Thursday, March 29, 2007

New skin color
New hair color
Malt chocolate + Olive + pink
Done by my hairstylist Lisa
She always play with my hair whenever I meet her at the hair studio

My skin is getting better
Coz Dr Wong gave me some cream to apply

Today is a bad day
This stupid person just like to dig shit onto me
& make me die horribly
But luckily my boss didnt believe her

Right now
I'm just gonna bo chup her
Enough of all the apple-polishes
Just stick to your main duties & stop bossing around

It's Friday
I'm having my dragonboat race this Saturday
At Kallang Basin

If you happen to drop by
Support me!
I'll be the drummer
& that's something new

Cheers for the weekend!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

This time
Tioman did not disappoint me
I guess because Salang is much more livelier than Kampong Genting
Got pub, got lotsa dive shops, lotsa Ang Mohs, lotsa whatever-you-name-it
& the food is nice!
Best of all
I have my funny friends along

Ramly Fans!

The dive sites near Salang is good
& it was totally a new experience
Went to Labas
& the current was damn strong
& I was panting due to exhaustion
Back shore
All my dive mates were telling one another that they were dying to give up the dive

Saw 6 mating giant cuttlefish right in front of me
& I took video of them mass-orgy!

During wreck dive
A school of jacks & rabbitfish kept swimming around me
Circling around me
I got good macro photo of this cutie
Parrotfish feeding
Blue-spotted StingrayAbel & I
Defending territory from Damselfish
Steve, my Dive Master, blowing circular bubble
My funny friends!
My DarDar passed his Advanced Open Water!

I had a very good weekend
Made another bunch of new friends
& gotten myself totally burnt
Especially on my neh neh

All of us are now planning for our next dives
Langkawi? Sipadan? Manado? Bali?
I cant decide
All I know is

I self declare myself as a 100% pure dive freak

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Saw a roadkill this morning
Palm civet
Intestines all came out from its anus

Now I know that civet exists in Singapore
Contact Norman bt it
Concluded that it could have been killed in the night
Coz I didnt see any fresh blood around it

Oh anyway
I'm thinking of taking up Masters in Speech & Language Pathology
Maybe being a Speech Therapist can make more money with better prospect
Somemore it helps people

I love helping people =)

So now I must start saving
The next intake will be in June/July 2008
Which means I can only start in 2009

Meaning now I just have to stick to my stupid job

I have my Dragonboat race on 31 March
Ask me be drummer
My god
How to beat?
Later I too gun cheong beat too fast
Everyone row until cannot make it how?
Shall see

It's finally Friday
I'm going diving tomorrow~
Hope I can get nice photos in the clear water this time

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Walk so fast for what?
In front got old man walking
Still wanna walk so fast
Good lah
Step on my heels then only say Sorry
My strap torn la
Made me buy 2 pairs of new shoes la


My heels so expensive & still looks very new
It's all because of you


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I cant understand some people
Putting so little trust on us
& merely missing a step to offend the big people
Donno what to say

Ha ha?

I bought DarDar a PSP
He's so engrossed with it now

His birthday present

My Prudential GIRO went to deduct my amount today
Made me cant use NETS coz exceed daily limit
In the end had to use VISA
$10 more

But as I'd always told DarDar
Just eat less Outback Steakhouse loh~
& the money supposedly to be spent on food
Can then be used for things we want

I just got my bonus
So nevermind la

Speaking of which
I'd yet give Mum my share

Diving this Friday!

Monday, March 19, 2007

I just got back from Malaysia
Dead beat tired

When I was at the banquet
DarDar's relative kept asking him
"When's your turn?"

DarDar's dad's Mitsubishi Pajero as the wedding car!
So cool!
I also want!
Isaac always look so innocently-cute
The bride & groom

The banquet was very classical
Got piano performances throughout
When I went out to the Ladies
Passed by the other banquet hall
They're playing techno inside
So happening

DarDar's sister performed too
Played Canon D
Nice wor~

After the the banquet
Got fireworks worrrr~

I like to mix around with DarDar's family
So big & so happening
His relatives all very nice
& the babies are very kawaiiiiiii~

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Chee Bye

I could really say that for the whole day

I just couldnt finish doing my things!
Too much!
& that cheebye person want me to give them a proposal by Monday
Which is not possible
At least not without my boss' approval

Fucked up

Asked secretary to ask me do work their way

Chao chee bye

Why not ask secretary to do MY work?

Still can ask me to tell them my workflow
Why not you tell me how you do your thing?

I have my way
So dont disrupt my way
Consistency yields effectiveness

I sorta enjoy doing what I was originally doing
Now you come & ka-jiao me
I hate work now

At least I think I just have to tahan till April

Fuck lah
How to enjoy diving next week....
Cant even dive with peace

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I cant believe myself staying up till now to do my office work
Made me go for presentation the whole day
& expect me to finish my task which deadline is Thurs
I have hundreds of them


Go sleep

Monday, March 12, 2007

I am not her secretary & I have to do her secretary's job
Think I so free?
My job scope does not include that ok?

Spoilt my whole day
& went home earlier


Go & die!

Sunday, March 11, 2007


It booms as loud as an Evo Turbo

Friday, March 09, 2007


It's Friday
The slack mode is kicking in
& I just enjoyed my MacDonald's breaky
That sure was a relaxation from work stress in the morning

I'm noticing around
& realised that nowadays
Couples are of different races
I have 3 colleagues whose spouses are of different race/ethnic group
Malay x Swedish
Malay x Italian
Chinese x Indian

& their baby looks so cute!

I also not bad lah
Me = China x Hong Kong

For my generation shouldnt be bad either
Hong Kong x Malaysian

We've got genes crossed
Neutralising special genes all over the world!
& in the next century
Everyone might probably look like everyone
& scientists may probably give up who is our Adam & Eve
Coz the whole genetic tree is gonna be so screwed

Oh anyway
I'm welcoming Saturday
Break break break
I hope

To finish up my First Aid course in the morning
Then go IT show in afternoon
DarDar & I are still deciding where to go for dinner

I'm planning for a short getaway for Good Friday
Sorta aiming Bintan
Never been there before & heard it's damn expensive
But anyway DarDar says he's gonna pay for everything
So why not?
I wanna go Genting
But... so long hours of ride
Sit until backside flat
& then my 3-times-per-week exercise are gonna be wasted
We shall see how

Cant wait to dive
Been months I last felt like a mermaid

Bolbometopon muricatum
Till I see you then

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Thanks Ashley for inviting me & DarDar to the preview of 'Music & Lyrics' yesterday

Nice meeting her man too

After movie
We went to Al Azhar for supper by cab
& this is my 1st time sitting on a cab which looks like a Tuscon!
I'd taken the Schroder cab & it's comfy like hell
This 'Tuscon' cab is so 'Cinderella'
It's like riding in a pumpkin cart!

During bedtime
DarDar & I discussed bt the movie
DarDar said he likes Hugh Grant and thinks he can be the second Richard Gere
& he asked
"Eh..Where's Richard Gere now?"
& I said in an Indian accent
"Sorry girl but you can only buy one bird.."
& hummed the VISA advertisement theme

So funny
Richard Gere is still busy setting birds free around the world
Polluting the Earth with tremendous amount of bird shit


Earthquake yesterday
Couldnt feel it
Missed an experience

I just returned from my Emergency First Aid course from Hyberbaric Medical Centre, TTSH
Looks simple & basic
But can be very chim
Needs lotsa critical thinking
For example:
1) If a diver is down with Decompression Sickness & bitten by a shark, where should he be sent?
2) A diver is down with Decompression Sickness and Recompression Chamber is 10hrs away from dive sites, do you do In-water Recompression?

Blah blah blah
Alot of scenarios la

& I tell you
Before I leave for my course
Manager from the other section came over & scolded me
When I casually ask the staff if she or her friends is interested in a vacancy in my Dept, and she chose to leave, you cant blame me for poaching
Yes, I might have missed the part where mutual department is agreeable to releasing & recieving
But, is there a need to scold?
I'd made sure all possible dates for her to join me once she decides to leave them
Furthermore, she'll be away for 1-week holiday
& that 3 days termination notice is as based in policy
Why blame me?

Tell me this tell me that
Say until I cant make them finish their work
But look
Even when they hire an extra manpower
Work is never done too

What a bitch

Cant be much bothered
I'm going diving

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Today had my first Dragonboat training
Die lah..
Instructor put me as first pair rowers
Fierce ok!
The whole team will depend on my strokes to keep the boat moving
If I slow down the whole boat slow down

DarDar cycled all the way to Kallang to see me have my training
So sweet of him
I waved to him from the shore

I love my DarDar

Rowed half-way
Another training team wanna exchange boat with us
In the middle of the sea!
Then as this mission impossible is to take place
I saw familar faces!
My SAJC ex-classmate Winston & IRC friend/SAJC junior Joseph!
They're also in the dragonboat team for their school
& We kept chatting on the water
Until I forgot to change boat & kana teased by my fellow mate
"Wei, Cynthia, quick change boat! Not time to chat ah..."

Joining sports can know more people

Just now I went shopping
I bought a pair of pants
& I was damn sad
My waistline has increased SO MUCH
that I can slash my wrist with a chopper

I felt very demoralised
& I gobbled on a pack of chips


DarDar said he's gonna buy me OceanHealth's 'Minus Fat Extra'
I hope the pills are not too big for me to swallow
I will go gym everyday starting Monday

Hope so

Friday, March 02, 2007

DarDar & I went to Clementi for Botak Jones

Oh my god! Look at the size!DarDar eating the Spicy Fries
My Fish & Chip. Botak Jones' most popular dish.$6 only!Long queue man... luckily I'm already having mine..
It's already 1030pm
& my stomach fills so full


DarDar saw people eating the Botak Burger
Which consist of one damn fat beef patty covered with cheese
He said he's going there again tomorrow
I think he's addicted

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Really very busy
I cant hardly breathe!
I forgot to have lunch yesterday
I forgot to pee today
How unhealthy am I gonna be because of work
Sadly I have to skip gym to rest me down
Any physical movement is just gonna toggle my brains

Next Monday
Dooms Day
My colleague is gonna pass over her work to me
I'm already very loaded with work
She's gonna crush me!


I wanna eat KFC despite my sore sore throat