Wednesday, January 06, 2010

It's been 5th day of 2010
I am procrastinating

Should be working on my report
But just didnt have the mood to do so
Coz I'm worried about my progress that is now dangling in my Prof's hands
I've yet received comments of my draft that I'd sent her 3 weeks ago!
Neither have I gotten her approval to allow me to buy my air-ticket to Hong Kong
Which is also delaying my whole plan to start my experiment overseas
Not yet informed the other party
Not yet booked rooms in lab
Not yet get them prepare materials
Not yet this not yet that
All because it's jammed up
& I'm really losing my patience
Coz time is running out!

I may be rude
But seriously
The one who delays the process due to their selfishness is the fault of ultimate failure

Cant really say I didnt have the mood to do my report
It's just that
I have no idea how to start
Everything seems so connected
& it's even harder for me to separate them out into chapters
But I'll see to that

So the whole of today
I was searching for info needed for my Taiwan trip in May 2010
Just bought the air-ticket
DarDar said it is $50 cheaper than he previously checked

Now that we've our tickets
We're planning our exploration routes

Taiwan is really damn fucking BIG!

Due to time constraint
We decided to stick to the upper part of Taiwan
Traveling from Taipei, to Hualien, to Taichung & back Taipei
A triangular route across the land

We'd found nice homestays in Hualien
& things to do & see while we're there
As we're planning our trip to Taichung
We have terrible headaches

DarDar is dying to go to the hotsprings
Surrounded by nice mountain scenery & cool atmosphere
& I managed to find one that is highly recommended

Because that hotspring is directly in between Hualien & Taichung
We thought it will be just great as a stopover
I spent the whole day searching for ways to travel from Hualien to Taichung directly
But found none

Only then
I realised that
The only bus route across the mountain had been CLOSED
due to the landslide caused by earthquake since donno-when!


Plan screwed
So pek chek
But I didnt give up
Still trying to find other methods to get there

Worse comes to worse
We may have to travel all the way back to Taipei, down to Taichung & up the mountains
Which I kinda dislike this idea
Coz it's a waste of time, somehow
Going in one big circle

Now we're hesitating if we wanna just stick to traveling on the West Coast of Taiwan
Where transport is more accessible

I just hope there's an alternative route to go to the hotspring
& stick to my initial plan

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