Saturday, December 31, 2005

I just woke up
Lemme see the clock

Woke up with running nose
Which sorta started since yesterday
& a feverish body
Which I believe it started during my sleep
Coz although it was raining
I felt the heat
Now I also have sexy voice
*winks winks*


So I guess I'm sick for New Year
*rolls eyes*

Having BBQ with Lionel, Kee, Eve, Ivan, etc etc
Not so stupid to squeeze with the crowd to see the fireworks
Saw that last year
Nice memories
But shall try NOT to refresh them
Hope this New Year's celebration with the gang turns out just as well
But that depends if the sky is gonna co-operate with us
& yes
Heat on top of heat
I think I'll surely have real high fever tomorrow
& tomorrow I'm heading to Sister's Island!
Better pop some Paceco 1st

Bringing my alcohol to the BBQ later
Storing it doesnt help to evaporate it faster

Happy New Year's Eve!
Went for the SHC mega meetup
Long time never go liao
Alot of Honda cars
Got this orange EK4 very nice
Like his BRIDE seats
COst $5k per pair
Saw Joe there too =))

Then headed to Cosy Bay to chill with my brothers

It's New Year's Eve (now)
I guess I'll be staying at home
Keep Momo accompanied
Unless Kevin P & Lye are gonna have another last minute date

Happy New Year!!
& Happy birthday*?

*Er ge wished me Happy Birthday even though my birthday is over. So I also wish everyone Happy Birthday loh!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Met up with Charles the Giant this noon to discuss our secretive, ongoing plans
(Charles is 1.92m tall, but Jesse still wins. Jesse's 1.93m)
Yes, secret
Dont tell you

Walked from Cineleisure to Takashimaya
Then from Takashimaya to Lucky Plaza to check out my mask
& YES!!
Auntie offered me $74
& $72 each if I buy 2
So I called Clifford if he's getting one
He'd already gotten his at $60+ from USA
I also want!
But maybe I'll just get it locally
Find Kevin P to buy with meAlready persuaded him to get with me successfully!!

Gian ben that $2 nia

So from Lucky Plaza walked to HMV
& from HMV to Far East
& Far East to Somerset MRT where I meet The Coyotes for dinner

As usual
Weiling couldnt make it
Donno what she's busy at....
Had Korean cuisine at Le Meriden, milk tea at MOS Burger

Jasinda had to leave early
So leaving me & Ashley to stroll along the way

Average day with lotsa thinkings going on
I'm thinking quite alot lately
I haven been talking with my brothers about it
& I didnt talk to my friends about it

Time tells
Just say that this silly boy loves you more than he ever loved me
I dont even had my fucking breakfast every morning

Congrats on additional fats!

How fucked up can things be when you're liking someone new, sacrificing your time & life for her yet missing the old, dwelling in regrets meanwhile?
Confused? Doubtful? Forgiven? Returnable?
Not me

Gain your direction, silly boy

I hate to hate you but I have to
I saw it...
I ran & ran & ran...
I kept turning my head behind to make sure...
& allowed my legs to carry themselves as fast as they could...
The guy that I passed by looked at me in surprise...
When I reached the brightly lit bus-stop...


My bus was stuck at the traffic light

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Busy day!
I must say
Woke up to access to internet
Needa check something real urgent & important
But Starhub broadband under maintenance!
Called my 'twin' sis helped me search
After that
Went swimming
10 laps
Ok done
Lazy plus tired
But i think majority is lazy

Keep recieving SMSes from clinic senior staff
Dont understand why always find me exchange & cover shifts
Make me change my own appointment & schedule until everything is so screwed
Sorta pek chek
But whatta do?
I'm always so helpful that I usually give up my own decisions to help out

Had 2 new pets today!
Meet my Snow Leopard& Vertikal

Ok la
Snow Leopard isnt that new
Given by Joe last month
Just that he's given a new coat
Which makes him as new as good!
Now Snow Leopard feels so furry
Reminds me of Momo always

Mum complaint Vertikal is too big
Small also complain, big also complain
Lemme see where I shall bring Vertikal to travel to

I miss Handsome lately
Handsome gotta work
Cant play with me
Me:"I got interview with XXX in Jan leh.."
Er ge:"Really ah... cant believe you got shortlisted... but 1st thing, your hairstyle fail.."


Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Went for model interview today
Didnt like it
Left after all the bullshit was exchanged over the coffee table

Loitered around town alone
Sometimes when I feel good, I dress good
Sometimes when I dress good, I feel good
Today is a good day


Had dinner with Tom C
Cool meal
Was so happily chatting that I had to 'shoo' the waiter/waitress twice
Coz I havent decide what to eat
Menu was opened but eyes not going through it

Oh well

Going to get a 80litres backpack tomorrow
Told you I'm going somewhere...
Visiting Little India on Boxing Day is something I've never done before
My first time stepping onto the spicy ground
With Kevin W (aka Kevvy) & Melvyn
Just having fun with photography with colorful themes


Having several thoughts about surrounding people & over-the-year reflection lately
But I guess I'll sort that out soon

Nicotine, anyone?

Cant wait for Thursday to come
Meeting The Coyotes at The Balcony

Sunday, December 25, 2005

A last minute date with Kevin P, my OWD dive buddy & his friend Keeve

Tonight's music is parfait!
*2 thumbs up*
Kev & I totally love the music
Coz DJ Ravin from Buddha Bar was here!
(Music samples can listen from the website or live yet blur version from here & here)
Totally rock, I tell you
Apart from the rocking chair
Oh oh
This time I went to the 2nd level
Sat along the bar table looking out to the road where kids sprayed themselves with foam
So happening
Stayed at The Balcony for near 5 hours
Abit bu se de to leave coz the music is really damn nice
Probably I'll get one of his album soon...

Got sprayed by those damn kids on the way to carpark
Some innocent kids even called those pathetically sprayed victims 'Ice-cream'
Shifted our asses to Ministry of SoundLong queue
Save it
Had supper at Mac instead

Reached home at 255am

Wonderful Christmas
My very 1st Christmas celebration!
& I love it so much!
Awaiting for another celebration
New Year's Eve

Saturday, December 24, 2005

I switched off the toilet lights
& heard a loud BANG behind me
I wondered

"Eh, did you hear that?"
Yip ignored me
"Funny leh... I confirmed toilet no people liao then I switched off leh.."
Yip looked up at me
I stared at the computer, thinking
"You got hear that or not?"
Yip finally opened her mouth
"That time me & Alice working, also got heard loud BANG, then go see the toilet light not on & the toilet door closed, but inside nobody.."
"You serious not?!"
"We all dont dare to go toilet after 11.."

"Always got funny noises late at night"

Dr Lee headed to the toilet
"I feel like asking Dr Lee whether the toilet door was opened or closed just now leh..."
Yip laughed

This may be my first encounter with spookiness on a Christmas' eve's eve
But what I know is...
Others had encountered more than this...
How spooky

Friday, December 23, 2005

Met up with the WildGang of Saints for pre-Xmas dinner @ Marché
Marché was surprisingly crowded today
But luckily were given seats in this cornered parlour where all the bottles of wines are placed
Bumped into another group of Saints
Exchanged looks wondering why one another look so familar...

Me & Ying
Ham & Cheese Crepes, Tempure soft shelled crab & Rosti with chicken hunter sausage
Zhiwei never fails to model even when he's not on assignment
Out for a short walk & puffs after yummy meal

Headed to The Balcony to wait for Malik
I've always wanting to go
& today I finally came!
After I stepped my right foot on the first step
I totally melt
I swear this will be my hangout place most of the time
The interior design is so cool
We sat at the first level
& guess what?
They ROCK! (pun intended)
They also have swings along the edgeSo romantic
They have beautiful glass candle cup
& also beautiful glass-painted ash tray

Price of drinks are reasonable
Had Magarita, Gin & Corona

Xmas gift exchange time!!
So funny over the table
Jokes are as cranky as ever
No doubt known as the WildGang
Coz we ever laughed for 5 hours from morning till school ended
Over.... nothing

Visited the 2nd level
Very dark
But there got beds to lay on
Jio-ed the gang go toilet together

"Eh Abang, wanna go toilet together not?"
"HUH? First time got girl jio me go toilet together leh"

Coz it's a Unisex toilet mah!
Some guys were so shocked to see me & ying inside
"HUH? WHY GOT GIRLS? OH.. Unisex toilet ah.."


We wanted to take group pic inside but everyone is busy peeing
So forget it

Me & Abang
The crazy people
Very happy today!!
Keep laughing & laughing like I've never laughed before

I can feel Xmas this year