Thursday, February 26, 2009

Got a new hair colour again!

I think it's time for dark hair colour now
Not young anymore, you know?

Under white light
It's actually dark ash brown with greenish blonde at the end
Love it
& I wonder why the hairstylists so far had been always choosing green for my highlights

I finally got my answer today
"Because your skin tone matches well with green & blonde"

With my long fringe covering my eye
I feel like I'm Gegege no Kitaro


2 weeks later
My hair's gonna change again
2009 Trendzoom style
I'm gonna cut my fringe short
& with several colour highlights
It's gonna look cool
& you know what?
I'm given a particular theme to follow
It's the 'Ecopolitan'
Which is a side-by-side trend blend into nature

What a coincidence
A hairstyle + colour for a naturalist

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