Monday, January 25, 2010

Time seems to pass very very very slow

I thought I would take a lot time to finish my experiment
But it was completed faster than I expected!
I only did 1 species instead of 2 due to limited resources
So probably that's why it's this fast
& I couldnt not do for the 2nd one also coz the treatment had already been run
Working on it in midst of the treatment will surely affect readings

Next time loh!

Which is next month
Because I'm going Taiwan next week
& the next spring low tide is after Chinese New Year


Shouldnt be smiling because I'm still planning how to work on it without performing pseudoreplication

Feel sleepy sia
No bed in lab

Gonna have dinner with Prof & Dr Mark Davies tonite
Mark came all the way from UK to do experiments with Prof
I was happy to meet him
& am glad that he remembers me

Right now
Lemme take a good rest first

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