Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm so hyped up today
Donno why
But I'm even more hyped when I saw that Fireflyz had changed their flight timing to Kuala Terengganu to the morning
Which means that, if I were to go to Pulau Redang, I can still catch their boat by afternoon!

So excited
Best of all
It's not even expensive!
Only RM$80 per pax per way

Considering it to reach Kuala Terengganu within 45mins
As compared to the usual 12 hours bus journey
This is really a bargain!

It's not possible to catch the flight back since the flight back to Singapore is also in the morning
& the earliest boat off P. Redang is at 10am


Oh nvm
I'll just get the calculation done
I'm all so excited already!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I was at Resort World Sentosa 2 weeks ago
It was a pleasure that Lionel invited us to join him to do his hotel survey
Since he is required to give some evaluation to his company

Although the place smells of paint, thinner & other chemicals
Most of the areas are nicely done
The Galleria has my favourite store - Victoria's secret!
But I will have to pay extra $3 for Sentosa's entrance fee before I shop =\

One of the casinos that has entrance gates accessible according to citizenships

We made our way through the galleria
From Festive Hotel to Hotel Michael

Which is easily recognised by these 2 naked statues

The room looks average, to me
But Lionel said that Hotel Michael is the most expensive hotel among the rest
Around SGD$500+ per night (CRAZY!!)
Because every part of the room is designed by Michael specifically

I like the toilet especially
Because it has raindrop shower head!
We tried & it is damn shiok!

Theme park still under heavy construction

We didnt decide to stay over
& left after doing the hotel evaluation
Took a stroll outside before we took a cab back home

We have our very own Hard Rock! =D

This place is nice
In fact I did feel like I was 'overseas' for that few hours
But honestly
It's way too expensive for locals

I hope their Seaworld is gonna be amazing
Without wild captivity conflicts, of course
For that
I will definitely visit again =)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Supposedly I wanted to blog about my visit to Resort World Sentosa 2 weeks ago
But it appeared that a bad news received this afternoon changed my idea

My grandaunt (姑婆) passed away
Dad rushed back Hong Kong at 4pm just now
& still on his way to China

Initially I thought she died of old age
Which sounded reasonable since she is already 80+ years old
But I was updated that she committed suicide

In total shock

Earlier on
She expressed unhappiness
She complaint she had no money left for her retirement
& she was sounding weird
She also told my uncle & dad not to worry
As she knows how to handle

She chose death

Elderly coming to the end of the life tend to be sadistic
It's always the young's duty to show concern to them
But sad to say
Generations changing, traditions fading
It's common that we, youngsters, never care anymore

I used to be very close to this grandaunt
But not anymore after I came to Singapore & she returned to China

I hope she feels better now
But it's a pity that she's gone selfishly
Leaving everyone who cares for her in sudden awe

Rest in peace, 姑婆
You'll always be remembered

Monday, January 25, 2010

Time seems to pass very very very slow

I thought I would take a lot time to finish my experiment
But it was completed faster than I expected!
I only did 1 species instead of 2 due to limited resources
So probably that's why it's this fast
& I couldnt not do for the 2nd one also coz the treatment had already been run
Working on it in midst of the treatment will surely affect readings

Next time loh!

Which is next month
Because I'm going Taiwan next week
& the next spring low tide is after Chinese New Year


Shouldnt be smiling because I'm still planning how to work on it without performing pseudoreplication

Feel sleepy sia
No bed in lab

Gonna have dinner with Prof & Dr Mark Davies tonite
Mark came all the way from UK to do experiments with Prof
I was happy to meet him
& am glad that he remembers me

Right now
Lemme take a good rest first

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Earlier on
I mentioned about 2010 being a frightening year
Due to uncertainties

The grey clouds seem to have dissipated

Knowing that my trips this year had been reduced from 4 to just only 1
& that I am expecting one major task to do
I think I'm ready for the path ahead

Despite it gonna be jagged
I'm sure I can hang on to the very end

Jia you!

Monday, January 18, 2010

I had a dream last night
Not a nightmare, thank Dog
It was a fun dream, I suppose

I was at a place with DarDar
Along the seaside
& the place was beautiful
We stayed till sunset to witness the daily highlight
Which is a thunderous roar from the waves that can shake buildings & shatter glass

The scenario was amazing
Although we did almost turned deaf

I woke up with the dream fresh
But I couldnt search online if this place exists

Maybe my dream was a bit exaggerating
But if anyone know of such place with thunderous road from waves
Please let me know?


At least I know I wasnt 'dreaming'

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I really hate people who brood over the past
& blame the history non-stop
Instead of moving forward to think of a solution
& live peacefully for the rest of the life

At this point of time
There's no reverse

I cried for 1 night
Struggled through the week to accept the fact
& now I'm accepting it
& plan what's the next step

Yesterday I cried again

If there's such a cry-o-meter
I am damn sure I'd burst it

I almost triggered my hidden asthma attack

Sometimes facts are hard to accept if it's way out of the plans
But if one doesnt accept the facts
New plans can never be made
Neither does dwelling in old plans help in any way

I'd learnt to move on long time ago
& I bet someone with much life experiences should take things easier
But this seems unlikely

I'd made my point
I will survive on myself
& will not let anyone look down on me

I will pass the hardest stage
Even if it costs my life

Friday, January 15, 2010

I have to eat continuously to prevent being nauseous again

The feeling really sucks when you see your gastric juices are vomited in litres
Like water gushing from opened flood gates

First time ever

& that's the end

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm soooooooo happy =D
School is giving me $300 more for my monthly stipend
Which gives me a extra sum to save

& also extra excuses to shop


I must work hard!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The world has changed!

It's so bloody cold in the North
& so bloody hot in the South

I should call it a bless that we're experiencing much along the Equator


I'm very sure that we will one day

The world is definitely changing

Saturday, January 09, 2010

To most
It should be a good news

But to me
It didnt appear to be
& I cried the whole night

Upon seeing everyone being so happy
It would be selfish of me not to share the happiness around
& worse
Sulk myself in my own gloomy world
Hating the fact for no reason

I tried to accept

& I'm accepting

This morning
I wished DarDar 'Good Morning'
He wished back

I smiled
& cried again
But this time
It's the tears of joy

I felt loved
No matter what happens

So I must be strong
& go on

Friday, January 08, 2010

Seems like the nightmare was a premonition to something

Good or bad?

We will see

Thursday, January 07, 2010

I have the longest nightmare last night
& I'm still in daze

My mind is totally cranky
& I cant think straight
I just feel like puking all the time

Psychological problems?

Could be, I suppose
With all the backlogs I'd spoken about
Still awaiting solutions
I cant stop thinking about the procedures that I'm going to do next
In fear that I will forget them once the flood gate opens

So everything is spinning in my mind

DarDar isnt helping much
Kept saying he doesnt know Chinese
Donno how to help
The itinerary for the Taiwan trip is making me nuts

Why am I always doing unnecessary things?

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

It's been 5th day of 2010
I am procrastinating

Should be working on my report
But just didnt have the mood to do so
Coz I'm worried about my progress that is now dangling in my Prof's hands
I've yet received comments of my draft that I'd sent her 3 weeks ago!
Neither have I gotten her approval to allow me to buy my air-ticket to Hong Kong
Which is also delaying my whole plan to start my experiment overseas
Not yet informed the other party
Not yet booked rooms in lab
Not yet get them prepare materials
Not yet this not yet that
All because it's jammed up
& I'm really losing my patience
Coz time is running out!

I may be rude
But seriously
The one who delays the process due to their selfishness is the fault of ultimate failure

Cant really say I didnt have the mood to do my report
It's just that
I have no idea how to start
Everything seems so connected
& it's even harder for me to separate them out into chapters
But I'll see to that

So the whole of today
I was searching for info needed for my Taiwan trip in May 2010
Just bought the air-ticket
DarDar said it is $50 cheaper than he previously checked

Now that we've our tickets
We're planning our exploration routes

Taiwan is really damn fucking BIG!

Due to time constraint
We decided to stick to the upper part of Taiwan
Traveling from Taipei, to Hualien, to Taichung & back Taipei
A triangular route across the land

We'd found nice homestays in Hualien
& things to do & see while we're there
As we're planning our trip to Taichung
We have terrible headaches

DarDar is dying to go to the hotsprings
Surrounded by nice mountain scenery & cool atmosphere
& I managed to find one that is highly recommended

Because that hotspring is directly in between Hualien & Taichung
We thought it will be just great as a stopover
I spent the whole day searching for ways to travel from Hualien to Taichung directly
But found none

Only then
I realised that
The only bus route across the mountain had been CLOSED
due to the landslide caused by earthquake since donno-when!


Plan screwed
So pek chek
But I didnt give up
Still trying to find other methods to get there

Worse comes to worse
We may have to travel all the way back to Taipei, down to Taichung & up the mountains
Which I kinda dislike this idea
Coz it's a waste of time, somehow
Going in one big circle

Now we're hesitating if we wanna just stick to traveling on the West Coast of Taiwan
Where transport is more accessible

I just hope there's an alternative route to go to the hotspring
& stick to my initial plan

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Seems like 2010 is starting off pretty well for me

DarDar headed for his first fishing competition of 2010
& won the first prize!
He's the winner of the big catch race with a 6.3kg sea bass

It's so huge that it took us 1 hour to completely chop up the fish to fill our freezer

I intended to start working on my report yesterday
But went off play Wii the whole day
Now my whole body was aching from head to toe

Went out with Seh Chin & Lionel for supper in JB
We tried something new, other than the usual wanton mee stall
So we went to Kim Do to have satays

The satay was average but it was the chilli sauce that scores
DarDar couldnt resist the 'shiokness' from the spiciness & went to order another 5 more sticks on top of the existing 10 sticks

We also ordered their signature dish - Golden crab to share
Which is actually Salted Egg crab
It is delicious to max!!!

Lionel suddenly felt like eating Frog Legs with Chicken essence
The most potent dish of the meal

If anyone was free to take picture of me eating
I guess I will look exactly like Seh Chin busy eating the crab
Its pincers are as big as 3/4 of my palm!!!!

It was a great supper
& all of us think it was a great start to 2010
With DarDar winning the race
& had such wonderful meal

We chit-chatted for another hour at White Town Coffee
& reached home at 3am
Which I was completely dropped dead after 2 nights of late night sleep

Tomorrow will be the last day to nua
& after that
Full gear ahead

Bless me

Friday, January 01, 2010

I think better finish updating the things I did for the last few days of 2009
& not procrastinate it into 2010

The next day after we returned from Sabah
We were invited by Michelle & Gerald to their chalet in P. Ubin
It was at the same chalet that we had for my birthday celebration! =D

Michelle's brother, Deschamp, had his first trip to P. Ubin
& he was all so excited

We spent the day 'crabbing'
The laziest way to fish, by the way

Half-way through
It started pouring heavily for an hour
But after that
We saw the most beautiful rainbow ever!
At closer look
It was a triple rainbow!
There was one directly on top of the prominent one & another very faint one extending next to it

Michelle said this is extremely rare

At evening
Sean joined us for the chalet & we had BBQ dinner

Despite my tummy was still recovering from excessive excretion since the Sabah trip
I was eating very slow & very careful not to trigger the 'diahorrea button'
& all night long was a perfect gathering session

This over-stay was indeed so much better than previous one
I so love my darlings to bits
Thanks Michelle, Deschamp, Gerald & Sean!


It was New Year's Eve
The Coyotes met up to have a Wii session at Jas' house
Sadly, however
Both Weiling & I were down with flu
& almost couldnt make it with our constant flow of mucus
But luckily
We were both better on the actual day

Jas' house is so nice!
I love her full-glass window
& view that is not blocked by other flats
Living on high levels like these is something I've been dreaming of

Jas had almost all the Wii gadgets
& we really had lotsa fun!

This is such an unglam photo of me playing Raving Rabbid TV Party >_<
At the same time
We played with Jas' chihuahua - Stitch & chinchilla - Hush Hush

We had Lok Lok for dinner =D

& Xmas gift exchange for the finale

Thanks girls!
It's been a wonderful 10 years to have you as my friends!


After that
I went to meet DarDar & friends at Halo Bar in SIM

Oh yes
There's a pub open to public in a University campus!

Just normal talk-cock & wine-drinking session
The boys never fail to bore me to death
Coz they are always talking cock!

We stayed through the final moment
& entered 2010

That's another year, everyone

Although I'm seriously not very enthusiastic about it
(which in the more pessimistic terms, it means it's another year closer to old age & death,etc)
I'm really glad to be blessed with good friends that stand by me as I think back

So many things had passed
& new experiences gained
New lessons learnt
& new opportunity received

I only hope that life can be as smooth as always
& happy always

The usual words

Happy New Year 2010