Friday, January 20, 2012

This Chinese New Year is so screwed
It just didnt happen the way it normally should

My family usually has our reunion dinner before the actual day of Chinese New Year
& on that day
We just started the dinner later than usually
It was a steamboat dinner
So it really doesnt matter how long you wish to eat for as long you want to eat
But my brother went out to celebrate with his friends
Leaving only me, Dardar, Mum & Dad
It was not so 'reunion' afterall

My Dad wishes to eat as a whole family again
But apparently
This is impossible because everyone is so busy nowadays
Particularly DarDar ever since he'd been promoted & joined the new department
Brother was stupid to overlook the importance of family to friends
Pampered  kids......

Oh whatever

The mood of Chinese New Year sucks
I am not anticipating it at all
This is because I hate to do all the visitings
& have to face every elderly's question :'so when are you gonna have a child?'

Shut up

Even if I have one, I dont want to announce
Why stick your nose into my personal affair?

I never enjoy celebrating all festivals
It is just another day
You get high on that day
The next day
You still have to suck up to your bosses, sink into loads of shitload
So how is getting high a good event for you?

This is just my personal opinion
Whoever read this need not agree with me
For I dont care
& I live my life

So do you

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