Saturday, December 10, 2011

I just passed my birthday yesterday
Arent really proud of it coz now I'm officially 28

I tried to enjoy my day by going out for a movie
& had pizza with the family
As simple as that
Never had I gone out to celebrate like wild monkeys getting drunk on the streets
But I think what I had is enough ;)

So having my soul & mind freed for1 day
Here's back to reality

I am getting really sick of my work
Probably coz of the way that I'm treated 
Making me feel like the dumbest dumb-ass despite the effort I'd put in
The series of !!!!!!!! exaggerated the severity of the situation
Bringing the tension from level 0.1 to level 10
Not exactly how this is helping to improve anything when the moral has already been hit down
way HELL down

I see things very open
But sometimes it's too much for me to take
Or should I just say
I have had enough?

Everyone has a limit
I think my tolerance limit has been reached
& stretched
I'd reluctantly let this to affect me as a person nor in my mind
But this came on & on like crashing waves

This is not really something to be proud of if you can take things like this
I used to be able to & now, I want to surrender
Because my life is not about you & yours

From now onwards
I will fight for myself (which I have always been, or fight harder)
& be myself
The passion in me is still alive
& I must not give up my favourite past times just because of this shit

For this
I promise I will go diving 6 times next year!
Provided I'm physically fit to do so

What a wonderful post-birth day having to pour all sour words early in the morning

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