Sunday, January 17, 2010

I really hate people who brood over the past
& blame the history non-stop
Instead of moving forward to think of a solution
& live peacefully for the rest of the life

At this point of time
There's no reverse

I cried for 1 night
Struggled through the week to accept the fact
& now I'm accepting it
& plan what's the next step

Yesterday I cried again

If there's such a cry-o-meter
I am damn sure I'd burst it

I almost triggered my hidden asthma attack

Sometimes facts are hard to accept if it's way out of the plans
But if one doesnt accept the facts
New plans can never be made
Neither does dwelling in old plans help in any way

I'd learnt to move on long time ago
& I bet someone with much life experiences should take things easier
But this seems unlikely

I'd made my point
I will survive on myself
& will not let anyone look down on me

I will pass the hardest stage
Even if it costs my life

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