Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Say whhhhhhhaaaaaaaaatttttt?
Fuck off!! - Angry birds

So damn funny
You may probably know if you're an Angry Bird fan

I just submitted my manuscript of one of my thesis chapters for publication
Took me great pain because somewhere somehow didnt work well between me & boss
The draft was delayed for 4 months because it was sat on it
But it took 3 days to finish editing

It had delayed my whole planned schedule

Things are picking up again
& I hope it is going well

Experiments here are also expecting to appear great
Gray said they are beautiful
Yah, but those are trials
Wait till I get results from the actual samples
So I'm not getting my hopes too high since I'd screwed up the whole of step 4 (out of 10) yesterday

Kinda pessimistic
But, I will try

& to whoever gets me on
I will learn from angry birds. Ha!

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