Monday, December 26, 2011

This Christmas holiday is long
4 days in a row
Everyone's getting back to work tomorrow
Needless to say, so am I
Although I dont really have a schedule to follow
I must be disciplined enough to get slightly something working


Kinda sad to think about tomorrow when it's not yet tomorrow!

Another 3 more days
We're going overseas again

Haha? Dont laugh that soon
It's 2012 already!
What have you achieved?

Saturday, December 24, 2011


i just went to seek treatment for my ankle
The pain comes & goes so frequently that I thought it was just minor
However, recently, the pain got more intense & unbearable that i couldnt walk long
so i'd decided to go for tuina

Tuina is a form of therapy performed by chinese physicians
Briefly, it is massage that target accupunture points
I'd also recently appreciated chinese medicine after i saw the improved health conditions during my post-surgery recovery
& i believe that TCM is more effective in curing an aligment from the 'roots' rather than from the surface
so now & then i'd rather seek treatment from TCM than western medicine

At the clinic
The chinese physician asked me to locate the points which hurt
however, as I'd mentioned that the pain comes & goes, i was unable to pinpoint that particular spot
so he started pressing my right foot & confirmed the injury spots according to the painful look of my face & my cries!!

yes i cried
the doctor teased that i was one of the gentle patients who didnt scream!

so after he'd located my injury points, he diagnosed it as an old injury of accumulated tension on the ankle ligament, which luckily, isnt a really bad injury
however he mentioned if i dont seek treatment, i wont be able to walk far & long when i reach 40+!!

As he spoke to me
i was there crying in pain
& i swore i really looked ugly
Dardar was beside me having his tuina on his tight, an injury that he's gotten from playing golf
His injury was fresh so he got cured almost instantly
& he was up to listen to the doc for me

it was too painful to pay attention to get myself distracted

After a half an hour session
I was 'released'
The doctor requires me to return for 5 more times to completely '斷根'
Because i wasnt paying attention
i asked the doctor this instead
"huh? so 斷根 already means cannot walk anymore?"
The doctor, the nurse & Dardar laughed out loud loud loud loud loud

now come to think about it
it was indeed funny

My foot feels kinda swollen now
That's because of the tension released from the inserted pressure
& in chinese medicine terms, the more painful the treatment, the faster the wound heals

keeping my fingers crossed
hope my ankle heals
& to further enhance recovery
i have to avoid iced water, english tea, preserved veggies, glutinous rice,rtc
These food in TCM terms are 'cooling' food which actually in the first place arent suitable for me because i belong to the 'weak' health

oh well
this gives me extra reason to stay well & recover soon


Friday, December 23, 2011

I'm not so sure about my foot
It kinda hurts whenever the floor is cold & sky's pouring 
Signs of rheumatism?

Damn gotta get this injury heal asap


I believe everyone's particularly in holiday mood
How I love Xmas
Although I have an important task to complete
I know I still needa take time to breathe
I'm just going to enjoy the coming 3 days over the weekend
& then full speed ahead for 2012

Everybody cheers!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Last Friday
I did a short jog
& then my right foot hurt again
 Old injury
Cant I even exercise to lose some fats?

Friday, December 16, 2011

This is really funny
While I thought this could clear the misunderstanding
It brought more misunderstanding

I guess I've been way too helpful
Sorry I'm stepping down my role as a good Samaritan
If I've been helping everyone, who's helping me?

It's good to know little
Just listen by ears
& not by heart

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Please do not put me up on the table 
I prefer to stay low

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Do you know that I have 3 other friends whom we called ourselves 'The Coyotes'?
We named ourselves that after we watched the movie 'The Coyotes' somewhere in 2001
(Goodness, that was like 10 years ago?!)
& we've been celebrating one another's birthday after our graduation
What may amaze everyone is that
Our birthdays fall in March, June, September & December
Which means we got to meet one another 4 times a year

Since I'd just returned blogginer
& it happened in December
I'm gonna blogged about my birthday gathering!

This time
We went to Grandma's at Paragon
It's a restaurant that sells local cuisine
& just by looking at the menu
Every dish looks appetising
We ordered the curry fish head, fried  tofu, beef rendang & HK kailan
The fish head curry is their signature dish but we all agreed that the beef rendang was the best
Camera. snap!
Christmas lightings are all up this month
The blue lights lit up the whole Orchard road like it's in Fantasyland
Trying very hard to capture ourselves with the beautiful Xmas tree in the background
Kinda hard to capture a more perfect photo using iphone without many attempts of exposure adjustment
Though it was a short meet-up
I love the girls so much
We watch one another grow up 
& share joy & sorrow which made our friendship even stronger

I love you girls
Friends forever

Monday, December 12, 2011

I really dont understand

If we can settle the issue ourselves
Why still involve you when all the while you're never available?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

I just passed my birthday yesterday
Arent really proud of it coz now I'm officially 28

I tried to enjoy my day by going out for a movie
& had pizza with the family
As simple as that
Never had I gone out to celebrate like wild monkeys getting drunk on the streets
But I think what I had is enough ;)

So having my soul & mind freed for1 day
Here's back to reality

I am getting really sick of my work
Probably coz of the way that I'm treated 
Making me feel like the dumbest dumb-ass despite the effort I'd put in
The series of !!!!!!!! exaggerated the severity of the situation
Bringing the tension from level 0.1 to level 10
Not exactly how this is helping to improve anything when the moral has already been hit down
way HELL down

I see things very open
But sometimes it's too much for me to take
Or should I just say
I have had enough?

Everyone has a limit
I think my tolerance limit has been reached
& stretched
I'd reluctantly let this to affect me as a person nor in my mind
But this came on & on like crashing waves

This is not really something to be proud of if you can take things like this
I used to be able to & now, I want to surrender
Because my life is not about you & yours

From now onwards
I will fight for myself (which I have always been, or fight harder)
& be myself
The passion in me is still alive
& I must not give up my favourite past times just because of this shit

For this
I promise I will go diving 6 times next year!
Provided I'm physically fit to do so

What a wonderful post-birth day having to pour all sour words early in the morning

Thursday, December 08, 2011

It's another disappointment

In a scientist's point of view
If you follow the protocol accurately at the correct timing, correct amount of ingredient, correct procedures
you should harvest a positive result with no doubt

No matter how I try
It doesnt work

Can I say that it's nature?
& is it possible to defy nature?

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Just got back from watching The PhD movie
Thanks J for registering for me

The story was short but beautifully illustrated in 5 chapters
& what was shown reflects exactly on us, students
like how the Prof being forgetful about names
how the Prof declared good news - next conference is at Hawaii
followed by bad news - the abstract deadline is tonight & only 1 person is to do it
how Prof disregard the students issue as his problem
etc etc

These are all so happening right in your face!!

Although it was short
the story managed to get this point straight across
Research is not about work; but is about finding your true self

Cant agree more
Go & do the things you still want to do
Have your own life still

You'll achieve it

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

S & I went for a spa session
She wanted to do a therapeutic spa & I happened to have a promotional offer
So we went together to try it out

It was at Spa Symphony located at 313@Somerset
This was my first time to visit a spa salon in Singapore

The staff were friendly
& soon after we filled up our particulars
We were served to our therapists
who then brought us to our individual spa room

I was served by a lady named Karen
& she was very nice
She told how to get properly dressed for the massage
& also lit up the scented candles for aromatherapy
She told me to close my eyes
Inhale deeply & exhale slowly
Clapped the something-that-looks-like-cymbal-but produces-ting-sound three times above my forehead
Played Balinese cultural music followed by forest music & other relaxation music
Her method of bringing me into trance worked very efficiently
I started to feel myself at Bali!
She was also very experienced
She told me that I have a habit of sleeping on my left side
& that was true!
She said she felt this coagulated lymph node on my left shoulder
My stiff neck was also associated with my bad sleeping habit
She then recommended me to sleep on my back to release the neck tension

After the shoulder & the neck
She moved on to the limbs & back
I felt asleep for the 1st time during massage
I always stayed fully awake during other massages, esp. in Thailand
Because I'd heard stories about how the therapists broke the clients' back during the body twist
But this time at Spa Symphony
I totally gave my trust to Karen

After an hour
I reluctantly moved myself up from the bench
It was so!
I felt afresh!

& of course
For every first time customer
The staff will do their usual thing which is to sell the package
Both S & I were very satisfied with our massages that we bought the package

This is also the first time I bought spa package in Singapore

I wouldnt doubt its service for Spa Symphony
It is really wonderful
But as a student
I know I could only enjoy it for as much as I could afford
The benefits of the package is that
It is selling at 50% off during this festive season + opening ceremony
& the package doesnt have expiry (which means you can use for as long as the company is still running)
Plus, they have qualified & certified  pre- & post-natal therapists
So why not decide for the future & take it now?
I'd seen pre- & post-natal massage packages selling at $700+ for 5 sessions
Now, this only cost me $700+ for 10 sessions
Well of course, the massage package needs not be a certain massage but can be a mixture of massages available for you to choose from

I'd said,
This is a good deal
& I do not mind paying that affordable amount to receive this good quality service

Thank you
S & I enjoyed it ;)

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Yesterday night
My fellow colleagues celebrated K's & my birthday together at Level 33

It is called LeVeL 33, located at level 33 in Marina Bay Financial Centre

It was very crowded when we got in
We almost couldnt get a reservation
But luckily we managed to get one just before our scheduled meeting time

The place is famous for its very own crafted beer
Thus, needless to say, it's full of white-collars who dropped by for alcohols after work
We had our orders soon after we had our first round of catching-up chats

It is a fine-dining restuarant
& portion is just perfect for 1 person
But we shared among one another to taste the different dishes
Here're just some photos I'd taken with hype
I was already too hungry to even take my camera to snap at every dish

Dutch Veal
Seafood Medley

The food was not bad
Except for the seafood medley which came as such without expectations
We thought it'd be like fish & chips
But turned out to be Scandinavian finger foods, best consumed with beer
Only gotta blame ourselves for not reading the menu properly
& that also blamed the hunger pangs

What was fulfiling at the end of the night is this spectacular view overlooking the highly developed Singapore River
Marina Bay Sands was having a laser & fountain show at that point of time (~ 2133hrs)
It was a really wonderful experience to be up here at LeVeL 33
Plus the wonderful company who made my 2011 birthday (though 2 weeks earlier) an unforgettable memory
Thank you my friends
It's a fortune to know you guys <3