request to see license first
If not kana cheated
I have no idea when the double-queue system started
But I knew there're places with such system that make people queue twice for their order

MacDonalds is one

I kept asking myself
If double-queue system benefits from anything

MacDonald's system so far is still ok
I have not much complaint about it
Other than the fact that I have to queue again on the left for the 2nd time after my order on the right
& also wait again for extra few minutes if the order in front of mine is not completed

Why the hassle?
Previously it was doing fine
Counter-staff took orders & grabbed the food from shelves almost immediately
That is because they knew what we wanted & the orders were still within their few seconds of memory
Having to get another staffs to grab the food
Time is needed to read the receipt over & over to confirm accurate order
That's exactly where the extra time is wasted

So what if orders are taken in first & not getting the food fast enough?
Is there efficiency?

In situation where there's no receipt
For example, my school canteen which I really hate
Food sucks & only the Western food store can make it
The queue is always damn bloody long on both lanes
& I calculated that I needa wait for 20mins for my food on the tray

Orders are taken verbally
& after that, you just head to the left side for the food

I ordered 'Chicken chop, take away'
& I saw the guy told the chef behind him
Assuming orders taken
I headed to the left lane
When it's my turn to collect
He gave me a plate of Chicken Chop with Spaghetti

I told him I wanted Take-away
He blamed me for not telling him in the first place
So he told the chef to pack
& the chef packed Spaghetti in
& I quickly told him Chicken chop ONLY
He gave me THOSE kinda look

I was kinda pissed
As I'd expect a nice lunch after craving for Chicken Chop for a few days
I did mention my order correctly
But this double-queue system just make me sick in placed where orders are taken WRONGLY

In fact
This is not the first time I'd encountered this

So what is the efficiency of this double-queue system?
I prefer to wait just 5 minutes for my food
Instead of 20 minutes
Additional 5 minutes for correction of wrong orders

Monday, October 27, 2008

This stupid caterpillar of probably Papilio demoleus is desperately trying to kill my lime plant outside my house!
Found out that it's in its 4th instar

Chomp chomp chomp
There goes my leaves
The yucky worm just makes my skin creeped
(Wow, it rhymes!)

My poor plant now is desperately trying to save itself
Continuous production of chemicals to deter feeding behaviour
So remaining leaves can still grow & photosynthesize

But caterpillar is not happy
It wants to eat to grow into a beautiful butterfly
It evolves overtime to produce chemicals that detoxify the toxins produced by the plant
or specialises its digestive system to enable toxic food consumption

Plant is not happy again
Spending so much energy producing deterrent to pests
Now it has to coevolve again to overcome
So as to increase survival of the fittest

Caterpillar is not happy again
So is the plant again

Again & again
Coevolution takes place on & on
Chemical warfare proves better & better
None of them choose to die

Interesting chemical ecology
I wonder why I gave myself 'Cynderella' as a nick just to act cute when I was ages younger

This looks real

Mum & Dad were away traveling in China for 3 weeks
Dumping me lotsa chores to do
Remind me to buy their 4D
Wash clothes hang clothes
House-keeping & whatsoever not listed

I can do these

Obviously Brother & DarDar are not co-operative
Stupid Brother plays DOTA 24/7
Ask him help throw rubbish down the chute will cost his life
HIS life in the bloody game, to be precise

DarDar's mind can only think about fish
Yesterday fish today fish tomorrow fish
When I'm trying to study with the remaining time
Stupid man plays retro Cantonese songs that he ripped out from my Dad's collection CD
I told him off, telling him it's damn bloody loud & I cant concentrate
He replied 'Where got loud. So nice...'

Did you see that ball of flames behind my back?
You want loud Cantonese pop go Dragonfly @ St James OK??
Got bunny girls to see also!

With 2 idiots at home
No one is helping me!
Time is already so limited
& I'm just stuck with Dumb & Dumber

I wish I can zip myself up in another dimension

Saturday, October 25, 2008

***Notice: The following blog entry has no intentional racial discrimination. All accounted was a factual encounter***

The bus was left with some seats when I board
I sat beside a Malay guy who was busy reading The Newpaper
DarDar sat in front of me

I switched on my NDS to play as soon as my ass landed
DarDar switched on his iPod too

I was totally engrossed with the game as I was trying very hard to pass the stage

After several stops with no idea where
There came an Indian lady standing next to me
I did not notice her properly
I could smell her
But I didnt even bother to look at her

The bus journey was rather smooth
Only with a few minor jerks impossible to create huge inertia for a person to flung off

The Indian lady had an Indian friend
She was saying something in Tamil
In which she mentioned about 'so inconsiderate'...'What if fall down how?'
I heard those
& I secretly glanced to my right

Her tummy looks bulged
'Is she pregnant? or is she just fat?' I wondered

I aint that sort of people who purposely die die also wanna sit on any public transport
But of coz if there's a seat
Normal people's reflex action will be to sit till end of the journey

The Indian friend said something again
This time saying something like 'take photos & post..'

I switched off my game
Looked up at her
Still did not look at her tummy for double confirmation of pregnancy
& gave up my seat for her

Her Indian friend looked at me in shock
& shook her head implying 'yes, thank you' (they always like to confuse people)
& the 'pregnant' Indian lady just sat without saying 'Thank you'

First of all
I wasnt trying to purposely hog the bloody damn seat

I wasnt aware of her existence as a pregnant(?)lady

I just dont wanna be STOMP-ed for any untrue incident that was encountered

My point of view
No 'Thank you' when a seat is offered
Does that mean that you're guilty of meaning what you're supposed to mean?
That I overheard what you spoke in Tamil?
& taking photos of me playing my NDS and not offering my seat?
After sitting down, no more chit-chat for the rest of the journey?
Embarrassed to sit at my seat while I sat on DarDar's lap in front of you?

It's OK
I did what I'm supposed to do as a considerate person

But hey
Dont make it sound like it's MY fault for not offering you seat

There are roughly 50 seats in the bus
The special seats are situated at the front cabin of the bendy bus
You chose to head to the back cabin
& those people who's sitting opposite, behind, in front (or simply around) me DID NOT EVEN BOTHER at all
So I should not be the 'victim' to be STOMP-ed if you were to do so
I'm the ONLY CONSIDERATE ONE who offered you the seat!

This has definitely not due to any racial discrimination of not offering seats
It's just due to complete unawareness of an innocent me who is just trying to win the game that she'd failed for months

To others who always like to sleep on bus or pretend to sleep on bus when they see pregnant lady on board
This is a very good chance to be famous for a day
To be STOMP-ed by idiotic people who wanna earn credits & win the $50 KFC vouchers by taking photos of minor chicken-feet incidents

A reminder to those who doesn't want to appear in the media,then

Friday, October 24, 2008

I major in Ecology
But at times I do Biology
Now I'm working on an assignment in Chemistry
& am looking at Physics

With all the studies involve
Can I now call myself a true blue 'scientist'?

Going mad

*I will be very grateful to those who know me as an ECOLOGIST
**Ecology = the study of interactions between living organisms and environment
***Ecologist = a person who studies the interactions between living organisms and environment
Had nightmares last night

Everyone's telling me next year go here go there do this do that
So fun for them
But poor me cant plan anything ahead until I have the tide table for 2009
Heard the tides are damn good next year

*sob sob sob sob sob*

Still struggling to read the stupid journal papers
With mind drifting away with the current at P. Dayang

I want to go Dayang next month!!!!
I'm just feeling so deprived of dives that I dont care how much it's gonna cost me anymore
I just want to go diving!

'Nuff imagination
Time back to the reality

Fuck the damn stupid insect pheromones journal articles

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No wonder I love it at the very 1st sight
I have absolutely no mood to study

Rushed my report yesterday
& leaving just the conclusion to be done later
Dont even know if I'm writing correctly

Wanting to read the journal articles for the exams
But shucks
Looking at the huge stack in front of me make me puke
& it's so boring that I'm skipping every paragraph!

Donno why my dive lusts are kicking in again
Now I'm already thinking of my next dive de-stress trip in November

Time kinda flies super fast near the year's end
& Mum & Dad are heading Hong Kong for 2 weeks
Best lo
Part-time Cinderella at home again

DarDar was telling me that the Euro had dropped to 1.93
Is that a hint to travel Europe?

Waiting for my MOS burger delivery by DarDar

Monday, October 20, 2008

Hello people
I'm backkkkkkkkkk from P. Tioman

Dives this time were average
Nothing much to see
Probably coz monsoon season is coming?
But I've my very 1st sighting & upclose encounter with the dolpins!!!
It was like watching documentary at that moment they swam together with the boat

Most of my photos had been uploaded to Facebook
Beautiful echinoderms & mollusc

& I was expecting my bumphead parrotfish! Where are you?!

Anticipating my Phuket dive trip in Jan 09 after my exams
Just in time for de-stress

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I was actually kinda organised in getting my work done before the deadline
& keeping my mind in peace
Trying not to hurry myself & mess things up

Order of tasks to be done:
Module assignment - due 7 Nov
Module exam - due 14 Nov
Research report draft - due Mid-Dec
PhD conferment, research report, presentation - due 9 Jan 09

Just got back from Penang
& busy with school, lab sessions & field trips
& then heading for one final getaway to P. Tioman to ease the lust of being underwater
Before I finally settle to start working next week

As I was reading the handbook
I have to produce a 50-pages confirmation report by 9 Jan 09
I gasped


I dont even know if I can produce this much!

So without hesitation
I started writing abit
Mainly doing up the cover page & acknowledgment
& as for introduction
I just 'sian' off
I cant write up anything

I have been writing the same introduction for the past few months
Undergrad FYP, module assignments & current research report are all littorinid-related
Introducing the zones, physical factors, blah blah
I dont know if I'm already plagiarizing!

I should have done up the introduction long ago
It's easy with various quotations and references
Why did I drag till now?!

Die la

My stupid module assignment also
Dont even know if I'm writing out of point or what
But I cant fucking bother

I guess for the remaining 2 months
I wont be going anywhere
Even if DarDar's dad is gonna bring us to Bali for an annual year-end vacation
I guess I have to give it up SADLY


*sob sob sob sob sob*

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Back from Penang

So tired
Apparently DarDar's dad nominated us to be group leader
Taking care of his elder relatives aka uncles & aunties
Who physically also behave very 'uncle' & 'aunty'
Anyhow run sia!!!
Like Mother Chicken catching Baby chicks

The function was held in Penang
& we had day tours around the island
Kinda Malacca-look-alike
With most of the old historical houses
Sorta reminded me of my China hometown in certain places
& the Char Kway Teow is super nice!!!!

Anyway the event was nicely organised
I gave it 80% thumbs-up
People from most part of Asia, some from USA
Came for this function
But what irritates me are the C-people*

Notorious behaviours of these C-people were truly observed by me
The tables were all allocated to particular members
But they came to sit at the VIP table
& what's more
The space between each table was accomodating
But they occupied so much space that I had to tell them off
Kept standing up so much blocking people's view until DarDar had to tell them off
& as tea was served prior to beer
They just pour the tea onto the floor under the table
As more & more liquid flood the bottom
It leaked out into the passage way
& they pretended nothing happened!

Wah laooooo
Knn xia suay things also can do with eyes wide open

Seriously not being discriminative
But it's their conscience that betrayed them

Really cannot stand them
Almost wanna confront them
but who am I anyway?
Better not offend anyone & xia suay DarDar's dad

Pictures of the trip to summarise the journey

Next event will be held in Taiwan

Friday, October 10, 2008


Time is running out
1 more month to exams
Notes 1/10 read

What the fuck!

Assignment due in 1 month's time
1/5 done

What the double fuck!

Research preliminary report
Due in 3 month's time
ZERO done


This is my first time doing important things so last minute-ly
I have a basic instinct that I'm gonna die soon

Michelle's heading Phuket for holidays
*sob sob*
I wish I can go coz it's right after exams
But I bet I cant rest my brains & heart to entirely play if I were to go
Having images of my data haunting me with words saying 'Analyse me!' non stop


A minor loss leads to major gain
No Phuket
Yes Dohsol, Philippines!

Whale shark sightings will be my consolation gift for my 1st year's effort along the path to my success

I must persevere!

Do enjoy this
Hell for Leather

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Just now the sky went totally dark grey
& then rain started to pour
with lightnings flashed & thunder roared approximately 20 times per minute

So scary

The lightning was at its brightest light intensity
& I thought I would die coz I was sitting just next to the window
& I dare not move coz it just keep flashing so near the window
So scared that my tiny movement will increase my chance of being struck


Luckily DarDar just reached home
& he helped me off the switches

It's been real long that I encounter this kinda weather
I hope weather goes fine when I bring the students out to Sungei Buloh next week

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Waken up by the hammering sound of the renovation works
Had been damn noisy since last 2 months
& I'm really struggling to stay attentive to my data analysis & report writing


I went to create a new photo album in Facebook
& posted most of the OLD photos
& then I went to read my blog archives
So many things happened
So many happy memories
So many achievements made too

Felt that my life isnt that bad afterall
So much for the complaints

I feel happy yet funny
Recalling how I lost a friend & a man previously at the same time
& then gaining more friends & care later at the same time
Seems like I've nothing to lose!
But losing that friend had always reminded me of how well we were together for the past 10 years
Till now
I'm still wondering about it
I'm also thinking if I should invite her to my banquet
Been asking Michelle that question till she also donno how to answer

Then I realised how awkward it would be if I were to meet her
Will I slap her in the face & then hug her to cry?

I'm glad I know DarDar then
Crazy fellow
& that's why I like him

Learnt my most desired sport - diving
Upgraded to Rescue diver
Now I can show my underwater photographs to my students during their practicals as well

After mingling with the honda Club people
I learnt to love cars
Fast cars cool cars
& then I learnt driving
Passed on the spot ^^

I kept Momo & Koko
Now MongMong
A guinea pig after many years of hamsters

Oh well...
I think I can just go on & on

I'm now looking forward to the rest of my life
& after that
Recalling will be fun & make me feel so much happier that I'd achieved things that looks impossible possible

Although I dread my work now
I feel that I can do it

PhD, here I come!

Monday, October 06, 2008

I had my workout for 1.5hours in the morning
Now I'm damn tired
Stupid DarDar wanted to have McDonalds for lunch
Now I'm damn fat again

Sunday, October 05, 2008

I told myself that I will stop working when I'd done all the graphs for the 15 data sheets
& Michelle encouraged me to rest

That was 2 hours ago
I'm still working on it

Why am I suc h a workaholic suddenly?

Michelle's happily off at disco
I wish I can relieve for a moment
But just cant get my brains switch off

& I just received a SMS from MOS
'Flash this SMS at the door before 12am to receive free entry tic!Come hurry or You'll regret!'

Tell me how not to regret when I only receive the SMS at 1205am


Saturday, October 04, 2008

I have a reason to reject myself for not going to the busiest town in Asia - Tokyo, Japan
Coz I wanna go here!!


Why have I never heard of this amusement park before?!
I'm so dumb!

& my main reason to be there is coz of my Mon-mon!!!
I love my cinnamon.

Entrance fee is only SGD$41
Ok worrrrrrrrrr~~~
I thought it will be damn expensive
But even if so
I rather enter Puroland twice then to Disneyland!

& man.
This is amazing!
Wedding in Puroland!
Must have cost that guy three nuclear bombs!

I'm gonna kick DarDar awake & persuade him to bring me there
& I dont care!
Wow, it rhymes


Friday, October 03, 2008

I need sleep
But I'm so tempted to watch my Mooncake resonance!!
Just another hour more...

Met Prof to show her my data early this morning
Still not bad
Luckily she's willing to teach me how to use minitab
Thank God
Really indeed easier than SPSS
Yesterday I was pulling my hair out
Today I'm replanting them back
But still
Not so familiar with the programme
Gotta switch between for results

I just realised that the lab technician stayed next to my ex-house in Teck Whye
Now that I've shifted
Justin is just 2 streets opposite mine!
I didnt know now so many people lives near me

Students today are very cute
Most of them were wondering if a feather star is a brittlestar
Cant blame them
Coz the wet specimens only showed the feathery broken arms
So I showed them some of my dive photos
& they went 'Wow! So nice!'
& all come asking me about dive lobangs

Diver recruitment
Must get commission from Edwin

Suddenly blocked nose
What the hell

Thursday, October 02, 2008







你卻叫我 - 不能沒禮貌




I just worked on SPSS for the past 12 hours
My brains are crashing soon
Somemore I also donno if I'm using the right statistical tests for my data

Wanna die
Now 2am plus liao

I still have many to analyse
Still got a stupid Chemical Zoology report

Worst of all
I need to do MANOVA
Why doesnt SPSS has MAVONA direct option?
Someone please teach me how to use syntax!

*sob sob*

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Holiday again!
Hope today can be productive

Lately I'm also watching Moonlight Resonance aka 家好月圆
Indeed not bad
No wonder Ling's eyes were glued to it when her inbox was flooded by us unknowingly
But somehow
I find that the storyline is so 真情
So family
& I think that's what the director is trying to tell everyone

I also realised that lately
Many of my friends are getting married or got married
So happy for them
& is this period a good time to wed?
All lump together
So cool!
& so are the ang baos!

Better off rushing my data analyses