Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Do you know that I have 3 other friends whom we called ourselves 'The Coyotes'?
We named ourselves that after we watched the movie 'The Coyotes' somewhere in 2001
(Goodness, that was like 10 years ago?!)
& we've been celebrating one another's birthday after our graduation
What may amaze everyone is that
Our birthdays fall in March, June, September & December
Which means we got to meet one another 4 times a year

Since I'd just returned blogginer
& it happened in December
I'm gonna blogged about my birthday gathering!

This time
We went to Grandma's at Paragon
It's a restaurant that sells local cuisine
& just by looking at the menu
Every dish looks appetising
We ordered the curry fish head, fried  tofu, beef rendang & HK kailan
The fish head curry is their signature dish but we all agreed that the beef rendang was the best
Camera. snap!
Christmas lightings are all up this month
The blue lights lit up the whole Orchard road like it's in Fantasyland
Trying very hard to capture ourselves with the beautiful Xmas tree in the background
Kinda hard to capture a more perfect photo using iphone without many attempts of exposure adjustment
Though it was a short meet-up
I love the girls so much
We watch one another grow up 
& share joy & sorrow which made our friendship even stronger

I love you girls
Friends forever

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