Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I'm backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!
From the gorgeous island of Malaysia

I love love love it

Well, activities are pretty much the same
But I still enjoy it
The clear blue sea is really enticing
Saliva-stimulating as well

Tell me about it >_<

Went snorkeling alone
Saw this damn huge titan triggerfish feeding from the fingers of dumb visitors

I said dumb because I'd already warned them dont finger-feed that triggerfish
But they ignored me
Until one of them went OUCH real loud

I left slightly later anyway because I didnt wanna risk my life being charged by it
I wished all those dumb people return home with hands

Dives were great too!
Water temperature was at 28deg C
& I did not see any coral bleaching

Enjoyed myself much (not very, but still ok)
Tried to unload all worries & relax
The past 3 months were really exhausting
This is a good rest ;)

Hope everyone had a good Easter holiday too!

*more photos at here

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