Thursday, December 31, 2009

After much delay
I'm glad I can finally update on my Sabah trip =D

We took the night flight to Kota Kinabalu from Senai
It was a full flight
Having babies & kids screaming & crying next to you is a total hellish trip
But we were all glad to be greeted with supper at 1230am the next day
Arrived at Hotel Promenade at 1am
The lobby is empty & extremely quiet
First time checking in so late

Due to unexpected circumstances
We had to sleep at 2am
& on sofas, instead of beds =(

Next morning
We headed for breakfast
They have this very unique 'fish noodle', which is made of fish
& it's long & chewy like you're eating a super elongated fish ball
The fish soup was delicious too!
DarDar's dad booked 2 taxi to bring us around
It would be too expensive for us to join day tour which cost RMXXX per pax
The taxi only charge us RM$40 per hour, max 6 pax on board
It was approximated that DarDar's dad paid RM$400 per car per day

During the trip, I was thinking to myself that this trip is boring
Because we're not entering jungle to look at monkeys or orang-utan
Neither are we diving into the sea
We're only doing land tours
Sitting in the vehicle all-day long
Looking at scenery of trees & more trees
But I was wrong as the trip went on
I'm going to places that I'd missed out
& enjoyed the trip afterall!

We headed to this Puh Toh Sze
One of the places of interests that any tour guide will bring
& then to one of the popular seaside resort - Nexus Resort
This place is gorgeous!
& the sea is niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
It is the South China Sea by the way

DarDar's cousins & sister having fun on the sand
Wonder what fiddler crab species made these sand-balls
We never fail to capture a photo at the sea-side

We then went for seafood lunch at this restaurant in the mangrove
Loads of flies as we ate the delicious food
The sweeping of flies from our dish added to the challenge
After the sumptuous meal
We rushed to the Crocodile farm to catch the crocodile show
It's kinda like a mini zoo, somehow
Coz they have other animals as well
The park has rhinocerous bettles!
Michelle would love it to bits if she goes!

Our next visit was to Shangri-La Rasa Ria Resort
Nicer than Nexus!
So is the sea at sunset!!!!!!!
Love love love love love love (to infinitely)
My next target is to save enough to spend a week at Shangri-La Rasa Ria

Around evening
We had a short shopping spree at OneBorneo
Sadly the seaworld has yet opened =(
But we tried out archery at RM$8 per game (12 arrows)

In Sabah
One can never skip seafood
DarDar's uncle brought us to this seafood restaurant
He said that anyone who has NEVER eaten here means he has NEVER been to Sabah

This seafood restaurant is cool
I donno where & what it is floating on
But the interior & the cultural performance rocked the whole dinner

After the meal
We headed back to our hotel
Where we stopped by the night market & took a short stroll
I've not ended
That's only for Day 1!!!

I could not continue on Day 2
Because I was down with gastroenteritis
Must be too much seafood
& I had diahorrea for the whole day
After every slightest mouthful of food
My anus was sore from the already-quite-smooth tissue paper
All I did was to sleep throughout the day in the hotel
& watched the sunset through the window

Whereas DarDar & the rest of the family members went to Kinabalu Park & Poring Hot Spring =(
DarDar said I didnt missed out much coz Poring Hot Spring looks exactly like photos taken in brochures
Not that fascinating
& Kinabalu park was just the starting point where we climbed Mount Kinabalu in May 2009
Plus the 3 hours car ride per way
That trip could be extremely hellish if I'd joined

Here're some of the photos that DarDar took on the trip

With my stomach getting slightly better at night
I joined them for dinner
But I didnt eat much
Fancy they even ordered Peking Roasted Duck to make me salivate =(

We returned to our hotel for Xmas countdown
& went to the lounge that offered us free welcome drinks
The trio was great
But was shocked when they stopped singing at 1145pm
Not counting down Xmas with your audience?!

Who cares
Best companion by your side is the greatest moment in the life

I was 60% well on Day 3, which also marked the last day of the trip
Although my stomach was still not as co-operative as before
At least I could still gobbled some dim-sum to replenish all the lost energy into the toilet bowl!

Our flight was in the afternoon
So it left us a few more hours to do some shopping

At 330pm
AirAsia welcomed us back home
Good Bye Sabah!
I will be back again!