Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Cai!
My pretty 水仙花 had too bloomed beautifully!

Chinese New Year 2009 is as usual for me
I had to return JB to join DarDar & his family for celebration

Every year we go back
A new baby is born
So all the adults will rush to carry the baby
Pinching their poor cheeks
Snatching to hug
Those unsucccessful baby-snatchers will then come to me & DarDar
& asked "So when is your turn?"

魚生 saved our life from the sudden question

A nice reunion dinner plus burst of fireworks at midnight

Next day on 初一
To DarDar's grandpa's house

Steamboat dinner + another round of 撈魚生 back at DarDar's house

Kids' play-time with fire

Back to Singapore on 初二
Massive jam all the way from Malaysia's custom to Singapore's

In-car snaps to ease the boredom

To another DarDar's relative's house
Kids running around in the huge garden

Although it was an almost same routine 拜年 event for DarDar's family
DarDar's family came to visit my house for the first time
& all of them rushed to see OUR room the moment they entered the house
I'd managed to pack it as nice as it could be before I left for JB

So that's Chinese New Year 2009 for me
Collected damn lots of 紅包
Enough for our Sabah trip in May

*p/s: This is not an intentional act-cute photo of me. DarDar said he never see me act-cute before, so he requested me to act-cute for just 2 seconds in Chinese New Year (no excuse to reject anything during CNY). Wish granted. (^o^)Y

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