Wednesday, April 21, 2010

There isnt much things for me to update lately
Coz I've been damn bloody busy with lab work
Although it is an easy experiment
It takes loads of patience
& of course, time
So here I am
Worrying that i cant get good results
Because my snails are sorta protesting my act to heat them on hotplate by producing irregular heartbeats
That disallowed me to count their changes of pulses accurately
I'm also worried that I dont have much time to complete since I'm required to do 2 experiments by this year
I also worry that within these few days before I fly off to Hong Kong
I'm still getting brain-whacking results
& I will have to worry so many things including my wedding


I think whoever wanna get married
Go grab a wedding planner

I didnt
Because I want to plan my wedding my way
Although it is hard work
At some points of time it is really frustrating & stressful
But I think it's worth it

Maybe I can be a wedding planner!

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