Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Today is a long day
I met Tzu to visit BlueBay as she wanted to look at the wedding shoot package

I was abit hesitating coz I'm not sure to agree to the package or not
I'm very happy-go-lucky as long as I find it affordable, nice & worth
But I didnt wanna straight away agree to signing the package
& of course I'd like to hear DarDar's opinion too
DarDar agreed to it without asking if I want it or not


Ok lor
Since he said yes, then yes loh!!

In the end
We bought the package at SGD$2280
Which include damn helluva lots of freebies
Best of all
The package includes 2 night stays at a 4* hotel in Taipei
Which kinda save some of the cost for our journey
As we are planning to extend our 'holiday' & explore the rest of the country

May 2010 is gonna be real busy
We're taking shots with 2 bridal studios
I hope it will be a perfect journey

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