Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh my dog
DarDar spoilt my diet plan!
Do you know how bad it is to eat crepe at this hour (i.e., 115am)?
Please disregard my messy hair & smile
I'm not really supposed to smile at the super high calories food in my hands
Super sinful cornbeef + cheese filling

DarDar bought this crepe powder from Daiso this afternoon
& he is eager to make it
He was hungry for supper but refused to cook Maggi mee
So he spent 1 whole hour to make 5 pieces of crepes
But only ate 1 piece coz he was damn full after that
My brother finished the rest of the portions
& now
He complaint his legs were sore from the standing in front of the stove

Me:"Do you know you actually spent like 1 whole hour to make those crepes?"
DarDar smiled
Me:"Why dont you just eat my cup noodles which is only 3 minutes? Waste energy. Somemore you only ate 1 piece! Economically unbeneficial!"
DarDar smiled stupidly & said
"I wanna try to make what... if not I wont know how it taste like"
Me:"You hungry just eat cup noodles la! You scare tomorrow no time to make crepe is it?"
DarDar smiled more stupidly
Which is his usual kind of silent agreement that I'm damn right about his stupid acts

I dont stock up cup noodles for NOTHING
& I like it when I always win in our conversations

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