Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Supposedly I wanted to blog about my visit to Resort World Sentosa 2 weeks ago
But it appeared that a bad news received this afternoon changed my idea

My grandaunt (姑婆) passed away
Dad rushed back Hong Kong at 4pm just now
& still on his way to China

Initially I thought she died of old age
Which sounded reasonable since she is already 80+ years old
But I was updated that she committed suicide

In total shock

Earlier on
She expressed unhappiness
She complaint she had no money left for her retirement
& she was sounding weird
She also told my uncle & dad not to worry
As she knows how to handle

She chose death

Elderly coming to the end of the life tend to be sadistic
It's always the young's duty to show concern to them
But sad to say
Generations changing, traditions fading
It's common that we, youngsters, never care anymore

I used to be very close to this grandaunt
But not anymore after I came to Singapore & she returned to China

I hope she feels better now
But it's a pity that she's gone selfishly
Leaving everyone who cares for her in sudden awe

Rest in peace, 姑婆
You'll always be remembered

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