Friday, January 01, 2010

I think better finish updating the things I did for the last few days of 2009
& not procrastinate it into 2010

The next day after we returned from Sabah
We were invited by Michelle & Gerald to their chalet in P. Ubin
It was at the same chalet that we had for my birthday celebration! =D

Michelle's brother, Deschamp, had his first trip to P. Ubin
& he was all so excited

We spent the day 'crabbing'
The laziest way to fish, by the way

Half-way through
It started pouring heavily for an hour
But after that
We saw the most beautiful rainbow ever!
At closer look
It was a triple rainbow!
There was one directly on top of the prominent one & another very faint one extending next to it

Michelle said this is extremely rare

At evening
Sean joined us for the chalet & we had BBQ dinner

Despite my tummy was still recovering from excessive excretion since the Sabah trip
I was eating very slow & very careful not to trigger the 'diahorrea button'
& all night long was a perfect gathering session

This over-stay was indeed so much better than previous one
I so love my darlings to bits
Thanks Michelle, Deschamp, Gerald & Sean!


It was New Year's Eve
The Coyotes met up to have a Wii session at Jas' house
Sadly, however
Both Weiling & I were down with flu
& almost couldnt make it with our constant flow of mucus
But luckily
We were both better on the actual day

Jas' house is so nice!
I love her full-glass window
& view that is not blocked by other flats
Living on high levels like these is something I've been dreaming of

Jas had almost all the Wii gadgets
& we really had lotsa fun!

This is such an unglam photo of me playing Raving Rabbid TV Party >_<
At the same time
We played with Jas' chihuahua - Stitch & chinchilla - Hush Hush

We had Lok Lok for dinner =D

& Xmas gift exchange for the finale

Thanks girls!
It's been a wonderful 10 years to have you as my friends!


After that
I went to meet DarDar & friends at Halo Bar in SIM

Oh yes
There's a pub open to public in a University campus!

Just normal talk-cock & wine-drinking session
The boys never fail to bore me to death
Coz they are always talking cock!

We stayed through the final moment
& entered 2010

That's another year, everyone

Although I'm seriously not very enthusiastic about it
(which in the more pessimistic terms, it means it's another year closer to old age & death,etc)
I'm really glad to be blessed with good friends that stand by me as I think back

So many things had passed
& new experiences gained
New lessons learnt
& new opportunity received

I only hope that life can be as smooth as always
& happy always

The usual words

Happy New Year 2010


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