Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm flying in 4 hours time!
Well 6, in fact
Added on 2 hours coz of check-in
& hey look
It's depriving me of extra 2 hours sleep, ok?

Damn the weekend that just past
I managed to lost weight until I had a perfect figure
But after having the BBQ dinner at JB & pasta meal on Sunday
I think I'm back to 'fat'


& here comes good food in Hong Kong

Oh anyway
I made alot of first achievements

DarDar's aunt treated me to a facial treatment
& this is my first time entering & actually lying on the bed in the beauty salon
All were good
As the beautician washed my face with all the chemicals
& then massaged
It then came to the 'black-head squeezing' session
That I almost wanted to faint

It was sooooooooooooooo fucking painful that tears flow out of my eye uncontrolably

She said it was those thousand-years old blackhead
Citizens of the Hei-tou world

Oh my god
I knew I have blackheads
But it isnt that obvious that disgusted everyone
She said until it's World War IV lo!

She said she could spend the whole afternoon squeezing all of them out
But this will be unbearably painful
(Thank Dog she knows it's painful & not happily squeezing coz she has to squeeze them)

It took me like 3 hours to complete the whole session
My face feels smoother than before
& this made me wonder if I should invest in facial treatment soon

DarDar's female relatives (i.e., cousins, aunties) & Mum kept telling me
'Girls at young age must take care of skin! Later old like very ugly!'

Went back home
Bathed Mong Mong & Toby
Hope the 2 boys are gonna be good while we're away
Else Dad is gonna have hard time taking care of them

Mum, DarDar & I went to Lot 1 to have dinner
As our bus finally came
It was crowded to the entrance
The bus driver opened the door for us to board
But none shifted inwards despite there're other passengers alighted
The bus driver said softly 'Please move inside' in Chinese

So soft
How to hear?

I shouted

All of them turned to look who was shouting
& they, with some conscience, moved in

A Malay lady waiting to queue behind me
Told me to shout one more time
& I laughed
& she laughed too

My first fan telling me to encore

Stupid people
Dont understand why they dont wanna move in
Behind got ghost meh?

I felt quite shiok after the shout
Although it's embarrassing
But if no one does anything
You'll just keep on being angry
The people just stupidly stood at the doors & not move in!

& it too feels great to have moore than 20 people listening to your order

So anyway
I'm off for a short rest
Didnt have a good sleep last night
Coz DarDar had sunburn after his cycling trip
& wanted to sleep on my bed which is nearer to the fan so he could ease off the heat
While I slept at his
Since I was down with flu
& stayed away from the wind
Then somemore I'm not comfortable with this bed
Couldnt sleep deep
Kept tossing around like yu-sheng
& in the middle of the night
Some idiots were quarreling

Oh man......................

Bless you guys with a happy week
Be back on Labour Day =)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

We had a meet up with my photographers & emcee
at Pasta Fresca (Bukit Timah)

We'd always been passing by that store whenever we rode along Bukit Timah Road
But never had a chance or intended to step in for a meal since it is kinda out of the way
We finally had a chance to be there

The names of the dishes are in Italian
Which luckily come with description of English
I ordered lasagna
while DarDar ordered beef tortellini with 4 cheeses-sauce

It was yummy!

Over the table
We discussed the procedures for my actual day
& had a short catch-up of what they had during the semester
(Oh yes, both my photographers & emcee are my classmates =D)

Thanks Jus for recommending that place
Both DarDar & I will definitely be back

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm sad
Coz one of the shiny stickers which made up the logo of 'Adidas Original' on my Adidas jacker had dropped
It's not perfect anymore

But I'm gonna buy hundreds of diamonite to stick on it

& my jacket is gonna be so bling-bling


Friday, April 23, 2010

next weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!
A break from the hectic schedule

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

There isnt much things for me to update lately
Coz I've been damn bloody busy with lab work
Although it is an easy experiment
It takes loads of patience
& of course, time
So here I am
Worrying that i cant get good results
Because my snails are sorta protesting my act to heat them on hotplate by producing irregular heartbeats
That disallowed me to count their changes of pulses accurately
I'm also worried that I dont have much time to complete since I'm required to do 2 experiments by this year
I also worry that within these few days before I fly off to Hong Kong
I'm still getting brain-whacking results
& I will have to worry so many things including my wedding


I think whoever wanna get married
Go grab a wedding planner

I didnt
Because I want to plan my wedding my way
Although it is hard work
At some points of time it is really frustrating & stressful
But I think it's worth it

Maybe I can be a wedding planner!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010

It's been long since I last woke up at 530am to head to Pulau Ubin
It took me just 1 hour to collect my specimens
& now I'm back in school

Weather is gloomy & cool
God damn is it a good weather to sleep!!!


Gonna start my experiment soon

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why are my snails not showing similar results I've gotten during the trial?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm encountering alot of problems lately
& all related to marriage
Not just mine
But my friend's too


Recalling 3 years ago when I met DarDar
I told him I didnt have faith in any relationship
& do not have the courage of marriage
But he changed my thinking

It's back again
But since we'd walked together for this long
I just move with the flow

There was a saying that
'Marriage is the biggest gamble in a woman's life'
I find this very true
That's why it took me so long to finally accept DarDar's proposal

I rejected him thrice

Despite all the ugly issues had happened
I just hope to live normally & happily like I used to be

I hope my big day doesnt screw up

Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm so disappointed...
Really disappointed
Dead tad disappointed
Fucking disappointed

Even the one closest to me is not defending for me
He chose to hide the truth

I seriously wanna get away
I dont think I can deal with this anymore

& yes
I am not excited about the big event
at all

Sunday, April 11, 2010

It has been a busy weekend for me
& I'm starting to feel extremely tired because of all the activities going on

I have been on regular trips to school
I SHOULD, by the way
But somehow I got to go school on own time own target
So I really find myself really hardworking, suddenly

On Saturday, which is yesterday
I made a last minute decision to visit ADEX 2010

I never missed ADEX since 2007, except in 2008 coz it was held in Bangkok instead
Went with Melyssa & Wendy
We had so much fun together
Coz Melyssa was so funny!
We went round collecting freebies such as stickers, pens, lanyards, etc
& Melyssa was playing a fool
Saying 'Hi We are Singaporeans, we like free gifts!'


I also bumped in Chay Hoon
who was helping to gather visitors to do some surveys on Singapore's reef
Made a new friend - Leonard, whom I recognised he was from SAJC
& we chatted who we knew, trying to make connections
Got to find out he is also working in TMSI

Why can everyone else go TMSI but not me? =(

Met Brenda later on after Melyssa & Wendy left
Made several rounds in the exhibition hall
& I spent like 4 hours in it!

I spoke to Todd Essick too
He's one of my favourite underwater photographers
His pictures are gorgeous
Wanted to ask him for an autograph
But he wasnt free coz he needed to head on stage to give a presentation
& I had to leave to meet Lionel to shop for his wedding bands

We met at Bugis
Then headed to the Soo Kee warehouse sale at Kaki Bukit

It was until now then I know
Soo Kee = SK jewellery
Smart business move!

The rings were still abit at the high end although they were already 70% off
Considering the amount of white gold to make the mould - usually thin like flatten wire
& the low carat diamond as small as my pi-sai
Lionel & I decided to return Bugis to purchase from Meyson

In the end
Bought 2 nice rings
at a very good price

I was out for entirely 12 hours
My legs were sore from the stretching of hamstrings due to 12 hours walk
Hurt when I bent my knees

But anyway
It was a good day
ADEX 2010 is better than last year
& I enjoyed the company

I headed back to school to do my experiment
It is Qing Ming Festival
The wholeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee old CCK road was jammed with cars
Coz all the cars were trying to head to the columbarium to pray their ancestors
Stuck for 30mins
I dont understand
Why must wait until Qing Ming then can pray to ancestor leh?
You mean you only remember your loved ones on that day only?

Finally reached school at 1245pm, instead of the expected 12pm
Something isnt right
But finally
I figured that my sensors were not properly finely fixed
So I gave up
& decided to work on it tomorrow

I'm tired
& I still have another round of activity to do
Go food-tasting for my banquet tonight

I have been yawning the whole day
I think i am really tired

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I am always thinking

Thinking about how I view myself
Thinking about how people view me
Thinking about how I view people

I guess this is one of the stages that one will start reflecting on themselves
Looking back at the things they'd done
In order to either avoid repetitions or improve situations

Probably coz I'm gonna be part of another family soon
I'm more concern on how people are gonna accept me

I am not sure if I'm being bias
I'm very particular about respect to people - related or unrelated
I feel angry at people who try to be disrespectful to other people
Whether that manner is intentional or unintentional
But if that person being teased seems alright with it
I will just hold and let it be
I mean, afterall I am not the one being teased
So why waste my breath being angry about?

This person being teased is someone whom I respect
The person who teased is still an outsider

I can scold by all means
But since there's no complaint about it
I try to rest my case
I, however, felt injustice coz my respectable person is being teased!!!
So should I fight or should I not?

I asked my friends about it
They told me to just rest it
& just be grateful and glad to be by side with hubby
Enjoy the world between us

I reckoned that
Also cant 袖手旁觀 mah

It doesnt help much to talk to others
Probably they think I'm just being oversensitive

But think about this
If someone calls your mum dumb, fat & old as a joke
How would you feel?

What you feel is what I felt
It has been proven!

Last night
I couldnt take it anymore
DarDar refused to squeeze with me on the tiny single bed
& I was holding onto him reluctantly for the fear of insomnia for another night
In the end
DarDar suggested we sleep together on the floor


We pulled out two mattresses
& within 10 minutes
We fell asleep
Deep & sweet


DarDar's mum was shocked to find us sleeping on the floor instead on beds
Saying 'You 2 crazy ah? Got beds don't sleep sleep on floor!'

Thanks to the double-bed occupants next door
Fancy a pair of insomniac married couple trying all means to sleep sweetly together & being called crazy

Guess like we will have to sleep together on the floor whenever we're back the next time


I just made an impulsive purchase of a 2nd hand camera inclusive of an underwater casing from my friend
Although I wont be diving for a year or so
I just gian the underwater casing because it alone can cost $400-$500!!!
& the price that my friend offered was reasonable
Somemore the specs of the camera also not bad
So I just deal lah!

Luckily he's saving it for me till June
When I have slightly more money for such gadgets that I've always fancied

Sunday, April 04, 2010

I fucking cant sleep
I havent been sleeping lots lately due to late nights rushing reports
& sometimes insomnia kicks in for no reason

I know this is super unhealthy
My chinese sensei told me to rest well & sleep early
I bet he could feel that my pulses were damn irregular
But sadly
I just cant sleep!!!

Weird enough
I don feel tired the next day

What makes me pissed currently is
I'm not sleeping together with Dardar!
Because his room in his JB house has only 2 single beds!
& yet the super single- apparently slightly larger in another room is being occupied without thoughtful offer

Dardar & I have a habit
We always chat before we sleep
& we always fall asleep successfully

Right now that we're apart on separate beds
I felt the distance
& I cant sleep no matter how much we chat!!

Adding on to the cause of it
My preparation is getting slightly messy
If you offered your help & we need it
Please stick to your words & not disappear
Even if it's too much to handle
Just let us know
Dont make us having to do everything all by ourselves again

This is total shit
I so wanna fuck swear at it
Fucking pissed
Very fucking pissed

Pissed at my insomnia
Pissed at people trying to be funny