Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm flying in 4 hours time!
Well 6, in fact
Added on 2 hours coz of check-in
& hey look
It's depriving me of extra 2 hours sleep, ok?

Damn the weekend that just past
I managed to lost weight until I had a perfect figure
But after having the BBQ dinner at JB & pasta meal on Sunday
I think I'm back to 'fat'


& here comes good food in Hong Kong

Oh anyway
I made alot of first achievements

DarDar's aunt treated me to a facial treatment
& this is my first time entering & actually lying on the bed in the beauty salon
All were good
As the beautician washed my face with all the chemicals
& then massaged
It then came to the 'black-head squeezing' session
That I almost wanted to faint

It was sooooooooooooooo fucking painful that tears flow out of my eye uncontrolably

She said it was those thousand-years old blackhead
Citizens of the Hei-tou world

Oh my god
I knew I have blackheads
But it isnt that obvious that disgusted everyone
She said until it's World War IV lo!

She said she could spend the whole afternoon squeezing all of them out
But this will be unbearably painful
(Thank Dog she knows it's painful & not happily squeezing coz she has to squeeze them)

It took me like 3 hours to complete the whole session
My face feels smoother than before
& this made me wonder if I should invest in facial treatment soon

DarDar's female relatives (i.e., cousins, aunties) & Mum kept telling me
'Girls at young age must take care of skin! Later old like very ugly!'

Went back home
Bathed Mong Mong & Toby
Hope the 2 boys are gonna be good while we're away
Else Dad is gonna have hard time taking care of them

Mum, DarDar & I went to Lot 1 to have dinner
As our bus finally came
It was crowded to the entrance
The bus driver opened the door for us to board
But none shifted inwards despite there're other passengers alighted
The bus driver said softly 'Please move inside' in Chinese

So soft
How to hear?

I shouted

All of them turned to look who was shouting
& they, with some conscience, moved in

A Malay lady waiting to queue behind me
Told me to shout one more time
& I laughed
& she laughed too

My first fan telling me to encore

Stupid people
Dont understand why they dont wanna move in
Behind got ghost meh?

I felt quite shiok after the shout
Although it's embarrassing
But if no one does anything
You'll just keep on being angry
The people just stupidly stood at the doors & not move in!

& it too feels great to have moore than 20 people listening to your order

So anyway
I'm off for a short rest
Didnt have a good sleep last night
Coz DarDar had sunburn after his cycling trip
& wanted to sleep on my bed which is nearer to the fan so he could ease off the heat
While I slept at his
Since I was down with flu
& stayed away from the wind
Then somemore I'm not comfortable with this bed
Couldnt sleep deep
Kept tossing around like yu-sheng
& in the middle of the night
Some idiots were quarreling

Oh man......................

Bless you guys with a happy week
Be back on Labour Day =)

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