Monday, August 24, 2009

I realised I hadnt been typing my thoughts since I was back Redang
Probably coz my soul is still there
Enjoying itself in the clear water on fine sand

But actually
It's just me
I wasnt that enthusiastic to blog about anything

My days had been dull since I returned
There I repeat

I had my fieldtrip to Ubin just few days after I was back
Doing the same darn survey
It is my last week
In fact tomorrow is the last day

My pace was draggy
Stepping on the coarse sand covered with smelly seaweed is totally incomparable with the shore in Redang


Ok anyway
I wished I could be happy to be back Chek Jawa
Thinking of the durians that wave Hi to me every July
But things changed

Cookie isnt there
No companion =(
Work is never fun alone
Especially in the wild that one is prone to
1) slipping over slippery rocks covered with algae
2) bitten by monitor lizard
3) chased by wild boars
4) attacked by wild dogs
5) eaten by wild tigers that swim from Malaysia
6) kidnapped by II (illegal immigrants) whom got dumped in the middle of the sea
7) striked by lightning while running for shelter that is 500m far

I may have to return for my 3rd year survey
Why couldnt this year's result look nice & stop comparing already!?


Other than this
My Phuket fieldtrip starts to sound like a complete bored-fucked trip
Initially the Prof was telliing us
"The trip will be of your own expenses & you guys can come earlier & treat this like a holiday!"
So we did
We, as in Me & DarDar
We can still hang around after my school hours
Or if better still
He can join me all the time!
We booked the air tic just 2 days ago
Booked the hotel
Searched for car rental
Almost everything is done
NOW send me an email saying - Spouse is allowed due to liability reasons



I'd sent in appeal for my DarDar to go
My DarDar MUST GO!

** We'd never separated from each other so far. & the moment we're on different land, something bad happened to me. I need my guardian angel.

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