Tuesday, December 06, 2011

S & I went for a spa session
She wanted to do a therapeutic spa & I happened to have a promotional offer
So we went together to try it out

It was at Spa Symphony located at 313@Somerset
This was my first time to visit a spa salon in Singapore

The staff were friendly
& soon after we filled up our particulars
We were served to our therapists
who then brought us to our individual spa room

I was served by a lady named Karen
& she was very nice
She told how to get properly dressed for the massage
& also lit up the scented candles for aromatherapy
She told me to close my eyes
Inhale deeply & exhale slowly
Clapped the something-that-looks-like-cymbal-but produces-ting-sound three times above my forehead
Played Balinese cultural music followed by forest music & other relaxation music
Her method of bringing me into trance worked very efficiently
I started to feel myself at Bali!
She was also very experienced
She told me that I have a habit of sleeping on my left side
& that was true!
She said she felt this coagulated lymph node on my left shoulder
My stiff neck was also associated with my bad sleeping habit
She then recommended me to sleep on my back to release the neck tension

After the shoulder & the neck
She moved on to the limbs & back
I felt asleep for the 1st time during massage
I always stayed fully awake during other massages, esp. in Thailand
Because I'd heard stories about how the therapists broke the clients' back during the body twist
But this time at Spa Symphony
I totally gave my trust to Karen

After an hour
I reluctantly moved myself up from the bench
It was so ...wow!
I felt afresh!

& of course
For every first time customer
The staff will do their usual thing which is to sell the package
Both S & I were very satisfied with our massages that we bought the package

This is also the first time I bought spa package in Singapore

I wouldnt doubt its service for Spa Symphony
It is really wonderful
But as a student
I know I could only enjoy it for as much as I could afford
The benefits of the package is that
It is selling at 50% off during this festive season + opening ceremony
& the package doesnt have expiry (which means you can use for as long as the company is still running)
Plus, they have qualified & certified  pre- & post-natal therapists
So why not decide for the future & take it now?
I'd seen pre- & post-natal massage packages selling at $700+ for 5 sessions
Now, this only cost me $700+ for 10 sessions
Well of course, the massage package needs not be a certain massage but can be a mixture of massages available for you to choose from

I'd said,
This is a good deal
& I do not mind paying that affordable amount to receive this good quality service

Thank you
S & I enjoyed it ;)

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