Saturday, January 02, 2010

Seems like 2010 is starting off pretty well for me

DarDar headed for his first fishing competition of 2010
& won the first prize!
He's the winner of the big catch race with a 6.3kg sea bass

It's so huge that it took us 1 hour to completely chop up the fish to fill our freezer

I intended to start working on my report yesterday
But went off play Wii the whole day
Now my whole body was aching from head to toe

Went out with Seh Chin & Lionel for supper in JB
We tried something new, other than the usual wanton mee stall
So we went to Kim Do to have satays

The satay was average but it was the chilli sauce that scores
DarDar couldnt resist the 'shiokness' from the spiciness & went to order another 5 more sticks on top of the existing 10 sticks

We also ordered their signature dish - Golden crab to share
Which is actually Salted Egg crab
It is delicious to max!!!

Lionel suddenly felt like eating Frog Legs with Chicken essence
The most potent dish of the meal

If anyone was free to take picture of me eating
I guess I will look exactly like Seh Chin busy eating the crab
Its pincers are as big as 3/4 of my palm!!!!

It was a great supper
& all of us think it was a great start to 2010
With DarDar winning the race
& had such wonderful meal

We chit-chatted for another hour at White Town Coffee
& reached home at 3am
Which I was completely dropped dead after 2 nights of late night sleep

Tomorrow will be the last day to nua
& after that
Full gear ahead

Bless me

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