Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I am always thinking

Thinking about how I view myself
Thinking about how people view me
Thinking about how I view people

I guess this is one of the stages that one will start reflecting on themselves
Looking back at the things they'd done
In order to either avoid repetitions or improve situations

Probably coz I'm gonna be part of another family soon
I'm more concern on how people are gonna accept me

I am not sure if I'm being bias
I'm very particular about respect to people - related or unrelated
I feel angry at people who try to be disrespectful to other people
Whether that manner is intentional or unintentional
But if that person being teased seems alright with it
I will just hold and let it be
I mean, afterall I am not the one being teased
So why waste my breath being angry about?

This person being teased is someone whom I respect
The person who teased is still an outsider

I can scold by all means
But since there's no complaint about it
I try to rest my case
I, however, felt injustice coz my respectable person is being teased!!!
So should I fight or should I not?

I asked my friends about it
They told me to just rest it
& just be grateful and glad to be by side with hubby
Enjoy the world between us

I reckoned that
Also cant 袖手旁觀 mah

It doesnt help much to talk to others
Probably they think I'm just being oversensitive

But think about this
If someone calls your mum dumb, fat & old as a joke
How would you feel?

What you feel is what I felt

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