Monday, December 14, 2009

Went back to JB over the weekend
I already had my to-do list for that day but only 2 tasks were completed
Didnt manage to cut hair coz the salon was crowded!
My messy hair till next week

On Sunday
I followed DarDar to visit his maternal grandfather
& I love visiting his backyard where it is grown full of vegetables

DarDar's mum & his aunt were busy plucking leaves of this particular tree
Which they claimed that this tree is a vegetable instead
That's weird!

A short tour in DarDar's grandfather's backyard

DarDar's grandfather also harvested tapioca
& we had tapioca soup for dessert!

It's fun being able to pluck vegetables straight from the backyard
You'll never miss a meal without vegetable
& some more
Fresh vegetables make the best dish
Just like how Jamie Oliver plucks his herbs from his backyard

Gardening is fun
I'm growing bittergourd too, by the way
It's flowering & I could see some fruits too!
I hope I can harvest my 1st grown bittergourd soon

Frankly speaking
Gardening releases one from stress in the hectic life
My Animal Behaviour lecturer is an avid gardener
& he recommends me to this shop where it sells seeds at wholesale price
I've yet to go coz it's quite a distance
But if I were to visit
I'm afraid my whole corridor will be a plantation!

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