Saturday, December 19, 2009

Havent been updating as regularly as i used to be
Because I'm out of the house most of the time

I always love December
It's my birthday month when I can use my birthday privileges & offers endlessly
& it's also Christmas month which the atmosphere smells of fun & celebration
Who cares about hard effort work?!

I still had to produce several reports to show my supervisor that I was not slacking

4 out of 7 days were for play-time
2.5 out of 3 days were for fun meals
Remaining 0.5 days for the report

Just how amazing I could come up with a proper draft within a day

Not boasting
I do have lotsa readings to be done, in fact
Still lagging behind because I'm facing doubts in my conclusion currently
Needa resolve it all before proceeding

On top of that
I needa prepare my experiments that are to take place in Hong Kong for 2 months
I couldnt survive 1 week in Hong Kong without my DarDar anymore
Least say 2 months!

Kinda sad when I think of it

I'm heading Sabah on Tuesday!
I love love love love Sabah

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