Sunday, April 25, 2010

We had a meet up with my photographers & emcee
at Pasta Fresca (Bukit Timah)

We'd always been passing by that store whenever we rode along Bukit Timah Road
But never had a chance or intended to step in for a meal since it is kinda out of the way
We finally had a chance to be there

The names of the dishes are in Italian
Which luckily come with description of English
I ordered lasagna
while DarDar ordered beef tortellini with 4 cheeses-sauce

It was yummy!

Over the table
We discussed the procedures for my actual day
& had a short catch-up of what they had during the semester
(Oh yes, both my photographers & emcee are my classmates =D)

Thanks Jus for recommending that place
Both DarDar & I will definitely be back

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