Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pretty tired
Was in physics lab testing my amplifier

How can an infra-red sensor not be able to detect pulses (from wrist) but probably can detect pulses from a snail through a shell?
I can do that in Hong Kong
So I dont see why not here?
Even if I'm given 10001 physics answers to my question
I still insist that everything I was told to use for the duplication of the device
SHOULD work properly
Since they want snails, I'll give them snails next week

Oh yah
Take a look at my ecology lab by the way
Have been always talking about it
& here's the details!

I handed in my presentation slides for my stupid scent marking assignment
1 task off the load
Just need to prepare script
At the same time
I guess I better work on my littorinid presentation slides before I have no time to do that at all

So anyway
3 of my fellow classmates presented today
& we have to participate in the Q&A
Interestingly, or unluckily
The questions that I wanna ask were being asked by Prof


So I couldnt participate twice coz she already asked my questions twice!

Thinking about it
It was actually quite amazing
Does that mean that she thinks the same way as I do?
& if that is so
Is that why both of us can work together?


Just so weird...

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