Monday, October 29, 2007

I'm totally engrossed with the new PSP game that DarDar downloaded
I am not really a game guru
So I always request for 'brainless' games that I need not think too much about it
While flipping through the catalogue for such 'brainless' game
I chose Spongebob Squarepants: The Yellow Avenger
(Spongebob is already pretty brainless, so I guess the game should be as dumb)

When I started playing, I was immediately hooked
It's so fun that I refused to let DarDar play his Innocent Life

It involves lots of problem solving
But it doesnt requires much brain cells
Which is a very very plus point for me since my brains are no longer active for the past few months

But now I'm stuck in this stage that I cant go anywhere


Cant find walkthrough guides too

I'm gonna finish the whole damn game within next week!
Just pray that my dark eye circles dont appear

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I had 2 full day of diahorrea
& I almost died of gastric pain
I kicked DarDar to wake up in the middle of the night
But he's as dead as my dead thunder crab in the kitchen
So I gobbled my dhamotil & antacid to survive
Taught him a lesson the very next morning

I hope I get better soon!
It's been long I last feel like shit

Friday, October 26, 2007

I'm playing around with Facebook
& I found it pretty interesting
Too many things to play around with
& it's getting me confused

Did I mention that we went to Stanley's solemnization ceremony yesterday?
It took place damn fast
Within minutes
The couple is Husband & Wife

I'm so excited about mine


Not saying that I'm dying to be Mrs Pang
But the fact that I'd never done such proud moments in front of my family ever
Needless to say in front of his family too

& I hope the slimming tea works!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

My feet are covered with bristle from the bristleworm!
This is hell man!
THe bristle are so fine that it can poke into the skin anywhere
& you cant take it out coz it's so fine & transparent

I'm limping as I walked!
Somemore I had to attend my friend's solemnization just now


I drove Dean's wife & kids back home first
& left DarDar behind to play with his friends
& now
DarDar is dead drunk
Now sleeping beside me smelling like Martell

It's only 2 more weeks to mine
& I'm still feeling fucking fattttttttttttttttttt

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I wish I'm gone again

Recieved my supposedly-good news from NIE
Hesitating the offer due to financial problem

Scholarship not granted

I just wanted to try my luck if I could even take up MSc in the 1st place
& so I did
Then I wasnt granted the scholarship
Parents told me to continue studying since I'm able to get in
But I lack of confidence, wondering if I could do it
I donno if I can get the job I want when I graduated AGAIN
Will it be a waste of time, money & effort?

I am very lost

DarDar said his dad could possible help me
But 10K per year is a huge sum! (if I'd calculated that correctly)
I donno how many cycles of reincarnation would it be to repay everyone's kindness

I really donno if I should accept or reject
Accept: for the sake of working in my related fields overseas, where mini job requirement is a MSc
Reject: for the fear that I wont find my desired job again, wasting everyone's time, money & effort and fearing of forced withdrawal due to lousy performance

When fear overwhelms confidence
I'm just a piece of shit

Friday, October 19, 2007

Pictorial summary of my 9 days cast-away in Phuket
Made friends with a group of Vietnameses too!


Happy moments always end at pub...

Will be back at Phuket sometimes soon!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'm back!!!!
9 days of no-internet usage & pure island exploration

I'm going back soon one day
& explore the other side

I bet main Thailand i.e Bangkok is probably the same
So maybe no needa go so many times

We made friends with a bunch of Vietnamnese
Got to know them when we were bargaining for our items
& day passed
We chatted with one another
& then on the last night before our departure
They brought us to Tiger Disco & have fun
Played fireworks & drank
Way cool!!!!

Dives at Phi Phi Island were fabulous
I saw leopard shark twice!!
& also a giant moray eel that freaked DarDar out

Loads of pictures to be uploaded
But meanwhile
I still needa catch sleep


Thursday, October 04, 2007

I'm going to Phuket!
In just 2 more days

Finally I'm out of Singapore
To a place for relaxation
Free my mind from all the stupid nonsensical issues
& be back with a clear piece of mind


I just met Kenneth to borrow his dive computer
It cost SGD$1000!
What the fuck
Must really take care
So scare I spoil it man...
Anyway I'd also wanna learn how to use it
Might probably get a second-hand one when I have money

Friends are booking for January's Similan Live-Onboard Dive trips already!
I dont even know how my future looks like in 4 months time
Let alone to even see if my bank is still surviving

Speaking of which
I think I'd forgotten to bank in my cheque

See you guys next next week
Yesterday was requested to do maintenance check for all the water systems
Total 21 systems
Do until headache
Coz have to collect 3 samples of 5ml water from each system
To test for KH, pH and NO2

For one particular tank
Its NO2 level was 0.5mg/l
The level is indicated by showing how 'pink' the solution is after mixing with reagents
& by stating the result
Boss questioned his doubt

"Show me how you do the test?"
"Like this like that loh"
"Ok.. I just wanna see if it's procedure error or something's wrong with the test kit.. You see, I just tested and it indicated 0.2mg/l"

I looked at his testtube
"Hmm.. it looked like it's between 0.2mg/l & 0.5mg/l"
"Maybe it's the environmental conditions that could have affect the reading. As far as I know, the water had just been changed, so 0.5mg/l is very unlikely..."

I looked at the testtube again
"Eh? Now it looks darker... 0.5mg/l wor"
"Like I said, maybe it's the heat that affect..."
"Maybe loh.. yesterday was quite hot also.. but anyway, the standard level is 0.1mg/l, so it doesnt really matter if it's 0.2mg/l or 0.5mg/l, you still have to do something about it.."

Boss kept quiet
Then his phone rang

I escaped from his inquiries

I thought for a long while
I was very troubled by the readings I had gotten
It seems to me that he didnt believe me at all
Insisted that he's correct


I told my colleagues
They explained to me & asked me to show Boss the instruction of using the NO2 kit
Instructions say:'Wait for 3 to 5 minutes for results'
I was like "Hey! I'm correct loh!'
Colleague told me just dump that instructions in front of his face
& said that he always insists his way

Oh well
At least for me I know I wasnt wrong
But hard to clarify my 'wrong' due to his insistence


Next week I will show him again

Monday, October 01, 2007

I just got back from my hair show
Aiyo.. the make up was so thick!
I got a shock when I removed it
All my cotton pads were orange due to the foundation
Me during my hair preparation
I waited for 2 hours before it's my turn out on the stage
& my contact len dropped once I was out
& i was like 'Oh shit'
But I just pretended nothing happened...

There's a professional model out with us
Her poses were really nice
I felt so =(
Getting fat & feeling so inferior
I believe I didnt do so well due to low self-esteem

My hair was done
& lotsa photoshoots by professional cameraman

My hair is cut slanted
So one side is shorter than another

Nice mah?

I'm surprised I looked good with smokey eyes makeup
But in close contact
The smokey effect is really scary
However it was a good experience
& now I know what makeup to miss