Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I'm back from my chalet =)

I'm glad that I sorta have a gathering with friends whom I haven met for long
& thanks everyone who came
Especially Michelle
I was so happy she came! >_<

We went cycling at Ketem & to Chek Jawa

& of course, not missing out DarDar's favourite activity - Fishing!

Although there was so unpleasant incidents with impolite teenagers

DarDar called his brother & his gf over
Who called upon 2 extra friends in afternoon
& another 2 friends at evening
But none said Hi to me, including my brother-in-law & his gf
Took my chalet celebration as if it's was their chalet gathering
I only have 2 friends while they have 5 friends
Showed minimal respect
Made a helluva noises at wee hours
& got drunk after I warned them about not getting drunk
None said 'Thank you' to me after the end of the day

I was pissed

Even my students said 'Thank you' to me after their 3-hour excursion with me

DarDar was disappointed with his brother too
Didnt expect this to turn out
Instead of giving me a celebration
It appeared that they're enjoying among themselves


I think this experience of birthday celebration at chalet is only once in the lifetime
We guess there wont be anymore
To minimise unpleasantness at the end of the day

& even if we are going to have another one
It is only for good, close friends
Who know how to say 'Thank you'

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