Tuesday, April 06, 2010

It has been proven!

Last night
I couldnt take it anymore
DarDar refused to squeeze with me on the tiny single bed
& I was holding onto him reluctantly for the fear of insomnia for another night
In the end
DarDar suggested we sleep together on the floor


We pulled out two mattresses
& within 10 minutes
We fell asleep
Deep & sweet


DarDar's mum was shocked to find us sleeping on the floor instead on beds
Saying 'You 2 crazy ah? Got beds don't sleep sleep on floor!'

Thanks to the double-bed occupants next door
Fancy a pair of insomniac married couple trying all means to sleep sweetly together & being called crazy

Guess like we will have to sleep together on the floor whenever we're back the next time


I just made an impulsive purchase of a 2nd hand camera inclusive of an underwater casing from my friend
Although I wont be diving for a year or so
I just gian the underwater casing because it alone can cost $400-$500!!!
& the price that my friend offered was reasonable
Somemore the specs of the camera also not bad
So I just deal lah!

Luckily he's saving it for me till June
When I have slightly more money for such gadgets that I've always fancied

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