Sunday, July 31, 2005

When they said that 'Life is full of ups & downs'
How true can it be

I had 4 boring weekdays
& 1 great Friday
Which I'd totally enjoyed myself particularly
I had 1 lousy weekend
6 downs & 1 up

I cried last night when I was lying on my bed
I donno why
But something just striked me
I just felt sad
I wasnt sobbing
But tears kept dripping outta my eyes

My first cry since I'd returned Singapore
Just returned from Holland V
Celebrated Jackal's (belated) birthday, sort of
Daniel, Nafe, Lewis, Mike, one of Jack's friends, Jarenis & I were there

Mike started the night with this 'Pigeon Sandwich' mystery question
& throughout dinner at Coffee Club
Everyone was guessing
Tsk tsk
I couldnt bother to waste my brain cells over dinner
Coz that was my first meal of the day
& I ate happily
But then something sharp cut my tongue
I took it outta my mouth
A small plastic fragment was hidden in my mashed potato!!!
I was so shocked & I wanted to complain
But the rest were like..."forget it lah","nevermind la"
It can kill anyone you know
If I'm a kid

After dinner
Slacked outside Wala Wala
Wanted to enter but too crowded
So we headed to Gelare
Me & Jarenis

We chatted for abit more
Mostly about Jarenis' entrepreneurship
She appeared on TODAY, the business show on Chan U & almost everywhere lah
Successful business woman

Left at 11+
Bumpy bus ride
Felt nauseous after I got off bus
But before that abit giddy liao
Donno what's wrong la
Probably low in sugar content for the day
Oh well

Happy Belated Birthday Jackal

Saturday, July 30, 2005

I had a wonderful Friday!!
I dressed good coz I'm in good mood
Spent my time wisely, i think
Had a good dinner with Pat
Took many photos crazily

Went IKEA with Pat in the afternoon
She bought lotsa things
As if she's lacking furnitures
Which she claimed she is
& that she bought 2 bookshelves, 1 clothes rack, 4 storage boxes & 100 tealight candles
I only bought a clothes organizer
& Mum is happy with it
Coz this means that I'll be finally packing my extremely messy wardrobe

We fooled around in IKEA
We sat on the cushions
Played with soft toys
Flipped the items
Ransacked the bargain cart
Took pic with Mr Rat
& I found my Prince Froggie~

Lemme kiss it
Doesnt *poof* into Prince Charming

After that
Headed town to Goldwell salon
Brought Ken down for the hairdo trial
They were looking for male models
So guys with long hair & are interested in getting free hair-do, please contact me

Did lotsa snap shots
Along Orchard Road
Ken said I look muscular in this pic
Arbo then!?
I just came out of army camp ok
Still wearing my Army pants leh
HeeheeOutside TakashimayaAt the spiral staircase at Heeren basement
Had dinner with Pat at Galilee & Friends @ Cineleisure (Former Lips cafe)
We 'cheated' 2 student meals
(We are no longer students leh)
We showed them an expired SP student card & an International Student card
I chose the most expensive a-la-carte meal
But I only paid for $5.90
*giggles evily*

-following post has no pictures coz no camera-

Coz Pat had night class
I went to Great World City find Vince Gor play CS
But I ended up watching 'Tong Xin Yuan' & 'Crime Watch'
Till 9 plus & followed him to his Honda Club meetup

His stupid friends couldnt recognise me
Just coz this time I tied my hair & wore my blue contact lens
They thought I'm someone else

We then drove to Bugis for supper
& I rode on Honda Integra!~
'Kindaichi'(coz he looks like one) drove at 120km/hr
But I couldnt really feel its speed
I could feel the surge,however, as he stepped on the accelerator
He said I was freaked out due to the high speed
But actually I was just admiring the scenery
I just love peaceful car rides
(unlike Mike's car ride which I'll mention later)

Slacked till 1220am
& headed home
But Dear & friends jio-ed me out for supper after I'd changed into my sleepwear
Dressed up all over again & headed to Al Azhar at Bukit Timah
Had my roti john finally!!

Mike suggested heading to Lim Chu Kang cementry area
To show us fireflies
& Chip said:"where the hell got firefly? So far in my army I only saw one"
& I asked Mike:"you sure those are fireflies or not?"
Mike kept quiet for a second & replied:"if you see anything, dont speak a word"
DUHZ!! So they are not fireflies la~~~
Lewis Dear laughed beside me

Stupid Mike freaked me out the whole journey
& He wanted to blast music
But I told him shut it off & dont disturb 'them'
He asked:"Disturb who?"
Where got people so stupid?
Still got who living at Lim Chu Kang cementry??!?!

I hugged the teddy bear found in Mike's car & Dear's arm tightly throughout the journey
& he brought us to our Sec 3 campsite
I didnt know it was so secluded that time
We then got down the car & walked to the jetty
But not very a romantic place to loiter afterall

Mike played drift
Luckily I had my seat belt on

I reached home at 420am
Collapsed on bed immediately
But my mind keeps flashing the Lim Chu Kang Road
So I was semi-conscious during my sleep
& I woke up at 930am

Rainy Saturday
Heading to Holland V at night for dinner with Jackal & friends
Yet another happy night, I guess

Enjoying life

Friday, July 29, 2005

(A very random happy blog entry)

I have blue eyes thus I'm an American!!
As if

I'm ready...for IKEA
I'm ready...for IKEA

*Sing along to SpongeBob's-ready-for-promotion-at Krasty-Krab-2 theme song*

Thursday, July 28, 2005

I cant deny the fact that I'm way too emotional over non-living objects
For example
My handphone
People have been complaining about my phone calls
Said it was unclear
Conversation was jerky
But to me
Everything sounds & looks perfect
Although recently the signals have been on & off
Other than that
I only dropped twice
On soft ground
No obvious scratches
Pasted with lovely stickers with anntena rings
I haven even peeled the LCD protector off since I bought it
No, to be precise, my mum gave me

It's been such a dearie since 3 years ago coz
It's given by my mum
It was the prettiest Samsung handphone design 3 years ago
Petite & slim
It is the longest phone that I have lived with for the 5 years I have mobile communication
It can store pics of me & Dear in it
So I get to see Dear everytime I flip open to make a call or SMS
or browse through the folder when I'm bored
It's my best companion on bed every night

Wo bu se de bu yao ta~~

Very sad
No mood
Consider a good deed done
Michelle found a stray kitten & was looking for a home for it
& I helped her asking up & down for kind souls to keep it
Asked this asked that
Wah... fierce
But within that night, Mala replied me
Said she wants the kitten
Kitty's going to new home =DDD

August's packed to full
Hope I can manage to get my stuffs done properly

Transcript application failed
Dad's MasterCard got problem, i think
But nonetheless Lizt had helped me to pay for it
Merci beaucoup ma chere~~

Dear's considering going Bintan with his campmates
I also wanna go ~~~~

I'm like so broke & yet I still wanan go here go there

4th day stuck at home
Bored to hell
Someone jio me out lehhhhhhhhhhh

Handphone's dying
Suddenly got reception, suddenly no
Talk halfway kana cut off
Someone donate me a N7610?

Lemme go count how many strands of hair does Momo have
I think that should spend my whole day doing 'something'

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I was so bored
Almost decomposing
I chatted with Vince Gor, Wolfie Senior & internet SMSed Swee Kee
It was a very random topic but suddenly
All narrowed to the same topic which freaks me out
All 3 of them know NO each other

I took a photo yesterday
Placed it in my MSN photo

& asked my Vince Gor in super BHB (thick-skinned) manner
Me:"Eh, chio bo?"
Gor:"Chio chio"
Me:"Looks like ah lian?"

Just seconds after my conversation with Vince Gor
Wolfie senior asked:"By the way, why did you mention you hate your brother in your MSN nick yesterday?"
Me:"coz he everytime takes my things to use w/out telling me & only return me when it's spoilt!"
Wolfie Senior:" ah lian leh..hoot him la!"
O_O *stunned*

& just seconds after my short conversation with Vince Gor & Wolfie Senior
Swee Kee replied my SMS regarding us dressing lian-ish/beng-ish if we happen to go pub one free night
"Kaoz, you already very lian liao mah...remember the photo you took at Breko?"

Photo recap


I replied:"That one where got...that one so ugly...but I just took new pic, later you go friendster see"

& then me, desparately trying to defend myself, replied Wolfie Senior
"Ah lian dont study Uni one wor..."
Wolfie Senior:"You loh.."

& just seconds after Wolfie Senior said that
Swee Kee replied my SMS
"OK..what a degree holding Ah lian"

& just seconds after Swee Kee said that
Vince Gor said
"Educated Ah lian"

These 3 guys are making me crazy!!
I wanna smash all these 3 guys' head with Momo's Singapore flag!
How can they all conclude I am an Ah lian at the same time without knowing each other??
Do I really look like Ah lian?

Since I've been classified as Ah lian for many many many many years
I shall let them admit they're right
Dont make them pai-seh
So sad that I have to swallow the shameful facts myself

I am not Ah lian lahhhhhhhh~~
*slaps slaps slaps slaps*

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Because National Day is so near
Just 2 weeks ahead
Everyone is patriotically wearing 'I love Singapore' red tee sold in Bossini, Giordano, Hang ten, Baleno, etc
& also snatching for National Day Parade tickets even though you have to smash one another's head to grab the Whilst-Stocks-Last pieces of paper

Cant be bothered
I dont have a single red Singapore tee
& I haven watch that damn parade for 12years
But I'd decided to show my slight patriotism for 2005 still
On, however, NOT me...

Lemme present ....

Singapore flag on the cage
What more can you request?

Ok lah
I didnt really have the idea to... express my patriotism
But coz I think the flag is so cute
& it looks grand on Momo's cage
Thus.... I... placed it on?

Momo is so ke ai, ok?
>_< >_<
If only Momo is my magical hamster
I'll kiss it & make him *poof* into my Prince Charming
Too much fairytales

Cant wait for next week coz my diving lesson is starting
I'm gonna be a mei ren yu
*swims swims swims*

Suddenly I crave for (chicken/pork) chops

Monday, July 25, 2005

Sunday, July 24, 2005

I was out for 24hours!!!
& my dad will go mad soon!
But i dont care
It's not like I'm smoking pots or something
I'm doing my favourite stuffs!

I had bbq at Michelle's house on Saturday
Bebia's birthday
Yah... Michelle's dog's birthday
Pat & I headed over early to help her with the food
Got Salmon sticks, bacon-hotdog sticks, satays, prawns & many many others
Baby's friends were there too
A maltese & a silky terrier
Fortunate dog
Some of our secondary schoolmates were there too
Met them AGAIN for the 1st time after so long

After the bbq
I headed down to Ria's house & get ready for Sunday's trip to this particular islet near Tekong
I woke up at 330am in the morning
Just to catch a glimpse of Liverpool vs Olympiacos LIVE match
Liverpool won 4-3
& I managed to see Olympiacos scored at 85 Minutes

On our way there in the early morning
We lost our orientation coz it was so dark
But in the end we found it
That islet is damn muddy
But nevertheless
We still found animals like..
Diameda spp.
sea apple
& others
(Tired, lazy to post pictures, but can go to imagestation see or WildFilms to read)
Ok so blah blah blah
Let's not forget the sunrise
Tide came in very fast & we had to leave at 830am
Ok lah, not bad
It always feel good while at a new location

Working later
Time to sleep

Saturday, July 23, 2005

It's the second time that I didnt sleep for 24hours
How cool can this be?

When I returned from my WildFilms trip to Chek Jawa
Dear said he wasnt going to work
He was down with hives
& so I left after breakfast
& accompanied Dear to the doc
We waited for hours & I nearly fell asleep while waiting
& we only got to leave for home at 3pm
I concussed immediately as soon as I jumped onto Dear's bed
But woke up at 7pm for TV
& went out with Gor at 930pm
Only got to finally reach home at 1230am

Let's speak about my Chek Jawa trip
Despite the full moon
We didnt really see many mobile animals
& I could finally spot nudibranches!!!
Elysia spp.
Armina spp.
The brittle stars were huge!

Ugly toadfishes alive

But what was really going on in Chek Jawa was...
There was poachers!
We found about 5-7 pots on the shore with a long line linking one another
It stretched from the shore all the way to the water
& in each pot there was approximately 3-4 crabs

As you know
Chek Jawa is a protected area
Thus, poaching is illegal
We then released the crabs by cutting the nets & destroying the pots
& contacted Nparks about the situation

Crab rescue for the morning, cool heh?

Heading to Mich's bbq later
& then to Berting Bornok on Sunday morning
But work at Sunday night

Thursday, July 21, 2005

PMS sinking in
Wanna slap almost everyone who stands in my way

Work last night
Very few patients

Trip tomorrow night
To Chek Jawa
Hope it's not the mangrove side
I scare snakes

I like Jenny's quote
"Friends truly are like stars. Even if you don't see them sometimes, you still know that they're there."
Chided me for contacts only when I needed help?
Then I guess I am so wrong
You, my 'friend', arent willing to be there already

No mood to type anything else
Go see pictures if you want

Let me go finish up my pack of Ruffles
Yes Momo? You want too?

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Sunshine finally
Hope it's gonna last for the week

Headed down to Bugis to sign up for the diving course
Last minutely
One of the friends said cannot
Then postpone
Then bring forward
I just wish to get things done soon

My remaining $400 is gonna spent on my diving
After the payment
I'll declare myself bankrupt
Back to times when I have to survive on bread bits once daily

Work later
No more emergency cases please
It just made me panic

Busy weekend
Hope I'll be feeling physically alright
& have fun =)

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

It's been raining for days & for hours
& it'd got me stuck at home for hours & for days
How bored!
Dear's coming over for dinner tonite
& I cant go out to get the grocery done
Coz of the continuous downpour!

I pray for sunshine with chirping birds for the rest of the week as WildFilms are set for adventures once again

Passed by the kitchen just now & I saw this
My brother had finally decided to wash his smelly bolster
But the positioning of it in the washing machine is.... spastic
& how can the washing machine wash it just like that?

Rain just got heavier

Monday, July 18, 2005

Yesterday at work was pretty scary
Crowd started immediately after 8pm
Think got about 10 patients in an hour
This isnt the worst

An emergency case arrived
An indian worker hurt his head
& the doc had to see him thrice to get his stitches down
While trying to rotate other patients for consulation

Second emergency case arrived
A girl was pulled by her friends into the clinic
She cut her wrist
She refused treatment
She refused to go home

When I saw the patient
I was shocked
I'm sorry that I'm so unprofessional
But I couldnt help it
That girl is one of my schoolmates

As I was searching her medical card
The number kept floating off
& I had to get back to the computer & enforced it in my mind
I couldnt count the numbers correctly
I told myself
"Calm down..."
But my heart just kept pounding like some orgasmic dogs

I think she saw me
She hid behind her boyfriend
I pretended I didnt see her nor recognise her
But it's impossible
We waved to each other in a shopping mall in January

Her boss entered the clinic as well
She told me that she isnt stable mentally
& requested for emergency
I thought:"Geez... really??"

The thing about her is that
During school
She had been known as a weirdo by everyone
She is really weird
She tore off my friend's t-shirt while playing catching
& sticks (literally) to the guys she likes
Never did I realised that she is REALLY mentally unstable till she can cut herself!

I couldnt bring myself to tease her anymore
I felt bad
Coz I'd been one of the 'bullies' who teased her behind her back all the time
I sympathised her

The scary thing during my shift isnt the blood I saw
It's that schoolmate of mine
She cut her wrist for no reason under her mentally unstable mind

When I reached home
I called Dear to talk about it
He knows her too
& both of us couldnt speak more than anything
We were in shock

I couldnt sleep last night
Kept thinking about what had happened
It seem dramatic
But I could understand

Up till now
I'm still thinking of it...
Life's so unpredictable

Sunday, July 17, 2005

I am now at Dear's house
Dear's fixing my lappy for me
But unfortunately
The dishonest shopkeeper cheated us
He sold Dear's eldest brother a formatted harddisk
He thought we arent as IT savvy as he is sia...
Dear decided to abort the repair
& Dear's eldest brother decided to return Sim Lim to slap that idiot with his shop's signboard

Bloody hell
Now what era liao?
Still got such 'gua yang tou mai gou rou' (hang sheep's head sell dog meat) situation occuring?

Work later
Additional $1 per hour on weekends

Malaysia got grand sale leh
Anyone wanna head up North with me?

Saturday, July 16, 2005

I have a very happy day with my Dear
See~~~ so happy~~~ hahaha
Thanks Dear

My happy day started off with bathing smelly Momo
& then dressed up & waited for Dear to fetch me
& took photo with my brother
Been years we ever did that...

Dear & I then headed down town to get tickets for 'Be with you'
& then to HMV
Guess who I saw!!!!
*sings Batman's theme*
A S.W.A.T, a starwar character, a ghost(?), Freddy & Jason were there
But I pai-seh to take pic with all of them
& Freddy looks so scary that I ran off on my heels!!
I'm always scared of Freddy ever since the 'Nightmare on Elm Street' movie was shown on TV

Coz we're so sick of town
We decided to go to Suntec City
& guess what I saw again!
It's the first time for both Dear & I see tanks!
They are soooooooooooooooooo huge!
Imagine Singapore having wars with tanks

We went shop shop
Very fun
Been to the Heritage Fest, go Courts see DVD player, see handphones
& Dear snapped me when I was on the phone!
My Cinnamon handphone cover cute hor? *giggles*

For dinner,we had buffet at Siam Kitchen
Hee hee. Dear eating keropok
Scared by the amount?
Sorry ah... frame too small
There're still few more dishes...
A total of 20 dishes

We then walked all the way to Peninsula Plaza coz Dear wanna check out this Liverpool CL Final DVD
& coz Dear was wearing the limited edition LFC CL Champion polo tee
The Indian shopkeepers was peeping at Dear's tee
& said "That's a very nice tee. We have one too but it's of another design"
& the main boss asked:"Where did you buy it? London? How much?"
I told them the details
"Oh Kitbag. They're very friendly...Ok thanks"
Friendly? AS IF!!!
If they're friendly they'd have told you bt this tee & sell you, stupid
& you wanna order them now?
Too late
It's L.I.M.I.T.E.D E.D.I.T.I.O.N
It only has 1 thousand pieces worldwide
& only my Dear in Singapore HAS it
Neh neh ni bu bu *bleahhhhhhhhh*

I sounded childish
We both felt so damn proud coz even the shopkeepers looked upon it
But as we left, we realised we shouldnt tell him
Coz if he managed to get them, it wont be limitied edition anymore
& I suggested to poke the shopkeepers' eyes blind so he cant do a thing

Returned to Cineleisure for the movie
I cried

Dear's at my house now
Gonna watch Liverpool match later in the morning
& now playing Burnout 2004 with my brother
So ke ai
Went Gone Fishing Cafe with Pat & Jackal last night
It's a cool place
Walls are being scribbled
& has lotsa games to play with
It also have special drink like Oreo Vanilla
& cakes like carrot & pecan cake

I guess I was pretty tired
Most of the time
It was Pat & Jackal talking
& I was only...'huh? orh... yah...hmmmm'

Sleepy me & Pat


I was abit bored or rather it was actually the sleepiness that is overwhelming me
& I started taking nonsensical photos
Alien invasion on Horsey


We didnt realised that we actually sat for 2hours+
& Jackal drove us back home
Pat hurried me to sleep coz I was talking rubbish to her

So jialat meh?

I had a good sleep though
Dreamt of Dear
& Dear said he dreamt of me

*hugs hugs*

Friday, July 15, 2005

Headed down to Ubi to accompany Gor modify his car AGAIN!
Called me early morning asked me wanna go down or not
Shattered my beauty sleep

I then suspect his main motif of getting me down
To direct him to the location
coz he knows I'm good at directions

This time round
He wanna do this air filter thing
Whatever you call that
Said can run faster worrrrr
But I didnt feel any speed difference leh

Me & Vince Gor, who is acting (or actually) sissy to match his sissy color car

No lah

Another Vincent's car's radiator got problem
& he was so pissed with it that he hit his car damn hard
Kana shocked
& he sped along the road in opposite lanes horning at oncoming cars to vent his anger
Think he'd spent many thousands in the modification
& in the end, the engine is gonna die soon
& that he has to run at 60km/hr instead of his normal 100km/hr

Bloody hell
Whole day rain
Cant go Geylang eat durians

On my way home
Guess what did I see?
To be correct
I wonder if the taxi uncle feels pai-seh or not
Man driving ah-gua car

Kee's mee store opens today
Soon I'll have free lor mee, laksa & prawn mee to eat for supper
*yum yum*

Mum's cooking my favourite food tonite!
& thus I'm heading home for dinner
Japanese fishes
& popcorn chicken!!