Sunday, April 11, 2010

It has been a busy weekend for me
& I'm starting to feel extremely tired because of all the activities going on

I have been on regular trips to school
I SHOULD, by the way
But somehow I got to go school on own time own target
So I really find myself really hardworking, suddenly

On Saturday, which is yesterday
I made a last minute decision to visit ADEX 2010

I never missed ADEX since 2007, except in 2008 coz it was held in Bangkok instead
Went with Melyssa & Wendy
We had so much fun together
Coz Melyssa was so funny!
We went round collecting freebies such as stickers, pens, lanyards, etc
& Melyssa was playing a fool
Saying 'Hi We are Singaporeans, we like free gifts!'


I also bumped in Chay Hoon
who was helping to gather visitors to do some surveys on Singapore's reef
Made a new friend - Leonard, whom I recognised he was from SAJC
& we chatted who we knew, trying to make connections
Got to find out he is also working in TMSI

Why can everyone else go TMSI but not me? =(

Met Brenda later on after Melyssa & Wendy left
Made several rounds in the exhibition hall
& I spent like 4 hours in it!

I spoke to Todd Essick too
He's one of my favourite underwater photographers
His pictures are gorgeous
Wanted to ask him for an autograph
But he wasnt free coz he needed to head on stage to give a presentation
& I had to leave to meet Lionel to shop for his wedding bands

We met at Bugis
Then headed to the Soo Kee warehouse sale at Kaki Bukit

It was until now then I know
Soo Kee = SK jewellery
Smart business move!

The rings were still abit at the high end although they were already 70% off
Considering the amount of white gold to make the mould - usually thin like flatten wire
& the low carat diamond as small as my pi-sai
Lionel & I decided to return Bugis to purchase from Meyson

In the end
Bought 2 nice rings
at a very good price

I was out for entirely 12 hours
My legs were sore from the stretching of hamstrings due to 12 hours walk
Hurt when I bent my knees

But anyway
It was a good day
ADEX 2010 is better than last year
& I enjoyed the company

I headed back to school to do my experiment
It is Qing Ming Festival
The wholeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee old CCK road was jammed with cars
Coz all the cars were trying to head to the columbarium to pray their ancestors
Stuck for 30mins
I dont understand
Why must wait until Qing Ming then can pray to ancestor leh?
You mean you only remember your loved ones on that day only?

Finally reached school at 1245pm, instead of the expected 12pm
Something isnt right
But finally
I figured that my sensors were not properly finely fixed
So I gave up
& decided to work on it tomorrow

I'm tired
& I still have another round of activity to do
Go food-tasting for my banquet tonight

I have been yawning the whole day
I think i am really tired

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