Saturday, December 24, 2011


i just went to seek treatment for my ankle
The pain comes & goes so frequently that I thought it was just minor
However, recently, the pain got more intense & unbearable that i couldnt walk long
so i'd decided to go for tuina

Tuina is a form of therapy performed by chinese physicians
Briefly, it is massage that target accupunture points
I'd also recently appreciated chinese medicine after i saw the improved health conditions during my post-surgery recovery
& i believe that TCM is more effective in curing an aligment from the 'roots' rather than from the surface
so now & then i'd rather seek treatment from TCM than western medicine

At the clinic
The chinese physician asked me to locate the points which hurt
however, as I'd mentioned that the pain comes & goes, i was unable to pinpoint that particular spot
so he started pressing my right foot & confirmed the injury spots according to the painful look of my face & my cries!!

yes i cried
the doctor teased that i was one of the gentle patients who didnt scream!

so after he'd located my injury points, he diagnosed it as an old injury of accumulated tension on the ankle ligament, which luckily, isnt a really bad injury
however he mentioned if i dont seek treatment, i wont be able to walk far & long when i reach 40+!!

As he spoke to me
i was there crying in pain
& i swore i really looked ugly
Dardar was beside me having his tuina on his tight, an injury that he's gotten from playing golf
His injury was fresh so he got cured almost instantly
& he was up to listen to the doc for me

it was too painful to pay attention to get myself distracted

After a half an hour session
I was 'released'
The doctor requires me to return for 5 more times to completely '斷根'
Because i wasnt paying attention
i asked the doctor this instead
"huh? so 斷根 already means cannot walk anymore?"
The doctor, the nurse & Dardar laughed out loud loud loud loud loud

now come to think about it
it was indeed funny

My foot feels kinda swollen now
That's because of the tension released from the inserted pressure
& in chinese medicine terms, the more painful the treatment, the faster the wound heals

keeping my fingers crossed
hope my ankle heals
& to further enhance recovery
i have to avoid iced water, english tea, preserved veggies, glutinous rice,rtc
These food in TCM terms are 'cooling' food which actually in the first place arent suitable for me because i belong to the 'weak' health

oh well
this gives me extra reason to stay well & recover soon


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