Sunday, December 06, 2009

I'm online at Ubin

Dardar was kind to celebrate my birthday at Ubin lodge
& Lionel & Seh Chin drove us over to Changi Village
The carpark was full
Took us 20mins to get a lot

As we were reversing
A guy came over & stood in it
Calling his friend over the phone to park at the lot we are reversing

All of us were pissed
& Dardar got off the car to tell him off
Instead the guy replied us asking why he cannot book the lot

Ok fine
We went to the other side to look for other lots
Just then
5 families came to the carpark
& told us that they are leaving

I got down of the car with Dardar as we waited for Seh Chin to park his car properly

The parking lot snatcher came over & pointed a lot to us
Told us he pai seh to snatch the lot
Claimed themselves gentlemen,that's why come over to 'act' kind

I wasnt happy all along
I showed him the finger
Under my nose

I was 'digging' my nose with my middle-finger

In fact
I always use my mid-finger to rub eyes & play my lips
The outstanding longest finger is not merely used for the well-known action!
Its existence must not be ignored!

The carpark snatcher told his friend that i pointed the finger at them
& i denied saying i was only digging my nose with middle-finger &
I like to use mid-finger,so what?

The 2 guys got agitated & wanted to hit me
Dardar & Lionel stoppped them

The guy shouted that girl cannot like this
Told Dardar to take care of me better


How about letting the police teach you?
Not to snatch people's thing in the first place
Act gangster in the first place
& act kind & gentlemen later

I admit i was scared when they rushed over
But i stayed calm coz if they dare hit me
The police will be involved
& let's see if police say cannot use mid-finger to dig nose or not lo

I want I also can dig nose with my toes
You care?

Bloody bastards

I was totally pissed to hell
But I'm glad that other friends who come to the chalet spent great time together
& temporarily forgot about it

But this incident had impacted me deep

Singaporeans are indeed nasty

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