Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I have a very wonderful day today!
DarDar & I went to the Singapore Science Centre for the Da Vinci exhibition
We bought the 3-in-1 package at $24
which includes an IMAX movie, entry to Da Vinci exhibition & entry to Science centre
My 1st time watching movie - Sea Monsters - in Omni theatre too >_<
The last time I visited the science centre was........... 10 years ago!
It's changed so much!
So many fun exhibits to play with

They'd also updated other types of science such as Infocomm & Nanotechnology
& I was so impressed with how images can move when you just brush your arm across the projected image
I love this exhibit which is of a round topsy table
Where the Earth's image was projected on it
As you turn & tip the table, you can zoom in & out, move left & right to your 'destination
It's like hands-on Google Earth!

DarDar can actually play a sound by brushing his arm across the 'keyboard'
Actually I think Japaneses are the first one to invent this
Remember Para Para Dance?

The exhibits in the Da Vinci exhibition were so impressive
I'd never known so much about Da Vinci
He used different aspects of science to create art pieces
Came up with the Vitruvian Man & used theories to understand ratios & proportion of a human body
E.g., 4 fingers = 1 palm; 4 palms = 1 cubit, etc
Current photographic technology was also used to recover his original Mona Lisa portrait
Discovering how the real Mona Lisa portrait actually looks like
& what Da Vinci was portraying at that time
His drawings of the anatomy of human body was also damn impressive
I believed if I could score A for my biology drawings, his is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA++++++++++++++++++++++
Even the tiniest blood capillaries were also drawn!!

I wasnt able to take any photos coz it was forbidden
But I'd say it's worth a visit to see for yourself

We spent almost half of the day in the centre
From 12pm to 5pm
DarDar complaint he was tired

After this trip
I realised why I love science so much
Because it's interesting!
& I love doing it all the while
No regrets at all!

Science is like a mystery
Awaiting for an answer forever

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