Thursday, December 10, 2009

Just returned from dinner with my Coyotes at Iluma
We had The Asian Kitchen coz I was craving for the Hot & Spicy soup

After catching up during the meal
We walked about Iluma
Headed up to the top level
& I saw Chef Daniel!

Sorry that I didnt have his photos coz I wasnt ready to snap his photo
I waved to him
He smiled & waved back to me!

He looked more handsome in person
Than in photos or on TV!

Oh by the way
He has a restuarant at the top level known as Chef Daniel's KitchenFood looks nice from the menu
Maybe I'll pop by to try one day
The price is reasonable
& I guess there's nothing to lose since food is cooked by top chef!

Some snaps with my girls =)
& we went to play Taikoo at the archade =p

Thanks for the birthday dinner *muackz*

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